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Report 1
Name: Keyon Flowers
Topic: Electrical Safety & Health hazards
Objective : My objective from this research is to understand the danger of what an electrocution
can do to you and also safety hazards on what to do and not do when expose to electrical
appliances whether wiring up a house or out in the field working on a machine. Beside that to
also learn the basic of how a circuit is used and the amount of voltage some places uses and what
do electrician uses to prevent a blow out or shock.
Engineers, electricians and overhead line workers are most exposed to electrical hazards are at
most risk when it comes to being shocked. Common tasks that put these workers at risk include
electrical installation and repairs, testing of fixtures and equipment and inspection and
maintenance activities. Some hazards include overhead powered and electrical lines which have
high voltage and can cause severe burns and electrocution to workers. To avoid putting yourself
at risk, maintain a distance of 10 feet. Exposure to damaged electrical tools and equipment can
be dangerous as well. Thoroughly check for cracks, cuts or abrasions on cable, wires and cords.
Encase any defects have them repaired or replace. The most important one is grounding as
proper grounding eliminates unwanted voltage and reduce the risk of electrocution .Therefore
you must never remove the metallic ground pin as it is responsible for returning unwanted
voltage to the ground.
I was curious on why overhead electricians never got electrocuted before when working on high
extensions power lines and why engineers had to wear overalls and steel boots when working on
a machine or doing electrical installation. This is all because to the took safety precaution that is
for the overhead electricians stayed 10 feet away from the power line and wore leather gloves to
prevent electricity from passing through along with a harness to not fall of the lamp post and
steel toe boots so they can be well grounded. As for the overalls is to protect the electrician from
arc flash which can be dangerous and can cause a fire. I learnt that you must wear your personal
protective equipment as it decreases the chance of getting shock or burn. Also don’t over load
your outlets as it may cause a blowout or fire. Avoid extension cords because it can over heat
and cause a fire when improperly used as people tend to plug in appliances that use more watts
than the cord can handle.