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Askalani, Jade B.
Sali, Ahmad
Timosa, Roxan
Enriquez, Winford
The Aim of our game is to give Entertainment, to exert control, to give
socialization, team work and to give a challenge to the players. Also to showcase
their capabilities in throwing darts. Our game can also be a solution for boredom.
Through our game we can show people that mathematic can be entertaining, Lastly
so that we can help people to appreciate math.
The value we should put is Magis to do more, to win more, to help each
other and to show your true potential and not be shy about it. We only need 1
facilitators. The facilitator’s job is to toss the coin and to make sure that no one
cheats and to also ensure that will play smoothly and it will be fair and square
1. The Facilitators will pick, from the box filled with number ranging from 100 and
above, the number will be the limit.
2. Toss a coin to determine who will go first.
3. Team1 will pick a number from a box with numbers ranging from 10-30
4. After Team 1, Team 2 will pick a number from a box with numbers ranging
from 10-30
5. Player 1 from team 1 will throw the dart
6. Player 2 from Team 1 will throw the dart