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5 paragraph essay format fill in the blank quiz with word bank

5 Paragraph Essay Format Quiz
Fill in the blanks using the word bank (see next page)
__________ )
) __________ Spaced
__________ )
*All essays need to be written using ___ pt. font, ________________, _________ spacing
_________________________________: _______sentences long
_________________: A sentence that catches the reader’s __________. Makes them want
to keep reading.
__________________: Takes the reader from the _______________ into the
__________________: Tells what the main point of the essay is; what the entire paper is
_________________________________:__________sentences long
Focus on the _____ idea from the _________.
_________________________________:__________sentences long
Focus on the ______ idea from the __________.
_________________________________:__________sentences long
Focus on the _____ idea from the _________.
________________________:________sentences long
Restate the _______: Reword your ______________ from the one used in the introduction
Relate back to the ___________: Retell the ___ items from your _________.
___________: End the paragraph with a strong, wrap-up sentence.
**In a _____________ NEVER:
Use the words “____________________” and never Give _____________________
Word Bank (Some of these words will be used multiple times, and some will not be used at all!)
12, 3, 5-7, 7-10, Assignment, attention, Attention Grabber, BIG FINISH, Body Paragraph A, Body
Paragraph B, Body Paragraph C, choice, Conclusion, Date, declarative, Double, Ending Sentence,
exclamation, FIRST, In conclusion, Introduction, Mini-list, Name, new information, number, paragraph,
period, question, SECOND, sentence, Single, situation/stance, THIRD, Times New Roman, Title,
Thesis statement, Transition sentence
Give an example of each type of thesis statement:
1) Simple/Declarative:
2) Number:
3) Question:
4) Situation/Stance: