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1. A heat exchanger with two tube passes has been recommended for cooling distilled water
from 33.9 to 29.4oC. The proposed unit contains 160 copper tubes, each with a 0.0191-m
outside diameter, 18 BWG, and 4.876-m length. The tubes are laid out on a 0.0238-m triangular
pitch within a 0.387-m inside diameter shell. Twenty-five percent cut segmental baffles, spaced
0.3 m apart, are located within the shell. Cooling water at a temperature of 24oC and a flow rate
of 2.0 m/s will be used in the tubes to provide the cooling. Under these conditions, the fouling
coefficients for the distilled water and the cooling water can be assumed to be 11,360 and 5680
W/m2• K, respectively. The pressure drop on either the tube or the tube side may not exceed 69
kPa. Would the recommended design be adequate for cooling 22 kg/s of distilled water?