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ALCOHOL TAX Reaction Paper- Aguelo, Maruquez, Resma

Aguelo, Jana Elline
Maruquez, Marsha
Resma, Michelle
We are certainly pleased with this news of increasing alcohol excise tax rate
since excessive alcohol consumption often occurs and has become a major concern
for the well-being of society. Anything excess is always bad. It is good to know that
there is still a senator like Pia Cayetano whose reason for pushing the bill is that she
has the duty as a nation server, to act regarding the protection of the Filipinos.
Senator Cayetano made a great move in proposing higher tax rates for alcohol to at
least change the behavior of alcoholic consumers while concerning its promotion of
safeguarding the health and welfare of all people. It would be better to have higher
excise tax for alcohol to lessen the number of alcoholic person. We all know that
many people affords drinking so much alcohol nowadays because of its lower price.
And we think that this action can possibly discourage them to drink alcohol. We all
know that we can't stop them, but at least we can minimize or lessen the number of
the alcoholic drinkers.To support, we definitely agree to the upsurge of alcohol tax for
the reason that consumption of alcohol does not only affect the drinker but it also
leads to situations where it distresses the lives of other innocent people. The grief and
sorrows brought about by the life taken away accidentally or due to negligence can’t
be in any way sufficed by any amount of taxes paid by the alcohol users. It impacts
the social, physical, and psychological state and relations of people being affected.
We also apprehend that if it is really for the greater good then strike the root cause. It
must be focused on the character building of those people inclined most especially
the heavy drinkers to sacrifice and know their responsibilities.
On the other hand, we are quite dissatisfied that if the government can approve
such a proposal, why can’t they do a bigger opportunity like banning the drinking of
alcohol in the country? This leads us to the realization that the government still
abuses its entrusted power through corruption. The suggested higher alcohol tax
rates will only lessen the problem but it will still occur since the upper class can always
afford and consume alcohol anytime and anywhere. No matter how much taxes the
government impose on sin products, consumers who are addicted or regular users of
such will still buy it no matter how expensive it could get. Moreover, we oppose to
what she said that imposing higher excise taxes on alcohols is the singular,
reasonable, and patriotic conclusion to eradicate or reduce the personal health costs,
socioeconomic costs and massive economic cost that alcohol abuse brings. We
believe that a more transparent and informative government could also help give
solution to the problem. The government should provide more information regarding
the cons and diseases that can be acquired in taking alcohols and it must be effective
enough for the users to believe. The bottom line here is that, whether the excise tax
increases, the decision is and will always be in the hands of the users of such
products. The government should be an effective aide towards protecting the citizens’
health. We are hoping that the taxes that will be collected would be put in the right
place, with just and rational allocation for the public purpose.