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Self-Driving Cars Audience Analysis

Harris, Jordan
Jan 17th, 2019
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ENG 101
Mrs. Nicholson
Self-Driving Cars Audience Analysis
(1.) The target audience are young teenagers and young adults. Mostly new drivers who are still learning
how to effectively use transportation and in a safely manner. Drivers who may be interested in an
easier, more modern solution to transportation. They want something that is safer for everyone on the
roads today. This is an audience that is looking for a better solution to lowering the number of fatalities
and accidents occurring on the roads today.
(2.) The audience is knowledgeable about the safety of modern vehicles. They are aware that a large
majority of accidents are caused by human error. They have tried safer driving habits and sharing safer
ways to drive to friends, family and new acquaintances. They are knowledgeable of the safety of current
modern vehicles and the severity of human error but want a safer solution to human error caused
(3.) Our audience is typically the teenage to young adults, between the ages of 16 and 25. They are
generally millennial's. The audience is mostly lower class and working towards middle class, with at least
a high school diploma or a freshman in college.
(4.) These young men and women are reading this article in hopes of learning and possibly progressing
towards a solution to a safer and better way to prevent and lower the death rate caused by human error
related incidents. They are interested to see if autonomous vehicles are also safer for the environment.
They typically still drive modern economic vehicles but are looking for the possible future of
autonomous vehicles.
(5.) This article will be seen online and in magazines.
(6.) As noted earlier, the audience is in need of a new, safer solution to transportation and solutions to
human error caused incidents. They need something that could be safer for their families as well as
possibly more ecofriendly.
(8.) The audience will learn that autonomous vehicles and semiautonomous vehicles are becoming more
common as we progress into the future. They will learn that most highway accidents are a result of
human error. The audience is also aware that autonomous vehicles have the potential to increase safety
significantly. They will learn that though many of these crashes are caused by human error, the majority
are caused by distracted drivers and that autonomous vehicles could prevent this. Finally, they will learn
that not everyone is interested or supportive of the idea to start producing and selling autonomous
vehicles and that autonomous vehicles are not a 100 percent solution to accidents.