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He Sheng
In recent decades, an increasing number of people choose to further their
education in abroad countries such as UK, America and so forth, which will have
positive and negative influence on foreign students’ life. I believe it is a blessing
than curse.
There are various reasons why some foreign students think study abroad life is
very hard. They may assert that it was difficult for them to integrate into local life
when they first arrived in England. From my personal prospective, language is a
main problem to many foreign students. They cannot fully understand what local
people say and what teachers teach in class, so sometimes they may spend three
times time more than local students to complete homework , and they are very
struggling to do some daily activities like shopping , going to restaurants and
make new friends who come from other backgrounds. Apart from that, dietary
habits is also a key issue. Chinese is unlikely to be used to local dishes
immediately so that foreign students need to spend much time to cook for
themselves after a busy day of school. Generally, students studying abroad is
bound to encounter some difficulties that they never meet in china.
In spite of these arguments, I believe that to study in UK is a very good thing for
many foreign students and have many benefits for students. In my opinion, it can
exercise our independence, because many students start to learn to cook, to do
cleaning, to wash clothes and some things that they never do in their home. On
the other hand, the education of UK is very perfect, so students coming from a
various countries study in England. In the case, we are very easy to know other
cultures, to make other countries friends and when we comminute with them, we
can learn a lot of knowledge that I never get from textbooks, which all will
broaden my horizons. Therefore, it will open our eyes to more options in future
In conclusion, although it might seem very hard for students to study in UK, I
personally prefer study abroad life where I can grow up faster and learn a lot of
valuable knowledge.