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 Assigning compatriot CEOs have become the new trend for especially global firms.
 The main reason is that living in the society provides them to know well the political
trends or local systems in their country.
 Besides, they are aware of uniqueness and weakness of the market.
 Since they share common cultural values and desires with their teams, they can easily
communicate each other and shares their problems.
 Moreover, they don’t face any language barrier.
 All of these make their relations better and increase the trust among them.
 Today, two- thirds of CEO of top companies in Turkey is compatriots and these global
brands prefer compatriotic CEOs
ING Bank got into the market in 2008 by buying the OYAK Bank.
In 2010, Wilfred Nagel was assigned as CEO in order to achieve the market goals.
He has worked various global positions in ING Bank for 25 years.
He was highly experienced in sector and an expert in Asia region.
However, he failed in Ing Bank Turkey.
 In 2011, Pınar Abay was appointed as CEO.
 She was just 34 years old.
 Before transferring to ING Bank, she was a partner in consultancy firm and specialized
in banking.
 She achieved the expected growth in a short time.
 Besides, she could apply the innovative vision of ING Bank into the Turkey successfully.
 Of course, her sectoral knowledge was not the only reason for her success.
o She could understand the concern of workers in Cizre
o She could estimate what the people in Kahramanmaras expect from a bank.
o She could realize the differences between the cultural codes and global trends,
and she could adjust innovations to the society in a more proper way than an
expatriate can do.
 Shortly, becoming a compatriot provides her many advantages.