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OR Protocol

of attendance
Continuing Education Provider
Pfiedler Education Certifies that
Jedediah Frazier
Has Completed
OR Protocol: Codes of Conduct and Safety
An Online Independent Learning Activity
(Including: Joint Commission NPSG; Patient Rights & Safety (HIPAA); Role Definition/Codes of Conduct; Pathogens &
Bloodborne Viruses; Infection Prevention, Standard Precautions; Principles of Asepsis, Fire Safety; Hazard Protection; Laser
Safety; Radiation Exposure; Hazardous Chemicals; Latex Safety; Electrical Safety; Waste Management
Date: October 24, 2019
Contact Person:
Judith A. Pins, RN, BSN, MBA
President, Pfiedler Education
2170 S. Parker Rd., Suite 125
Denver, CO 80231