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Make Fruitful Mathematical
Journey for Your Kids with
These Amazing Tips
The whole journey of learning is not so easy for children especially when they have
to deal with Mathematics subject. Many students find difficulties in learning
theorems, formulas and comprehensive solutions of problems resultant they score
poor in the examination and also get depressed from this branch of study. At that
moment, parents find themselves helpless as of how they can encourage children
for the subject. If you are thinking about how you can bring the interest of this
subject in your child mind, then read this post. Here you will get to know the benefit
tips which can increase your child attention for this subject.
Look at these Tips that Will Help to Make Fruitful
Journey for Your Kids While Learning Mathematics
Give Emphasis to Play Maths Games and Puzzles
Children get bored when they have to learn the same formulas and operations. So, the foremost
step you have to do is "don’t impose this subject on them." In fact, engage your child in maths
activities by encouraging them to play maths games and puzzle rather than sitting with one
Don’t Say to Your Child that You are Doing it Wrong
Don’t ever say no to your child logic. It may be happening they forgot what a particular
operation, what it does. For instance, you asked your child to do multiplication of 3 and 4 and
he replied, Mom it’s 7. Then don’t raise your eyebrow on him. In fact, say, I caught you what's
in your mind. It’s the addition, not multiplication. In this way, you can point out the mistake of
your child even without realising him.
Avoid to Link Maths with Speed
Many parents think that if their child is able to find the solutions quickly, then only he(s)
deserves the title of “Mathematics Pro”. However, it is not true. You can’t interrelate maths
with speed. For instance, girls feel anxiety if they are not able to solve the question in a nick of
time. This should not happen, as each problem took some time to get solved. Hence, it is
essential that you are not using speed drills in your child’s mind.
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