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“A Pair of Silk Stockings” by Kate Chopin
Comprehension Questions
Directions: Answer each question in complete sentences.
1. What does Mrs. Sommers intend to buy with her extra fifteen dollars?
What do her plans reveal about her motivations?
2. Compare Mrs. Sommers’s present with her past. How has her life changed from what it once was? How
is this shown in the way that she typically shops? Cite evidence (quote) to support your answer.
3. Why was Mrs. Sommers “a little faint and tired” that day? What does this show about her character?
4. What changes Mrs. Sommers’s shopping plans that day? What allusion does Chopin use to signify this
5. What does Mrs. Sommers actually buy with the money (list all items)? Which lines (quotes -3
minimum) reveal Mrs. Sommers thought process and/or feelings as she continues to make purchases?
6. What is the ending of the play compared to? How is this comparison appropriate to Mrs. Sommers’s
7. Evaluate Mrs. Sommers’s character: explain how, despite her seemingly selfish actions, Mrs. Sommers
is still a sympathetic character (one who, despite some negative characteristics, is nevertheless
understandable, relatable, human). Cite evidence (quote) to support your answer.
8. Complete the historical context chart (below), then answer: What social issue regarding women’s rights
and role in society is Chopin addressing?
Historical Context
Because most women in the
1890s had very limited
opportunities for working,
having pocket money was rare.
A woman was expected to take
care of her entire family.
A woman’s style of dress said a
lot about her social class.
A woman's social position was
determined by her husband’s
Story Passage (Quote) and Explanation