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ap lit participation

Jackie Morgentaler
AP Lit Period 2
Participation and Preparation Reflection Quarter 3
Class participation (45):
Each class period, I feel that I actively participate throughout the entire
discussion. Although my memory isn't great, here are some points I remember:
● Argued that Edna wasn’t a martyr
● Contrasted Edna from John Proctor and the tragic hero archetype
● Compared Edna’s “awakening” to sheltered students who go crazy in college (it’s
funny but true)
● Shared my research on the rest cure during the Yellow Wallpaper
● Played Willy Loman and Charley when their actors were absent (I didn’t have a
permanent role because I was out the first few days)
● Shared almost all of my answers during our discussion on morality with complete
● Questioned Willy’s tragic hero status
● Shared the psychological reasoning behind Willy’s actions
● Led my group during the “Little Bee” discussion
Class Preparation (15):
I’m generally a very prepared and organized student, but this quarter I fell short during
“The Awakening.” I will admit, I rushed through most of the sections and even handed it
in late. This is not my typical behavior as a student and a person. Dealing with the loss
of a loved one, homework was not the first thing on my mind. It isn’t an excuse, but it’s
not my typical behavior. Due to this failure on my end, I’ll have to give myself a much
lower score than usual.
For The Road:
● I first read the entire book.
● I told myself I’d do the sections as I went, but I got too invested in the plot and
couldn’t stop reading.
● Now that I’ve finished, I’ve been doing a few page references every few nights.
● I’m working hard to make up for my failure with the last response assignment.
Absences (6) :
● I have been absent quite a few times this quarter due to either illness, family
emergencies, and a vacation a few days before break.
● However, most are excused and I either emailed you or told you ahead of time
for each.
● I made plans to make up my in class essay with you through email.
● My absences for my trip (3) were unexcused but I told you before I went away, so
I’ll only take off 3 points for each.
General (5):
● I feel that I’m a positive addition to this class
● I bring enthusiasm for the subject and the material each day
● As an English nerd, (future English teacher!!) my excitement for the subject is
genuine and extremely apparent
● I got a tattoo of a kite for The Kite Runner because the book changed my life.
(This should definitely count towards my grade because if that doesn’t show peak
enthusiasm I don’t know what does.)