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Qu 5 mark scheme Dyslexic sample paper

Qu 5 mark scheme - Y and D sample paper
Fill the blanks!
 Both writers have problems communicating but Text One also describes
problems learning.
 Both writers use references to age to show their poor progression in
learning: ‘I was now five’‚ ‘When I was 13’
 Both writers use short sentences to emphasise points.
 In Text One the writer received assistance when he was a child, whereas
the writer of Text Two did not
 Text Two has a light-hearted tone throughout, whereas Text One has a
tone of positive that changes to a negative tone
 Text Two uses colloquial language, whereas Text One is more formal.
 Only Text Two addresses the reader directly
 Both texts start on a positive note
 Both texts describe coping with and overcoming difficulties that other
people do not understand