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Tiffany Jenks murder NEWS Family of Dead Victim Addresses Killer transcribed

Family of Dead Victim Addresses Killer
[Mother:] “I don’t know exactly what happened or why, never told us. But I can tell you what happened
after she died. I received her back to me in pieces. The sweet girl I gave birth to is an intelligent
educated woman with multiple degrees, one a Master’s in physics. Her brains were really blown out. I
picked up her head and walked to wash and dress her, and felt a sticky mush that clung to my hands.”
[Brother:] “What do you say to man that has murdered someone who is close to you? I say this: What I
see before me is a weak man, a mere coward.
“You’re with some friends out one night, told my sister that you would give her right on, then you
brought her to a secluded area, told her to get out, pointing a .357 handgun at her head, and for the
thrill of it, you shot her point blank in the head for no apparent reason other than to kill someone just to
test out a gun and watch a 35-year-old woman who didn’t even know die.
“I can only imagine the terror she must have felt in her final moments, and it haunts me to this day. I
don’t understand this. Why’d you do it? The only answer I could come up with is that our society
continues to fight the battle between good and evil. You, sir, are evidence that as we continue to fight
this battle. You’re the face of evil and it must be destroyed. Whenever I hear your name, I picture the
devil himself.”
[Sister:] “I know you’re angry about the two—I shudder to even call them people—who were with you
that night, who sold you the gun, and who urged you to kill my sister and who celebrated with you after
it… that they were basically given slaps on the wrist, while you’re going to prison.
“And I agree with you. They are just as guilty as you are, and it makes me sick to know they’re not being
punished for what they’ve done. Oregon law needs to change so those who are accessories to crime pay
for lives they’ve destroyed.”