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Valuation of Groundwater Resources of Dhaka City
City dwellers are charged only for the cost of extraction of groundwater that are supplied. As
such groundwater does not has a proper market; hence GW it is priced at a rate that does not
really reflect its true value.
Groundwater is a renewable resource only when it is extracted at a rate commensurate with the
rate of replenishment, naturally or artificially. Depending on the hydrogeology of a city or
location the rate at which the aquifers are replenished may vary widely. This rate defines the
sustainable yield concept. In case of Dhaka the sustainable level of yield has already exceeded.
Not surprisingly, groundwater resource in Dhaka and other cities of Bangladesh, as well many
other places in the world are over extracted at an unsustainable and the water tables have went
down at an alarming rate. Deep cones of depression were formed in different parts of Dhaka.
Recently alternative sources of water supply for Dhaka has been explored and ** water
treatment plants are being constructed.
IWRM implies GW is related to many economic uses and environmental values.
Dhaka’s groundwater resource is a dynamic problem, groundwater is withdrawn, slowly
recharged – groundwater is being supported by conjunctive use with surface water and rain
water harvesting (along with recharge possibility) is also being considered.
Valuation techniques used
Qureshi, M.Ejaz, et al. “Factors Determining the Economic Value of Groundwater.” Hydrogeology
Journal, vol. 20, no. 5, 2012, pp. 821–829.