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I wish to enrol for a master’s program in Computer Science, with emphasis on Data Science
and eventually work as a successful Data Scientist. In my master’s, therefore, I would like to
gain skills in mathematical and statistical methodologies, analysis of algorithms and applied
probability, database systems and database management, machine learning and artificial
intelligence and related coursework.
The undergraduate studies gave me good fundamentals in computer science. I learnt about
databases and how data can be stored in either a structured or an unstructured manner and can
later be manipulated to serve specific purposes.
After learning how data can be used to gain deeper insights through use of computational
algorithms and to make predictions and classifications, I opted to work on a presentation on
“Autonomous Driving using Machine Learning”. I got acquainted with machine learning and
data mining concepts and learnt how a vehicle can drive itself through autonomous decisions
about its acceleration, deceleration, braking and direction based on input data furnished by the
array of sensors. Through this work I gained skills in backpropagation algorithm, Neural
Networks and the Swarm Intelligence. Later, I did independent studies on Machine Learning,
Deep Learning and Computer Vision.
A two-month long internship with Persistent Systems allowed me to work on simple models to
classify images using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). I learnt how CNNs can be used
to analyse visual imagery and studied the working of convolutional layers, the pooling layer
and the fully connected layer. I became familiar with libraries like Tensorflow and ScikitLearn
and implemented projects in Python.
Inspired by my success in analysing visual imagery though CNN, I decided to implement an
Intelligent Waste Segregator as part of my major project which is still in progress. As the
project uses the technique of classification, it can find a range of applications such as on a
manufacturing line for multiple varieties of the same product. The system will be able to
accurately segregate all the products, by just changing the data on which the system has been
trained. The ongoing work and the inputs gained from related research encourage me to study
CNN more intensively.
Throughout my undergraduate school, I have maintained first class with distinction (72%) and
I am determined to perform better in my Masters. As a keen trekker and mountaineer, I have
developed my abilities to endure, to strive to achieve success despite the odds. The master’s
program in Computer Sciences at North Eastern University with courses in Machine Learning,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and Data Mining is well suited for my purposes. I
would like to work with Professor Ehsan Elhamifar on his research in Computer Vision and
Machine Learning. An opportunity to work at the Smile lab during the program would provide
me good skills in applications of Data Science and Machine Learning used in industry. Given
an opportunity, I would work diligently towards achieving my academic and career goals while
making valuable contributions to the program and student community.