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how to kill a mockingbird

How to kill a Mockingbird
This book is about twelve character who are living a really good life untill something wrong
happened. One day Jem was playing football out in the yard until he broke his arm, Scout came running
to see what was the problem Scout told Atticus and he went and grabbed bandages. Well in this book I
learned that family will stick together, show love, support and kindnesslike Scout and Atticus did to help
Jem with his arm. This is actually a really good book, some of the character are pretty great includind
the names, but when scout first day of school started until she went over to a boy and started beating
up a boy the principle came out she sent scout home and called Atticus and told him about Scout
beating up a boy, when Scout came home Atticus was waiting for her on the front porch. In this book
not so much a person, but Idea; idea of that racism is ok, through the book the main characters battle
with the idea of racism and, ultimately end up overcoming it to relize that all men are equal no matter
what there race is. Unfortunately, this idea still ends up being a big part of the cizizens living in the small
town of Maycomb County. The main conflict in this book is the racism that is prominent in the town,
Jem, Scout and their father Atticus all nelieved strongly that racism is wrong. That is why Atticus
accepted the job of defending a black man, and tried to do his job well in defending him at trial. But the
racism in the town causes te jury to convict the black man of rape, even though he is innocent. Tom
goes to jail and before he is allowed to have another trial at the state level to free him of his charges, he
attempt to escape from jail and end up getting shot and killed.The gaurds shot him seventeen times
showing the racism that is prominent because they shot him many more times after he was already
dead,The main conflict is resolved by the people in town being kind to Tom Robinson, The black man
who was shot to death,This give his wife a good job so that she would be able to support the family, and
they shunned the family who accused Tom Robinson of rape.
By doing this the towns people are
letting go of a little bit of their racism, if they were racist that that caused Tom Robinson to be killed,
and by doing this they are preventing another tragedy like what happened to Tom Robinson happened
to someone else in the future. So I'm getting so far is that some people are racism, the jugde decides
to Tom Robinson guilty of rape rape and he was clearly innocence, meet the cops at the jail saw Tom
Robinson climbing over the gate and when they ask him to come down he kept climbing so they shot
him seventeen times, which they should have done was get him one time in the leg.
What I learned about racism is that it can hurt people, so as you can see I have explained Scout,
Jem and Atticus so now I will be talking about Aunty Alexndra she is Scout and Jem's Aunt and Atticus's
sister. when Aunt Alexandra came to there house, she had a reason why she came and it was because
she wanted a girl role model for Scout, because she was a a tomboy and Aunty Alexandra did not like it.
The next day she invited her friend for a girls meeting, she discuss what going on around the
neighborhood and she wanted Scout to feel like a girl instead of a tomboy. when Scout joined the
meeting she felt like she was belong there. I say that she said about Scout being a girl I like that
suggestion, but the one thing I didn't like is when Alexandra has a idea about dating family members.
But everything else i'm fine with. This is conclusion, were Scout Atticus and alexander heads over to the
Radleys Place to check up on Jem because when he fought Mr. Ewell he he accidently got stabbed in the
arm. Scout was so scared she ran to Atticus so he could help Jem, Scout told Attius everything and
Atticus got some bandages and ran outside and wrapt Jem's arm what i have learned in this book is
scout, jem, alexander and atticus or anyone needs help the family will come through and help