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Social Criticism Essay Rubric

Greenville Christian Academy Faculty Evaluation
Teacher: ____________________________ Date: _______________Class: _______________
Lesson Plans
4 3 2 1 0
4 3 2 1 0
4 3 2 1 0
4 3 2 1 0
Mastery of the Material
(Skill/ Reading)
Teaching Methods
Homework Check and
Appropriate Energy and
Explanation and
Connection of Concepts
Handling of Questions
Student Engagement
Logical Progression and
Lesson Completion
Effective Transitions
Efficient Use of Time
Enforcement of Rules
and Procedures
Desks, Floors, and
Bulletin Boards and
Wall Decorations
Chalkboard and Audiovisual Equipment
3-Exceeds expectations
2-Meets expectations
1-Needs improvement
Explanation of the Faculty Evaluation Form
The Preparation section of the form includes any preparation necessary for an effective
lesson including lesson plans that include objectives and correspond with the curriculum’s scope
and sequence and, complete knowledge of the material, and appropriate homework for current
lesson and the following lesson.
The Teaching section involves the evaluation of teacher’s methods based on the category
of class being taught, effective homework check and reviews, the appropriate use of energy and
emphasis, the explanation of the lesson, the connection of concepts, the teacher’s handling of
questions, students’ engagement, the lesson’s logical progression, and the completion of the
The Management section focuses on the teacher’s control of the classroom from the time
the first students arrive until the last students leave. The evaluation in the section will specifically
focus on transitions, the use of time, the enforcement of rules and procedures, and the
professionalism of the teacher.
The Classroom section focuses on the appearance of the classroom as well as the
effective inclusion of the classroom’s resources into the lesson. This section would include the
evaluation of the arrangement of the furniture, the cleanliness of the classroom, the
appropriateness of decorations within the classroom, and the inclusion of the chalkboard and any
audio-visuals such as projectors and lab equipment within the lesson.
II. Follow-Up Procedure
The evaluator will follow up with the teacher later that day either during the teacher’s
planning hour or after school. If the schedule does not allow for a brief meeting the same day,
arrangements should be made to discuss the evaluation as soon as possible the following day.
During the follow up, the evaluator will first praise the teacher for areas in which the
teacher was most effective or has shown improvement since the last evaluation. The evaluator
will then advise the teacher on areas that could improve as well as giving any tips on how to
improve. After explaining the evaluation’s results, the evaluator will give a copy of the
evaluation to the teacher so that the teacher can reference the comments at any time, monitor
their own progression, and retain a copy for his own files.