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FRC profiling

1. Level of interest and the root cause to be an entrepreneurQuestions
What we want to know
Need to identify, what made them to start a business and their interest level to become an
1. Is there any family member who has or currently business
a. He says yes – What, when, where, how an who does this business. When is break even
b. How much is the candidate interested in Food – what make you to choose food industries?
2. Who is and inspiration and why?
Reason for choosing CK’s Bakery.
o How did you come to know about the brand? and why
 WOM / Manu interview / Customer/ Marketing / Product Quality/ Trust/ Low inv /
Cavin care backing up
o Have you visited any of our stores as customer?
 As a customer how do you rank our store and what is the best
o Have you visited any of our store for enquiry? & how many? & whom did you talk to you?
 What is the feedback?
 What do you think?
o Have you spoken to any existing FRC
 What is their feed back
3. Should identify whether they are starting this business for money sake or with passion.
a. What are you currently doing
i. If it is profession – we have to educate more
ii. How much do you earn?
iii. Do you think it is worth to forgo the salary for this business?
b. If it is business
i. How much are you earning?
ii. What was the investment?
iii. How much time you spend in this business?
c. How much time will you be spending in store?
d. What do you mean by break even?
e. When do you expect break even?
i. If the answer is anything less than 6 months – then not the right candidate
ii. Do you have money back up for 6 months?
iii. What is the source
f. Are you starting Alone or in partnership?
g. If partnership, what is the contribution of each partner in terms of time and money?
i. Who is your one point of contact and the decision maker?
h. ROI – what is your expectations?
4. Level of Confidence1. If for the first month store does only 3K ADS, and your loosing 50K a month. what will
be your Action plan?
2. On case of non-Improvement If for 3 months store does only 3K ADS, and your loosing
50K a month. Adding up to 2L. what will be your Action plan?
If any of the answer is tending to store closure – Not right candidate
Expected answers are – Store BTL / Maintaining high OPS parameters / Constant touch
with Field ops team to improve / focus on online / Motivate staff / FRC will not let it go that far /
Push company for support.
3. How many customers will you speak to in a day
4. What is your plan for outside store business in Trade area?
5. Is the FRC Localite?
1. Manpower handling
a. Do you have any experience in managing team?
b. What is the salary level at which you handled a team?
c. How do you keep them motivated?
d. How many members in your team have you maintained with 1 year attrition
e. What if the morning shift team member fails to come?
f. What if chef (the main member) goes on leave?
g. What if your team member approaches you with a problem?
h. Are you approachable?