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Everything You Need To Know About Cardio

Everything You Need To Know About Cardio
Cardio is an extremely popular way to lose weight, get fit, or just be healthier.
However, it is also the most misunderstood term in fitness. For many people,
Cardio is a connotation for mostly one thing—fat loss. Cardio is most commonly
known as a fat burner and for improving cardiovascular health.
But the importance and fundamentals of extends way beyond this common
understanding? Cardiovascular exercises aim to use large muscle movements
over a continued period of time with the objective of inducing the heart rate to
reach at least 50% of its maximum level.
This type of workout, when paired with a strength training program and
optimal diet, helps to raise our heart rate, burn fat and increase
stamina. Depending on your specific goals and your body’s response to
the exercises that match them, any type of cardio training can do the job.
Here are some great benefits of doing cardio –
Boosts heart, lung efficiency and endurance
Reduces blood pressure
Reduces the risk of heart disease
Boosts metabolism
Helps in weight management
Boosts immune system
Improves metabolism
How To Select The Best Cardio Workout?
Studies have showed that doing four to five cardio workouts per week
contributes to better cardiovascular function and endurance. Since this kind of
exercise covers an enormous range of activities — from cycling to dancing and
much more — you have diverse options to choose from. You don’t have to limit
cardio to workout time—you can intertwine it into your day to day life as well.
Have a look at these factors that will help you decide which type of cardio is best
for you.
1. Convenience Level:
Whatever be the type of cardio you are choosing, make it something that’s
convenient for you. In other words, don’t opt for swimming workouts if you don’t
have easy access to a pool, or cycling workouts if you don’t have clear roads or a
bike path. Preferably, you should choose something that gives you scope to
exercise near your place and involves minimal preparation and equipments.
2. Preference:
Ultimately the best type of workout for you is the one that you’ll do consistently.
Since cardio encompasses so many activities, choose something which excites
you and avoid activities that you have to force yourself to do.
3. Physical Restrictions:
Before including cardio exercise in your daily regime, make sure that you don’t
have any prior injuries, particularly related to knees, ankles, and lower back. If
you suffer from these problems, you should stick to low-impact cardio activities
like cycling, swimming, strength training or yoga. Yoga, in fact, is an ideal way
to boost heart rate and get sweaty without posing any stress on the joints.
What Is The Recommended Cardio Length?
A minimum of 30 minutes of aerobic physical activity of moderate intensity
performed on a regular basis is usually recommended to people who are not
very obese.
Exercising at low to moderate intensity for 30-90 minutes a day is a sure shot
approach to capitalize on weight loss! In contrast, high-vigorous strength cardio
should be performed for at least 20-25 minutes.
What Is The Best Time For Cardio?
Cardio workout in the morning is the best way to burn more fats as the glucose
level of our body is lowest due to an empty stomach. Also, cardio in the morning
releases mood enhancing endorphins, increases metabolism and improves
What Diet Needs To Be Taken?
Diet always affects our capacity to do cardiovascular exercise. A low-cal, lowcarb diet makes working out for any length of time extremely easy. Try to avoid
saturated fats and processed sugars as this will give you short bursts of energy
followed by fatiguing crashes.
Now that you are familiar with the myriad benefits of cardio and what it can do
to your overall health, you must make minor modifications in your daily routine.
Start by a 10 minute brisk walk, follow it religiously for a week, keep adding on
to it every week - Once you feel your stamina building up, raise the bar and go
for something more exciting and challenging.
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