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Descriptive Writing

Descriptive Writing
 A silvery mist cloaked the land as dewdrops glistening on blades of grass
gradually evaporated as the sun rose in the horizon.
 The dual hues of blue and orange painted the picturesque morning sky.
 The tranquility of the wee hours of dawn soon gave way to bustling
 I was roused from my deep slumber by Mother’s persistent ruckus in the
 She gave a lazy stretch, basking in the warm rays of the morning sun.
 He took a deep breath of the crisp invigorating cool air.
 The nagging shrill of the alarm clock was sheer torture to my ears.
 The new day beckoned with a radiant sun and clusters of magnolia white
 The glare of the morning sun helped me fight the sleepiness that was still
dwelling in me.
 The sky rose from its slumber as it went from orange to blue.
 The shrill ringing of the alarm clock jarred him from his sweet slumber.
 The heavenly aroma of hot tea lingered in the fresh morning air.
 Heatwaves radiated off the asphalt as the cars lumbered lazily down the
 The heat emitting from the blistering afternoon sun baked the ground to a
dreary brown.
 The midday sun shot its obstructive rays all around.
 The glare from the afternoon sun burst through the thick columns of
cumulous clouds.
 The golden blistering sun was the sole ornament in the vast azure blue sky.
 The buzzing of traffic created a din, spiking the temperatures up another
 The lunch crowd in the food court chatted vivaciously.
 The creaking of the rocking chair coupled with the gentle whistling of the
temperate breeze sent him into forty winks.
 The raucous sounds of children merry-making at the carnival seemed to
become louder under the influence of the hot afternoon air.
 The enervating heat sapped the last of their energy.
 The humid air was sultry and oppressive.
 The journey home was made treacherous by the carnivorous heat from the
high afternoon sun that was attacking my exposed limbs.
 The balmy breeze blew across the town on the sleepy Sunday afternoon, its
gentle touch soothing and caressing for a siesta.
 My lips cracked as an insatiable thirst worked its way up my throat due to
the heat of the afternoon.
 The radiating heat intensified the tangy salt air of the ocean, creating an
invigorating mix to the delightful afternoon.
 The awning of trees provided a brief respite from the scorching heat of the
afternoon sun.
 The rich opulent reds and purple was a contrast to the prior cool aqua blue as
the setting sun made its final performance for the day.
 The mesmerizing evening sky was so captivating that Mother Earth seemed
to stop in her tracks relishing in the beauty.
 The picturesque scenery of sunset amidst the skyscrapers was like the
artwork of Picasso.
 The cacophony of birds chirping boisterously as they clustered in the trees
back to their nests was parallel to that of the bustling traffic rushing by on
the roads back to their homes.
 Impatient drivers thronged the roads with their furious honking as they
clamoured to get out of the maddening traffic.
 As dusk descended, another familiar set of sounds reverberated in the
 The sea sprang to life as the setting sun cast playful streaks of copper and
gold on its surface, like an artist’s stokes on a masterpiece.
 The final moment of dusk was surreal as the time seemed to pause to catch
its concluding breath.
 The weather-beaten roads groaned under the weight of the evening traffic
that was marching upon it.
 The cool evening breeze dissipated the intense heat of the merciless
afternoon sun.
 Stale perspiration hung heavily in the crowded train as commuters crammed
themselves into any possible standing space.
 The evening sun roasted the cerulean blue sky to a feisty orange.
 The pungent fumes from the cars’ exhaust pipes left a choking odour in the
 The crescent moon hung ceremoniously in the sky accompanied by a couple
of stars twinkling like an entourage.
 Spots of light from the towering flats framed the neighbourhood’s night
landscape with a subtle glow.
 The dissonance of bustling traffic soon slowed to a dwindle as night set in,
punctuated only by the occasional honking
 The obscurity of the night was augmented by the eerie silence.
 Darkness loomed over the area, sending chills down the nape of his neck.
 The scent of freshly-sunned bedsheets enveloped her senses as she snuggled
into the warm cozy bed.
 The deserted street was dimly lit by the soft pearly glow of the spherical
 The column of thick cumulous clouds was like an opened dam as rain
gushed down, drenching tar on the roads into a deep grey hue. Not a single
inch of land was spared from the onslaught.
 The slight drizzle escalated to a heavy downpour. The previous needle-like
raindrops became engorged tears in mere seconds.
 The persistent rain was all out to down the earth as it showed no signs of
weakening to a soft drizzle.
 Rivulets of rain slicked down the glossy coats of upturned umbrellas as some
brave souls ventured out into the thunderstorm.
 The jolt of lightning seared through the air, leaving behind a trail of burning
 The musky smell of impending rain hung in the atmosphere, its unique scent
invading my senses.
 The sudden alarm made the thief sprint like a gold medal Olympian out of
the house and straight into the ambush that was laid in place for him.
 The students whizzed out of the classroom in a jiffy the moment the class
was dismissed.
 The students clamoured off the tour bus and surged towards the entrance.
 The students erupted out of the school gates in a chaotic commotion upon
 The paramedics bellowed emergency instructions as they rocketed through
the corridors leading to the operation theatres.
 The robbers were on a rampage as they ripped through the busy streets in a
bid to escape.
 He propelled forward at a throbbing pace chasing the suspect persistently
down the next five streets.
 Unable to withstand the malodorous stench, he vaulted out instantly.
 The baby was chuckling gaily and his cherubic face was an expression of
 Mother’s barrage of scolding was suddenly replaced by a seriously livid
expression when she finally saw the broken vase.
 A sinister smirk materialized on the kidnapper’s face as he spoke in a
contorted voice to demand for ransom.
 The class prefect enunciated the teacher’s instructions to the class in a clear
steady voice.
 In a thunderous outburst, Father rammed his fist on the table and lectured me
in a deadpan tone for my misdemeanour.
 In a breathless concoction of rage and dissatisfaction, the waiter retorted
agitatedly in the most scathing tone he could muster.
 “Hand over your wallet,” he sneered in a sinister tone.
 With a condescending glance, the arrogant girl dismissed her maid.
 I forced my heavy eyelids open and blinked blearily at the rattling alarm
clock by the side of my bed.
 She spun around and darted her eyes suspiciously around the whole
examination hall when she heard whispers.
 With a tinge of sadness, the teacher’s eyes were dewy with tears as she
appreciated her student’s farewell gift for her.
 It was a hideous sight to set one’s eyes upon. The scent sent unease right to
the gut of my stomach.
 Father’s eyes were fixated on the sports car that had just zoomed past the
traffic junction.
 Mother regarded him with her piercing gaze and immediately a lump of
trepidation formed in his throat.
 All the tourists were feeling buoyant. Their exuberance bloomed throughout
the tour coach as everyone burst into cheerful chatter.
 He was euphoric and cried tears of joy when he won the competition.
 Her heart palpitated wildly and somersaulted in excitement as the plane
soared to the sky.
 He was at loss for words and was choked with bliss when he saw his bride.
 The winners could finally savour the sweet taste of success after all their
hard work.
 Encouraging cheers ricocheted throughout the stadium.
 Overwhelming exhilaration manifested on the coach’s expression when his
team emerged as champions.
 The smile cracked across her face like a sunbeam.
 The blissfulness could be seen from the radiant glow that gleaming on her
 The audience convulsed into laughter and applauded thunderously when the
comedy came to an end.
 The class erupted into euphoric jubilation when the teacher announced that
everyone passed with flying colours.
 Triumph assailed her in waves when she came in top of the class.
 Melancholy was significantly written all over her face.
 Misery was blatantly etched across her features when she failed to find her
missing cat.
 Despair lingered in her watery eyes whenever she recalled the unfortunate
 He bemoaned in tears and sobs at the devastating news.
 Mother lamented in sighs and resignations at the amount of housework that
she had to do.
 Her speech was filled with poignancy that many in the audience were moved
to tears.
 She felt the twinge of bereavement in her heart.
 He plummeted into the depths of despair and his heart ached acutely.
 Grief washed over her in tides and she sank onto the couch like a lifeless doll
as her legs gave way.
 Salty tears stung her tongue when she could no longer hold back her stifling
 Sadness stung her nose, constricted her throat and rendered her speechless.
 The grief-stricken mother railed and lamented at the injustice that had taken
her son’s life.
 Anguish enveloped her like a wave, crashing into her relentlessly.
 Sorrow sank into her bones with an unshakeable piercing chill.
 The distressing news ripped him of his appetite, making everything taste like
 Wrath emitted from father’s sombre expression as the veins bulged from his
 Father spoke with so much bile in his baritone voice that we all thought he
would explode anytime.
 Spiteful words tumbled out in torrents when the spoilt child screamed at her
 In a moment of fury, the boy tore his school books into shreds.
 The teacher bridled vehemently at the outrageously rude rebuttal from the
new student.
 Anger vibrated from every vein in her body as her heartbeat worked into a
frenzy with her rising blood pressure.
 The teacher clenched her teeth as she took umbrage at the students’
 Her infuriation rose in notches. He spit out words a syllable at a time so as to
amplify his anger at her.
 Father pulled no punches with the scathing words that were cascading from
his mouth.
 There was obvious lividness that was exploding from her stiff posture.
 Anger flickered in the pit of her stomach like acid eroding and eating away
at her.
 Fury pulsated from every fibre in his body.
 Her pupils dilated as consternation descended upon her.
 Her eyebrow shot to the hairline disappearing beneath her bangs as she
gawked in wide-eyed terror.
 The erratic thumping of her heart was driving her into a deeper panic.
 Appalled at the deplorable condition, she stood aghast totally flabbergasted.
 A shudder swept down the length of his spine sending goosebumps to break
out like an infection across his body.
 He wiped his sweaty palms on his jeans and steadied his pulse as he
ventured deeper into the forest.
 Fear ripped into his lungs robbing him of all oxygen. He was left gasping in
 We could acutely smell the panic that lingered in the room when we were
taken hostage.
 She could hear her own pulses as her heart palpitated with the chilling fear
that was setting in.
 His stomach knotted in a tight fist, clenching his intestines as fear swamped