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English I Test – Romeo and Juliet Act II

English I Test – Romeo and Juliet Act II
Directions: Choose the best answer for each of the following questions.
1. At the beginning of the balcony scene, Shakespeare uses a device that speeds up the
action of the play, that is, he has
A. Romeo express his innermost thoughts in asides to the audience
B. Romeo overhear Juliet speaking her thoughts aloud, which she would not express
to him because of modesty
C. Romeo and Juliet disguise their innermost thoughts before each other but express
them directly to the audience
D. Romeo and Juliet express doubts that their love for each other is real
2. An inner conflict that Juliet expresses in the balcony scene is her
A. Love for Romeo versus her fear that his love for her is not true
B. Loyalty to her family versus her desire for independence
C. Love for Romeo versus her love for Paris
D. Fear of marriage versus her fear of being alone
3. When Juliet says, “That which we call a rose/By any other word would smell as
sweet”, she is
A. Giving an example to prove that names are important
B. Explaining why she is so upset that Romeo is a Capulet
C. Proving that Romeo’s last name does not affect his character
D. Commenting on the origin of the word rose
4. What does Juliet plan to do the day after she and Romeo declare their love for each
A. Marry Romeo
B. Send a messenger before nine o’clock to find out if Romeo will marry her
C. Visit Romeo at Friar Lawrence’s cell before nine o’clock
D. Run away from Verona with Romeo so they can be married
5. When Romeo goes to visit Friar Lawrence, why does he reprimand Romeo?
A. Because Romeo slept so late
B. Because Romeo fell in love with Rosaline
C. Because fell in love with Juliet
D. Because Romeo is so fickled
6. At the end of Friar Lawrence’s conversation with Romeo, he tells Romeo that
A. Rosaline is far superior to Juliet
B. Juliet is far superior to Rosaline
C. His alliance with Juliet will cause more hatred between the Montagues and
D. His alliance with Juliet may end the feud between the two families
7. What type of conflict do Romeo and Juliet both experience in loving each other?
A. External conflict
B. Person against nature
C. Person against society
D. Person against fate
When Benvolio and Mercutio speak with each other, what important information do
you discover?
A. The feud between the Montagues and Capulets has ended
B. Romeo and Juliet love each other
C. Tybalt has sent Romeo a letter, possibly challenging him to a duel
D. Romeo has been missing all night
9. In Act II the character of the Nurse helps to advance the action and also serves to
A. Express serious ideas about love, death, and fate that are central to the play’s
B. Act as a voice of reason, expressing objections to the marriage of Romeo and
C. Provide a contrast to Friar Lawrence
D. Provide some humor and comic relief
10. Why does the Friar agree to marry Romeo and Juliet?
A. Knows they are in love
B. Thinks they are social equals
C. Thinks it may end their family’s feud
D. Is a romantic at heart
11. In order to get out of the house and away from her strict parents, she pretends she is
going to
A. The market
B. Visit her aunt
C. The theater
D. Confession
12. Who serves as a messenger for Juliet?
A. Peter
B. Benvolio
C. The Friar
D. The Nurse
13. The following lines from Act II are an example of which of the following literary
“It is too rash, too unadvised, too sudden;
Too like the lightning, which doth cease to be
Ere one can say it lightens.”
A. Metaphor
B. Simile
C. Foreshadowing
D. Flashback
14. Read the following lines and identify the literary term:
“Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing,
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
A. Oxymoron
B. Hyperbole
C. Personification
D. Allusion
15. Read the following line and identify the literary term:
“Thou art thyself, though not a Monatague.”
A. Assonance
B. Alliteration
C. Imagery
D. Symbolism
16. If Romeo could be said to have one flaw, it is that he is too
A. Loyal
B. Loving
C. Impulsive
D. Cautious
17. One important theme of the play is
A. Love is destined to end sadly
B. Love at first sight is not real love
C. Love can cause enemies to forget their differences
D. Love must be secondary to the public good
18. How does Shakespeare use dramatic irony?
A. Characters say the opposite of what they mean
B. Characters use puns, playing on different meanings of the same word or words
that sound almost the same
C. The character or characters on stage have important information that the audience
or reader does not have
D. The audience or reader has important information that the character or characters
on stage do not have
19. Friar Laurence can be described as
A. Selfish and self-seeking
B. Fatherly and concerned
C. Angry and upset
D. Indifferent and nosey
20. How will Romeo get into Juliet’s room on their wedding night?
A. Through a trap door in the basement of her castle
B. By a rope ladder to climb the balcony wall
C. Through the front entrance after everyone is asleep
D. Through the Nurse’s bedroom window
21. After the party, who do Romeo's friends think he is with?
A. Rosaline
B. Juliet
C. Tybalt
22. Who is Romeo really with, and where is he?
A. Rosaline
B. Juliet
C. Tybalt
23. Before Romeo sees his friends in the market place, who was he discussing his future
A. Friar Laurence
B. The Nurse
C. Benvolio
24. What decision did this person make concerning Romeo's future?
A. He chose to kill Romeo for crashing a party.
B. She chose to find a ladder for Romeo.
C. He chose to marry Romeo to Juliet secretly.
25. Why does Mercutio tease Romeo so much the morning after the dance?
A. Mercutio’s feelings are hurt, because Romeo left Benvolio and him without an
B. He is tired of defending Romeo from Tybalt.
C. Mercutio does not like Juliet.
26. Who wants to duel with Romeo?
A. Paris
B. Tybalt
C. Lord Capulet
27. What does Mercutio say about the above person in terms of fighting ability?
A. This person is uneducated.
B. This person is extremely wealthy and powerful.
C. This person is an excellent fighter.
28. What do Romeo and Mercutio compare the Nurse to (hint...it's a metaphor)?
A. They compare her to a large pig.
B. They compare her to a large sail.
C. They compare her to an ugly girl.
29. Why does Juliet get frustrated when the Nurse returns from her jaunce (short trip)?
A. The Nurse says inappropriate things about Romeo.
B. The Nurse decides to tell Lord and Lady Capulet about Juliet’s plans to marry Romoe.
C. The Nurse refuses to get to the point and tell Juliet the news.
30. What is Juliet's excuse to her parents for seeing the friar at the end of act two?
A. She tells her parents she will attend Mass (evening church service).
B. She tells her parents she will attend Shrift (confession).
C. She tells her parents she will be visiting Friar Laurence only.
31. What major event happens at the end of act two?
A. Romeo and Juliet get married.
B. Tybalt kills Mercutio.
C. Romeo kills Tybalt.