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On October 8th 2013, near Blue Lake Park, Fairview, Oregon at 02:33 AM, a
sound of a gunshot sliced the silence of the night. In the next morning, joggers found a
body of a woman shot in the head. The women known as Ms. Tiffany Jenks RIP (Herby:
Tiffany was a mid-thirties American women from Oregon. Just like her father, Tiffany
concentrated on exact sciences (physics, biology). Tiffany who was considered brilliant
scientist was in charge of 21 dams along the Colombia River at Bonneville Power
Administration. After her father’s death, Tiffany was in a crisis that unfortunately led her
to indulge in alcohol.
The murder case was investigated by the police, and three suspects were convicted for
murder and got ridiculous verdicts. None of the investigators could finger on a reasonable
motive for the murder. Even the theories of rape, robbery and unexplained violence had no
solid ground to be based on.
Eventually, the police classified the case as an ordinary random murder. Contrary, a series
of messages sent to Tiffany's ex-boyfriend - John S. Captain III (Herby: “John”),1 prior
the murder and facts he discovered after her death made him believe that something is
wrong. Early on, John understood that the information regarding the murder presented by
the police, the media, and Tiffany's family was full of contradictions and discrepancies and
thus would be superficial and would not accurately reflect the motives led to it.
Under these circumstances, John could not accomplish with the way Tiffany's murder case
was treated. On a worldwide journey, John found that above the murder was hovering the
spirit of one of the darkest sects in the world - The Illuminati, which operates, inter alia,
the conspiracy of the New World Order. At this point, John’s investigation received a
significant turnaround.
A deep understanding of the murder requires time travel.
John, an American citizen living in Portland, Oregon, has a tanning salon.
The factual background
John and Tiffany met about a year before the murder and use to see each other
frequently. Their relationship knew ups and downs. In their last meeting on ______
Tiffany behaved violently while causing damage to John’s property. Thus, John asked
her to leave his house permanently. Tiffany and John did not meet for about two months
after the incident.
6-7 days before the murder Tiffany texts John:
"We gonna die soon, that’s what was said"
On October 7th 2013 at 04:23 PM (approximately 10 hours before the murder) John
received four emails in five minutes apart. All emails written in capital letters:
Consequently, John replied2 to [apparently] Tiffany’s four emails and warren:
“You’re not ever trust passing my land again. Period.”
A surprising visit at John’s home
Time: 39:58 2
On October 7th, 2013 at _____, Tiffany sent an email to John:
"I have my bags, see you at 09:00 PM”.
According to the police, on October 7th, 2013, Tiffany caught a cab from Orogen Portland
Airport at 07:09 PM And arrived to John's place at 08:00 PM this, despite his request. It is
important to note that John's house and salon (back to back) are networked with CCTV
About 20 minutes before Tiffany arrival, Tyson, a woman with whom John has an unsettled
romantic relationship, arrived after a period of two months to the salon for tanning. Tyson's
black BMW parked in John's backyard (Washington Street) next to his white BMW.
Because of the relationship with Tyson, John thought Tiffany would disapprove of
Tyson's stay in the tanning salon. As soon as John heard the cab arrived he hastened to
Tyson and asked her to leave from the front door to Stark Street. Strangely, Tiffany got
off the cab, passed Tyson's car (which she well knew) and step in the house without saying
nothing in concern to John. Tyson left from the front door, encompassed the house, started
the car and flickered with the front lights. The time was 08:05 PM.
At 08:10 PM Tiffany & John were in the house. Tiffany told John she loves him and
promised that she will start a process of alcohol withdrawal the next day. John prepared
Tiffany a supper. They ate the meal together and then made love.
Immediately after that, John got out of bed to throw the scraps of food into the garbage
can. Tiffany followed him, turned to the living room and took a bottle of beer was hidden
in her bag. John observed it, pulled the bottle of beer from Tiffany's hand, poured it contain
into the sink and tossed it in the bin. Tiffany left the house in disgust to backyard. John
who followed her saw she held another bottle of beer. All described above and below were
documented in CCTV.
John saw Tiffany hunched in and muttered. She said:
"I am not going to die tonight”;
"I am not going to die tonight”;
"I am not going to die tonight”.
(3 times in a row)
John approached her and said:
"Can you trust me and stop drinking?"
Tiffany replied John:
"And you can trust me to stop drinking?"
Suddenly, to John's astonishment, Tiffany asked him not to beat her. John, shocked and
hurt by Tiffany's words, muttered to her that he loves her and never raised his hand on her.
Suddenly, without any warning, Tiffany lost her mind and control. Tiffany cursed John and
demanded for a cab. At 11:08 PM John called a cab from Broadway Taxi Station. The cab
arrived at once but Tiffany who changed her mind said she does not want to leave. John
told Tiffany she has to go.
John joined Tiffany, carried her bags and puts them down in the trunk. He gazed the driver
and said: “thank you”.
John, confused by the unexpected incident, returned the backyard sat down on a rock and
"What am I doing with her again?"
John loved Tiffany, but he couldn’t accept such behavior. In addition, at that time, John's
mother had cancer and was defined by doctors as a terminally ill. Hence, John, refused to
add any additional emotional strain to his life. John remained depressed and sad for
approximately 10 minutes and then went into his room and fell asleep.
The hotel
On her way to the Ramada by Wyndham Portland hotel Tiffany stopped at the nearest gas
station for sake of buying some beer. Tiffany checked in at 11:34 PM. She told the hotel
staff she afraid of john. The hotel reprehensive accompanied her to the room and asked her
to lock the door. Despite her declared fears from John, Tiffany left the hotel at 00:57 AM
and went out to a nearby Mystic bar. At 01:25 AM Tiffany contacted her friend (Shelly)
and told her she is about to meet some friends and will contact her later when she will be
done. At 01:33 AM Tiffany told the bartender “My life is over". At about 1:30 AM Tiffany
went out to the bar’s parking to smoke.
The statement "Has to meet few friends" indicates that she knew her killers apparently. The
phone call accrued at 01:25 AM while the meeting with her "friends" took place at 01:43
AM. This fact proves that Tiffany was about to meet people she probably has known
The continuation of the chain of events can be learned from the timetable published by the
AT 01:30 AM Tiffany was smoking outside the bar.
At 01:43 AM three people approach Tiffany. They shook hands and started talking each
At 02:11 AM they go to a car and drive away.
At 2:25 AM they arrive to Blue Lake Park. They get out of the car and two of them walk
toward the bushes. They can still hear Tiffany and the shooter arguing.
At 02:33 AM gunshot sliced the silence of the night and the three got in the car and drove
away. The police said that Tiffany and the shooter Mr. Daniel Bruinl (Herby: “Daniel”)
argued and after 8 minutes, the shooter had no other choice rather shooting her. According
to the police, Tiffany was killed spur of the moment.
Tiffany's body was found next day by three joggers who were running at the blue lake park.
On October 8th, in the evening Ms. Mercedes Antilla (Herby: “Mercedes”) (a friend of
john and Tiffany who worked as a waitress from Elmore restaurant next to John’s house)
called John and asked him if he has seen Tiffany. John answered: he didn't. Mercedes tells
John that she met the bartender who saw Tiffany the former day, and everyone are worried
about her because she told him [the bartender]: "my life is over". The bartender told
Mercedes that he heard in the news about a body who was found in the park. While John
and Mercedes were talking, Mercedes saw a post written by Tiffany's family on her
Facebook feed announced about her death. Mercedes told john: "John Tiffany is dead."
Which means: Tiffany’s family already knew about her death, John got shocked and started
to cry. He asked Mercedes to wait a moment. He searched on the internet for details about
the murder and found an article. On the bottom of the article set a banner: "Anyone who
knows details about the case, please contact us".
John called the phone... and reported: "the women who was found dead in Blue Lake Park
is my ex-girlfriend". John explained that he had no idea why she died. John added Mercedes
to a 3 routes call with the police in order to reveal details where Tiffany was last seen.
Mercedes provided the police the address of the Mystic bar. Following John's phone call,
ten cups went to Mystic bar after the murder was reported. One cup named Johnson came
to John's home and presented him a photo of Tiffany. John told cup Johnson all he the
information he held. But, the Johnson’s report included details that John did not mention.
John realized it when he saw the name of a woman called Michelle appears in the report
although he replied to Johnson question that he doesn’t know anyone by that name.
The police actually did not ask John what he did and where he was at the night of the
murder. In a similar murder case it is very common to ask the victim's acquaintances where
they were and what they did at the time of the murder. In addition, the short duration of the
police investigation (about an hour) and the police's disregard of important evidence John
gave, such as Tiffany's statement that she was going to die, gave rise to surprise and
suspicion. In johns opinion the police didn’t want to listen to him, because they knew he
has proofs about the murder case. The police report contains many contradictions e.g., The
police claimed that Tiffany and the killers were hanging around and visited in several more
bars before she was killed. But, the security cameras of the Mystic bar clearly showed that
Tiffany and the killers shook hands for the first time that night on 01:43 AM. The car’s
lights turned on at 02:11 AM and they three droves straight to the park for the next 16
minutes (the estimated driving time from the Mystic bar to the park).
The only obvious conclusion is that it was not implausible that the three hanged out in other
bars prior the murder while accrued at 02:35 AM.
Another fundamental contradiction in the police report relates to Tiffany's rendezvous with
her killers. The police claimed they met at the bar while they actually met in the parking
Majority of the information presented by the media was at all outdated or distorted. For
The media publishes an old photo of tiffany where she is shown happy. John does not
understand why tiffany presented in positive light as a happy person, while she was
addicted to alcohol and loosing temper easily.
Amazingly, even the messages Tiffany's family conveyed to the media were fundamentally
different from reality. For example:
While Tiffany's mother sent an e-mail to John to let him know that Tiffany will arrive at
john's place after Paddington, the family told the media that she had no clue as to where
Tiffany had been at the time of the murder.
Tiffany's sister - Jennifer reported in the media that she believes it could be alleged that the
cause of the murder is Tiffany's abusive ex-boyfriend. She said Jennifer had advised
Tiffany not to meet John, but she did not think her life was in danger.
In addition Jenifer told the media Tiffany was living south town, while the truth is that she
lived with her ex-boyfriend Tony Green.
John could not remain indifferent to the information Tiffany's family had conveyed to the
media. Consequently, he contacted Jennifer and tried to understand her motives. The family
replied that _________. At the same time, however, the police ordered John to avoid any
contact with Tiffany's family.
John could not stand the fact that he had been shown in the media as a suspect or alleged
offender while he never raised his voice on tiffany, not to mention hitting her. The
aforementioned lies mad him.
All this contradictions and lies told by the police, Tiffany's family and the media made
John believe that there is something else going on under the surface in this murder case.
From this point on, John decided to run his own investigation.
John tried to get as much details as possible from the police, Tiffany's family and the media
for deciphering the murder mystery.
10 days after the murder, John found out from the news, three suspects on Tiffany’s murder
were arrested and investigated:
25 years old Daniel Bruynell (Herby: “Daniel”);
38 year old Joshua Robinett (Herby: “Joshua” or “Josh”);
40 year old Michelle Worden Brosey (Herby: “Michelle”).
Daniel, (the figure who shot Tiffany in the forehead), lived in Oakland, Calif. He took
a bus back home, but was soon arrested and brought back to Oregon. Joshua and
Michelle were arrested in Kelso several days after the murder.
12 days after the murder, The Longview Herald newspaper form Kelso Washington
reported about 2 suspects who, due to the identity cards that were scanned at the entrance
to the Mystic bar on the night of the murder, were arrested for a murder Tiffany’s case:
Joshua Michelle were known as "the couple from the bushes".
John applied to the police and tried to get information about the three. At this point the
police refused to provide John any information. John was convinced the police ignored
some details he provided it, including clues e.g. Tiffany’s statements regarding her soon
upcoming death. The police did not even contact Shelly who had heard a shotgun and a
scream, since she was in the encampment at the blue lake at the murder night. Shelly went
to sleep and called 911 at the morning come.
John started to ask himself questions such as: Why did not the police contact Shelly
immediately after it learned that she had been in close proximity to the crime scene?
Why was Tiffany murdered?
Was it a random murder?
Did she went to a bar just for a drink and got murdered surprisingly or was it a planned
Did the people who met her said to themselves: "we don’t know this women but let's kill
Did Tiffany know she is going to die?
At that point John cannot answer these questions.
At the end of the day, the police adopted Dan's version that the murder was random.
It is important to note that the investigative materials of Michel and Josh are still in the
police hands, which refuses to hand them over until the writing of this document.
Herby presented Dan's investigation highlights on October 14th:
Details figured from Dan’s investigation rises up that he lived in west Oakland 2318 and
met Josh in January 2013. Dan and Josh who knew each other for month and a half worked
together in Flarithy moving (Delivery Company).
Dan and Josh hitchhiked together at 08:00 am from Oakland to Oregon on a white van.
Dan claimed he had never been in Oregon before, and that’s why he decided to drive with
Josh. Josh’s reason for driving to Oregon was: marring his girlfriend Michelle who worked
in the funeral business. According to Josh and Michelle, Dan bought from them a 357
Magnum peace Dan claimed he took the gun with him to west Oakland because he needed
a small gun as a self-defense from robbers, he had no bank account and carried all his
money on his pockets. Dan said he never had a gun before and it’s a good solution. Josh
offered his gun to Dan, it was agreed Dan will get the gun from Josh if he joins him. Josh
asked Dan if he is still interested buying the gun and offered the gun to Dan for 500 USD.
After Dan paid for the gun, he kept the gun and didn’t return it to Josh. Detective Harrison
informed Dan: the police has a recorded phone call between him and Josh: Josh ask Dan
about the “Clayed” and Dan replied: he still has it. When Dan and Josh arrived
Oregon______, Michelle picked them up with a black Cadillac to a strip club. Dan
remembered Michelle was on the wheel for all the driving time. They were completely
tired. Dan claimed they all three drove to the club, and he doesn’t recognize the club they
went to. Dan was asked if he remember meeting Tiffany before on one of the strip clubs.
Dan answers he does not remember that women. Dan remained silent while detective
Harrison asked him if he recognizes Tiffany. Detective Robertson told Dan they were the
last three people who saw her alive. On the club they drank shots of whisky, though Dan
was not used drinking alcohol. In addition Dan claimed he was probably sleeping on the
back seat of the car after they left the strip club. Dan repeated he could not recall her the
detective tried to refresh Dan’s memory and told him that the police has security cam
footage of four of them entering the black Cadillac. Detective Harrison indicated details to
Dan what Josh and Michelle exposed in their investigation: at the beginning they got to
know each other and then began making out. Dan kissed her, afterwards she got mad on all
of them, and started speaking about religious stuff. Tiffany shouted, and Josh laughed at
her. Tiffany named Dan; “Niger” and Josh and Michelle teased Dan by saying: “oh”.
Tiffany who was also drunk did not stop speaking to Dan, at this point Dan did not
understand her and ignored her. Tiffany began to shout: “shoot me on the face, shoot me
on the face”. Dan told Tiffany to shut the fuck up, and no one is going to shoot her in the
face while she is in the car, and no one is intending to shoot her. Josh and Michelle said
they did not know what to do with her. The three felt Tiffany was a really annoying, Dan
thought they were driving her to the hotel. Tiffany said she is accommodating at the
Ramada inn.
Detectives told Dan that Josh and Michelle claim Tiffany threatened Dan with a gun The
detectives asked Dan if Tiffany threatened him. Dan answered he knew she had a gun and
added he was not afraid from Tiffany though she told him she had a gun. Detective
Robertson claimed that one of the possible theories is: Tiffany was badly disappointed and
depressed and went there to commit suicide. Detective Harrison asked Dan: what went
wrong? Dan replied: it was all ok and he doesn’t know. Dan thought that they were headed
to her hotel. Dan also remember they were driving high speed at side roads under the
impression they are taking the girl to her destination.
Josh passed the gun to Dan and told him they are intending to shoot traffic signs through
the window of the car. Dan thought it is cool because he hadn’t done this for a long time.
The detective told Dan that according to Josh’s and Michelle’s testimony they stopped the
car at a dirt side road drank beers and made a violent act.
At a certain point they stopped for a pee and then Dan told Josh and Michelle “this girl is
really annoying”. Josh told Dan: ”kill her”. Dan said: “no”. They got back to the car, Josh
said: “not here”, and they continued driving. Dan thought to himself: “is this crazy man is
serious?!” all the driving time a thought was disturbing Dan’s mind: “I cannot do this…”
Detective Harrison asked Dan if Michelle also tried to persuade him to shoot Tiffany. Dan
never considered himself as an easily effected person. Detective Harrison explained Dan
that under integration of the right circumstances people may do things they would never
done naturally. Detective Harrison doubted Dan would have acted the same way in case he
was alone. Dan predicted the death of Tiffany even in case he had not shot her. This
means: someone else would have done it. Dan said: they parked the car and he was sitting
with Tiffany in the back seat. He did not remember the arrival – all was blurry. Josh and
Michelle got out from the car. Josh tried to pull her out of the car, she jumped out and
started to walk or run away. After about three steps Tiffany tripped. Detective Robertson
asked Dan where he was at that point: inside the car or outside the car? Dan said he just
went out of the car. Detective Harrison asked if Tiffany tried to escape from them. Dan
thought she tried to run away from Josh. Dan continued to describe Tiffany mumbled: “just
fucken do it, shoot me”, and continued to say: “shoot me in the face”. Dan told her: “no”.
Detective Robertson asked Dan how was her voice tone sound like, did she sound serious,
angry, or humoristic? Dan answered: there was no sense of humor on her voice, Tiffany
told Dan her name is David. Dan said it was really weird, Tiffany really wanted to be shot
on the face, and he didn’t want to do this. She really said her name is David. Detective
Harrison asked Dan if he followed Tiffany and shot her when she was on the grass, because
the bullet was found on the grass. Dan said it is true and she shouted: “do it”, he asked:
“really?” and she did not respond. This was the stage were the theory of murder out of
madness raised, and the detectives suspected Dan as the man who pulled the trigger.
Dan said he did not touch her and didn’t put anything in her hand. Detective Harrington
ask Dan: “so it is not about rape, robbery, ordered murder or suicide?” Dan answered: there
was no rape, no robbery and no ordered murder. Dan said he never forced himself on
anyone. Detective Harrison asked: is it about suicide or not? Dan answered: he can’t tell.
Detective Harrison tried to find a way to Dan’s feeling and asked Dan to tell him what
happened to the poor girl that was found dead in the field by joggers a day after she was
murdered. And he is one of the three people who can tell her family what happened there,
that’s all what they want.
Detective Harrison asked Dan if Tiffany was lying on the ground when he shot her. Dan
answered positively. Dan was sure he turned his look and did not watch her after the shot.
Dan shot Tiffany and returned to the car. Josh and Michelle high fived Dan while he was
thinking to himself: “what a fuck?” Dan was asked if he is sure Tiffany was dead when he
left the crime scene. Dan answered he had no clue. Dan asked the detective if she died, the
detective replied positively. Harrison wonders how Tiffany got to the ground, Dan said she
tripped or fell. Detective Harrison asked Dan if Tiffany tried to defend herself while the
gun was in Dan’s hand. Dan answered: at that time the gun even wasn’t in his hands.
The detective refreshed Dan’s memory with the name of the gun: “Clayed” and clarified
him, the woman was seriously hurt. The detective told Dan, he had spoken 10 hours with
Josh and Michelle, and their memory from that night was crystal clear. The detective
explained that it will significantly help to know who kept the gun most of the time, and did
the gun return to Josh and Michelle.
Dan said he has no idea where the gun is, and it’s not under his possession. Detective
Harrison informed Dan: the police has a recorded phone call between him and Josh: Josh
ask Dan about “clayed” and Dan replied: he still has it .
There was a strong suspect that, there were changes made in the scene so it will look as a
robbery. The detectives said that: according to Josh and Michelle Dan asked them to pick
him up because Tiffany is crazy. Detective Harrison also claimed: the gun was under Dan’s
possession in his way back to Oakland. Detective Harrison said that a searching team of 18
cups was sent to La Quinta Hotel (the hotel they stayed after the murder).
The detectives tried to persuade Dan to reveal the truth by telling him, there are two eye
witnesses who had seen the gun in Dan’s hands and he might get troubled because of this.
Otherwise he would explain the facts as an accident. In addition, there were two witnesses
who heard a gunshot at 02:33 AM. Josh and Michelle claimed they saw the event. Dan said
he doesn’t want to say thing which can harm his state even more than it is now. Detective
Harrison said that the only things which can harm him more are: if he raped or robbed her
intentionally. Dan is asked if Tiffany pushed him to his limits. Dan denies, and said it
wasn’t even close to this. Dan told the detectives, had been thinking in the past two days
that this scam was all a planned against him. Detective Harrison asked Dan if Josh and
Michelle planned it against him. Dan answers: “a little bit”, they were intended to drive her
to the Ramada Inn.
Detective Robertson asked Dan: how did it happen? Dan answered; they were driving and
he thought they are going to shoot traffic signs through the car window. Detective
Robertson asked Dan if also Michelle had a gun or only Josh had. Dan heard about a 0.22
mm but never saw it, Dan believes Michelle and Josh had a small piece they always carried
on them. Detective Harrison asked Dan if Josh and Michelle persuaded him, Dan said he
doesn’t know, but he felt he was manipulated. Dan was asked if he feels sorry about what
happened. Dan answered he played Russian roulette three days after the event, he explained
he acted so, because he was sorry and not because he has suicidal tendencies. Detective
Harrison told Dan he appreciates him because of the responsibility he takes on himself and
because of the details he told adds to the investigation which fits the information and the
testimonies the detectives already have.
Dan’s testimony is considered as reliable to the detectives and completed missing parts of
information form the case. Dan said Josh and Michelle continued celebrating after the
event. They pulled over at the side of the road, high fived and said, how great it is and, Dan
is the man.
Dan said that the fact, he has not heard about the incident for two days made him believe
there is a chance she did not die from the shot. Dan found out Tiffany died when Josh called
him. Dan did not see blood on her head, it’s possible that his shadow darkened her. Dan
said he passed out when he got back to the car. He was not sure for how long he was fainted,
but he is quite sure that when he woke up at the hotel room, Josh and Michelle were making
out all over him. Dan said he felt grouse laid down and fell asleep, but Josh and Michelle
kept drinking beer from the moment they arrived the hotel. Dan told he fell down and
collapsed with the feeling he doesn’t want to be close to them because they are delirious,
and went to sleep with this feeling.
Josh and Michel were convicted and got a verdict of 13 month in prison for removing the
gun’s serial number and assisting the killer on the night of the murder. Daniel was
sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing Tiffany.
John's private investigation of Tiffany case
John gathered all the information he had so far: Dan's investigation, police reports and
information from the media. He analyzed the data and made several assumptions regarding
the murder night.
John knew there are 3 bars nearby the Ramada hotel. He assumed that the killers were
looking for Tiffany in each one of those bars until they finally found her in the Mystic bar.
As already above said, they entered the bar, their ID’s were scanned but soon noticed
Tiffany is not inside they went outside the bar and saw her sitting alone, smoking. They
shook hands at 01:43.
The killers told Tiffany they will give her a ride to her hotel, but they did not do so. The
drive from the bar to the hotel takes about a minute. The police reported that Tiffany was
kidnapped. The ride from the bar to the park takes 16 minutes approximately. After 2
minutes Tiffany probably noticed they were not on their way to the hotel. Something
probably happened in the car. The killer's evidenced Tiffany fought with them in the car.
It seems to be that Tiffany knew her killers as she was not afraid but ordered by third
party to drive with them in the car. She must have considered josh and Michelle as her
friends. Dan said in his interrogation that Josh and Michelle hugged and kissed Tiffany. It
seemed to him that they had known her. He also said that there was another woman (????)
who was hugging Tiffany. John assumed that the people who were involved in the murder
that evening led or have asked to lead Tiffany to her death.
The police checked CCTV footage system that was installed outside the bar: Michelle’s
Cadillac lights turned on at 02:11 AM.
They went out from the bar at 02:00 AM, Michelle’s Cadillac left the parking at 02:11 AM.
Which means: Tiffany felt comfortable enough sitting with these people for 11 minutes.
Tiffany and the killers set in the car and drove to Blue Lake Park. Most normal people
won’t seat in strangers' car and drive away unless they already know them.
Tiffany got out of the car trying to escape, but she fell on the ground. Dan shot her in the
forehead just after that. Tiffany was a professional runner but she may have fallen because
she was drunk.
Police claimed there was an argument between the killers and Tiffany. The incident
occurred at 02:35 AM. It is likely that there was quiet in the area at this late hour of the
night and very freezing cold weather.
Michel and Josh said they did not hear the shot (02:35 AM) but they heard Tiffany arguing
with Dan (02:28 AM). According to the report John measured the distance to which the
shot would have heard (3.2 miles), hereby raises the question of how Josh and Michelle
did not hear the shot. According to the report, Josh and Michelle were in that distance range
and must have heard the shot. In order not to hear the shot they had to get away or run 3.2
miles in 7 minutes.
John did not understand is why Tiffany began calling herself David. According to Dan, she
said several times, "Shoot me, my name is David." After Dan shot Tiffany, Michel and
Josh returned to the car. They did not understand where Tiffany was, got into the car and
drove away.
John asks a few more questions about the vague murder case:
Did the killers cross the border with the gun? This question is of great importance, because
it is impossible to cross the border with a gun. If you cross the border and commit a crime
it becomes a federal case. Michelle was in Washington on the day of the murder, so is it
possible to say she crossed the border with the gun? This question remains unknown.
John gathered all the information he had so far: Dan's investigation, police reports and
information from the media. He analyzed the data and made several assumptions regarding
the murder night which presented below.
John knew there are 3 bars nearby the Ramada hotel. He assumed that the killers were
looking for Tiffany in each one of those bars until they finally found her in the Mystic bar.
They entered the bar, scanned their ID’s and noticed she's not inside. They went outside
the bar and saw her sitting alone, smoking. They shook hands at 01:43 AM.
The killers told Tiffany they will give her a ride to her hotel, but they did not do so. The
drive from the bar to the hotel takes about a minute, the driving time from the bar to the
park is 16 minutes. After 2 minutes Tiffany probably noticed they were not going to take
her to the hotel. Something should have happened in the car. The killer's evidenced was
that she fought with them in the car. It seems to be that Tiffany knew her killers as she was
not afraid to drive with them in the car. She must have considered josh and Michelle as her
Dan said in his interrogation that Josh and Michelle hugged and kissed Tiffany. It seemed
to him that they had known her. He also said that there was another girl (????) who was
hugging Tiffany. John assumed that the people who were involved in the murder that
evening led Tiffany to her death. The police checked CCTV footage system that was
installed outside the bar: Michelle’s Cadillac lights turned on at 02:11 AM.
They went out from the bar at 02:00 AM, Michelle’s Cadillac left the parking at 02:11 AM.
Which means: Tiffany felt comfortable enough sitting with these people for 11 minutes.
Tiffany and the killers set in the car and drove to Blue Lake Park. Most normal people
won’t seat in strangers' car and drive away unless they already know them.
According to Dan’s investigation, all 4 arrived to the park and they transferred him the gun.
Tiffany got out of the car and probably tried to escape but she stumbled and fell to the
ground. Dan shot her in the forehead just after that. Tiffany was a professional runner but
she may have fallen because she was drunk. Police claimed, according the killers evidence,
that there was an argument between the killers and Tiffany. As well known the incident
occurred at night, 02:35 AM. It is likely that there the area at this late hour of the night was
silent and frozen. Michel and Josh said they did not hear the shot but they heard Tiffany
arguing with Dan. In accordance with ballistic advisory opinion John had invited said that
the distance to which they would have heard the shot 3.2 miles. This conclusion raises the
question of how Josh and Michelle did not hear the shot. According to the advisory opinion,
Josh and Michelle were inside this range and must have heard the shot. In order to be out
of the hearing radius range of the shot they had to get away 3.2 miles in 7 minutes, which
is impossible.
Michel and Josh said in their investigation they did not hear the shot (02:35 AM) but they
heard Tiffany arguing with Dan (02:28 AM). Their claim is absolutely absurd. How could
they have heard the argument but could not hear the shot?
John did not understand why did Tiffany began calling herself David. According to Dan’s,
she reaped several times, "Shoot me, my name is David." After Dan shot Tiffany, Michel
and Josh returned to the car. Mind control
A witness named Shelly, was camping in the Blue Lake Park nearby, sleeping in a tent.
She heard a shouts and a sound of a gunshot. Shelley said she was asleep but woke up
because of the gun shot. She heard people screaming at 2:39 and then a shot. In the morning
she reported the police about the incident and provided them her contact details. However
Surprisingly the police never contacted such important witnesses.
Josh and Michelle got back into the car from the bushes and could not understand why
Tiffany was not in the car. Where could Tiffany disappeared in such a cold night?
On October 9, 2013, as part of John's private investigation, he decided to check the CCTV
that were netting his house and salon.
The CCTV tape raised a number of findings:
1. Unknown man was stepping on the side walk near the salon window. This men took
a peek into the salon.
2. Michel's black Cadillac circled John's house several times on the night of the
murder, at 1:00 AM. John concluded that the man who drove Michel’s black
Cadillac was the unknown man.
3. A white van3 and Tony’s silver Mercedes were also circling the block about 2 hours
prior the murder. Surrounding the block in those vehicles involved in the murder is
apparently not accidental. The morning before the murder at 11:00-12:00 AM, the
same cars parked in the vicinity of a restaurant near John's salon. This became
apparent to John several months after the murder when he checked the restaurant's
CCTV tape. Apparently, as will be detailed below, Tiffany was also with them. The
same people are seen leaving the car and walking towards the restaurant when one
of them video photographed his iPad all the walking to restaurant with his iPad.
4. Amber, John's childhood friend, also walked with her son around the shop. In those
days, John did not talk to Amber because she stole the iPad from his mother.
5. Daniel, the killer who pulled the trigger, was also seen walking around John's salon.
6. Jeffrey- Jeff Dike. Who was seen on CCTV walking with Michelle at 08:00 PM
around the block. Jeff had been working as a lawyer in Oregon. 7 months after the
murder, Tyson offered Jeff's services to John as a lawyer in order to help him in the
murder investigation. Jeff lost his bar license due to heroin usage Later on John
understood how Jeff scammed him. (Jeff is also the man seen in a photo with
Michelle's 9 month abused daughter).
7. According to the CCTV two people walked around the block at 10:02 PM at the
evening prior the murder. The two are known to John and named Crystal Joy
Andrews (Herby: “Drew”) and Biko (Herby: “Biko”). Drew A 30-year-old woman
(who pretended to be 22) met John six months after the murder and had a
relationship with him.
8. Drew tried to convince John that he was wasting too much time on Tiffany's case
study and had even been caught erasing material from John's computer related to
In the same white van seen on CCTV observed a man removing a serial number of a
Tiffany's case. At this point in time when John began to think that the spirit of a
destructive sect was hovering above the murder, he tried to find out whether Drew
was connected to the cult. John has asked _______ who confirmed this assumption:
"of course she is from the cult, whatever, whatever… ". After a period John broke
from Daru. One day Drew dispread and Biko, a friend of Drew, came to John to
look for her. John showed him the video from CCTV and Biko did confirm that
they were walking next to John's store.
9. Tony Green – Tiffany's boyfriend, with his silver Mercedes drove around the block.
10. Mercedes - was a customer in John's salon and also worked as a waitress in a Mystic
Bar. She has a relative in the police. John told Mercedes he was working on the
case and he gathered a pile of clues. John asked Mercedes if she willing to assist
him with the case but she never replied him. John suspects that Mercedes is also
involved in the murder. John believes that she is part of a sect because of she asked
relatives to refrain from helping John decipher the murder.
11. Apparently, Tiffany was seen on CCTV walking with the group on 11:00 to 12:00
AM towards the restaurant near to John’s. This fact can learned from Tiffany's
walking style affected by a traffic accident she had. Also, the woman in the CCTV
tape is seen wearing a boot with a strip of fur around the knee – similar to Tiffany’s
boots. Therefore, it is doubtful if Tiffany came from the airport to John.
Miss Brews of the hotel said Tiffany had taken her bags back in 4:00 PM.
There are some clues that indicate that may Tiffany knew her life was under threat. For
1. E-mails that were sent to John a day prior the murder. Capital letters’ text also,
spelling mistakes in addition to poor language made John believe the series emails
were not written by a well-educated person as Tiffany. He assumes they were sent
from her killers. More than that, John believes that these emails were sent in
purpose to make him lose his temper and cause him to respond verbally to the
sender, such as: “I will shoot you back”. This is so they can link the murder to him.
Such an aggressive language could tie John to murder.
2. The voice message that was sent to the block part of his iPhone in which Tiffany
was crying and asking john to help her.4 According to Tiffany's family, her voice
message was sent as a refusal Tiffany received when she encountered a problem
when she tried to register at the hotel and not because she was terrified from being
3. Tiffany told john when she was at his place on October 7th 2013: "I am not going
to die tonight".
4. Tiffany told john: "people that need us, have to die, and this is sad".
5. Few minutes before she was killed she told the bartender: "my life is over".
6. In addition, John believed that her therapist knew Tiffany was going to die and led
her to her death.
All the aforementioned hints were presented to the police, but the police tendentiousness
was to ignore them all.
Tiffany's family
Tiffany's family attitude toward John was ambivalent.
John was instructed by the police to have no contact with Tiffany's family. Right after the
murder Tiffany's sister presented John as a suspect in the media for Tiffany’s murder.
About three months after the murder, Tiffany's mother contacted John, expressed regret to
hear about the difficult period he was passing through, and noted she knows the identity of
the killers. About five months after the murder, Tiffany's mother contacted John again and
tried to get new details about the murder from him.
Five months after the murder, Tiffany's mother contacted john again in order to get
information from him and to find out whether John discovered any new details.
The fact that John had not heard the message before, broke John's heart, if he had heard
this message before, he thought he might have helped her.
Tiffany’s family tried to convince john that the police is doing its work, and he has nothing
to worry about. He needs to: "let it go". On the other hand, they made all efforts in order
to prevent John from running an independent investigation. Each E-mail they sent to John
was in order to get more information from him. They were anxious to know what john has
already discovered. They also tried to convince john to use medicine that balances the spirit
(mental health medicine), apparently to claim that john was crazy. 61 days after the murder
Tiffany's mother told john that Tiffany had a lot of things to regret about. Why will a
mother, whose daughter was killed, would say such a thing? Wondered John.
John continued his private investigation in order to reveal what really happened. John, was
hunted by the fact Tiffany knew she was going to die at the night of the murder. After
the murder John took a flight to the Philippines in order to focus on the investigation
without fear that someone is out there to stop him.
During his stay in the Philippines, John received a phone call from Tyson who said she has
a story to tell him (John was wondering: Why would Tyson call him while he is in the
Philippines?) My friend, who has the same car as mine (black BMW), drove on the night
of the murder in the Blue Lake Park and saw a body. He went out of the car and saw a dead
women holding a credit card in her hand. This was Tiffany. Because of his fear to be
ascribed to the murder he called his father. When his father arrived the crime scene the
police was already there. Thus he dropped the idea and walked away.
After the phone call with Tyson, John reported those details to the police and Tiffany's
family. Two months after, John met Amber (where?) that Tony Green told her his was
walking around the park the murder night and saw a body of a women – Tifanny. Tiffany
was holding a credit card in her hand. He was afraid to be arrested so he called his mother.
Till the time his mother came to the park, the police was already there.
The story about Rick Lavit is – unclear. Please complete.
Mind control
John was interviewed in a several TV shows in which he had a chance to unfold the clues
he reveled.
Six months after Tiffany's death, John was told by Spring Meiers and Clyde Lewis that
Tiffany was a monarch slave of the new world order. Clyde knew it because he heard
the tape (recorded by Tiffany herself!) with her therapist. Clyde gave John the significant
clue in the Tiffany’s case. Till this moment John thought she was murdered randomly by
these three men because she was drunk. From that day on the investigation took a turn
while John realized the real motive - the Illuminati. John's mind only grew stronger as more
and more people tied Tiffany to this destructive sect. Now all the clues and discoveries
have taken on a different perspective.
Thus, Tiffany, who was in full control of the dams, was under the mind control of the
New World Oder.
After this significant discovery, John began to see and interpret events in the light of this
new perspective. Suddenly, Tiffany’s behavior was understood and most of her actions and
words became relevant and made sense.
Tiffany was treated by the therapist Jonathan Fransis from Portland.
During treatments she was crying and spoke with him about the dams. She said, if this will
happen people will die and I don’t want to be a part of it.
Fransis talked to her about a death wish in the last treatment four days prior the murder. As
above mentioned she recorded herself on her gear because she was afraid for her life
(reaming an evidence). On the tape John heard Fransis nocking “TAP TAP TAP”
hypnotizing her. The knocking on the table triggered her in to a mind control state. While
she was hypnotizes Tiffany’s voice changed to a baby voice and that proves that her
identification changed (A baby, David). John concluded that the therapist was a part of or
used by the Illuminati. Probably, due to her refusal to take part in a massive attack by
flooding the dams along the Columbia River.
Francis spoke with her about vampires. He told Tiffany: "don’t tell anybody or they will
make you first lightened targets and targets get shot first".
John discovered the therapist knew she is going to be killed by a gunshot - A self-fulfilling
prophecy 4 days later. This was a big clue for the murder case investigation. They both
knew she was going to die. John assumed that the therapist was a part of the mind control
program of sect members who violated the orders blindly.
Furthermore, Tiffany spoke with Sam Shtavin (an employee from a Jonathan hair dressing
salon) she was told to execute her destiny by an email received by her a week before the
"Execute your destiny or we will execute your destiny to die".
In johns opinion it doesn’t matter if it is called spiritual enlightening or not, it is still a
For summary: john understands there were three people who knew Tiffany is going to die:
the therapist, the bartender etc. No one from these people were involved in the murder
directly. Thus, Who actually programed Tiffany to die? Who is the real killer?
The next stage by John was analyzing Tiffany’s past behavior with a perspective of her
being a mind control victim of the new world order.
6 – 7 month prior Tiffany's murder, she broke into John's place to stab a woman that was
inside. John spoke with Tiffany and recorded their conversation. At a late listening session
of the conversion John classified Tiffany as a normative and not as a monarch slave. He
asked her why ordinary questions i.e. why does she drink alcohol? What is her
Tiffany told John she kept saying: "I remember me saying that shit, but I cannot believe
that was me”. At that time john thought all Tiffany's problems were due to her alcohol
addiction. In his innocence, he was not aware that Tiffany was mind controlled.
Consequently, he invested all his energies trying to reward Tiffany from alcohol and
normalize her.
Due to tiffany’s unstable temperament John and Tiffany hired a consultant. They settled
an appointment but Tiffany was much triggered that day. She shouted and threw johns
things all over his house. John entered the house and asked Tiffany, for the set time of the
appointment with the therapist. She got mad, yelled at john and accused him for turning
off the alarm (though he has not done so). John called the consultant and said they would
be late. John explained that they set a meeting for this time and asked if the meeting can be
done by phone if possible. This first meeting was very important to Tiffany as well. While
john was speaking to the consultant Tiffany grabbed the phone from his hand and started
shouting at him. The consultant hanged off the phone but Tiffany called him back. The
consultant told john he can't help them because Tiffany is out of control, it is out of his
ability. I.e., apparently he noticed that Tiffany is mind controlled and that is outside of
expertise. John could not connect the dots at the time.
Tiffany's family was apparently part of the same plan of the destructive cult. Her family
sent her to prison accused her for being addicted to alcohol despite the fact that she was
sober at that time. Tiffany's family starved her so she will look like is using drugs. The
whole purpose of Tiffany's family was to control her. John was the only one who came to
jail and took care of Tiffany.
After 30 days in prison, Tiffany calls John to release her and drive her to him. Tiffany
wanted to live quiet life with John. John drove six hours to pick her up and discovered she
was spending time with Mr. Da a mentally retarded person in the hotel. John tried to
persuade Tiffany for eight hours to come with him. Tiffany refused. John was hurt by her
amusement and returned home to Portland.
Tiffany called John again told him she loves and misses him, but he was mad at her because
she was drunk again.
Tiffany called John from the hotel at 02:13 PM. On the same day she spoke with john 4
minutes at 11:00 AM. Instead of choosing to live quiet life with John, Tiffany decided to
stay with a retarded alcoholic grandson of a well-known killer, who belongs to a 3
generations family of killers. It seems every time Tiffany was on the right track of being
sober and control her life something was pulling her back to out of control. Tiffany called
John after few days crying and told him she is going to die.
As mentioned above, tiffany family published photos of Tiffany from Thanksgiving (the
last time Tiffany saw her family).her family tried to present Tiffany happy while it was
contrary. The question arises: why Tiffany's family tried to blur the true situation she was
in. It is quite possible that this happened because Tiffany’s family was also part of the new
world order cult and did all they could to keep Tiffany a monarch slave.
One day Tiffany complained in the police a false complain against john for abusing her.
John recorded Tiffany’s complaint she made by phone and let her listen to the recording
when she calmed down. Tiffany could not remember herself saying what she heard from
the recording. Tiffany's family, who knew about the recording, stole it from John. This is
to prevent Tiffany from being free from mind control and from being herself.
Tiffany's family continued to isolate her from non-cult regular people. This phenomenon
is common among cults and aims to neutralize external influence and disobey the orders of
the sect leaders.
Even after her death Tiffany's family took the body and drove her in the car for five hours
apparently to bury her a near her father. But this is not the case, John has a reasonable basis
to assume that her family took her to the ceremony victim purifying according to Illuminati
John was talking to Tiffany's boss. From the conversation, John could believe Tiffany’s
boss is a member of the Illuminati cult. This was concluded by john because Tiffany’s boss
tried convince John that she did not really know the killers. His goal was getting John off
his investigation. In addition, Tiffany’s boss said that his brother also was a member of the
Illuminati and committed suicide (apparently because he could not bear the orders or
refused the order).
The statements said by Tiffany had contradicted each other. On the one hand, Tiffany knew
she was going to die. On the other hand, she has chosen leaving John's house leaving to
accommodate in a hotel and give up John's help.
John assumes that when Tiffany spoke to herself and said: "I am not going to die tonight".
Her mind was controlled and she was thinking about what is predicted to happen in the
near future. The question needed to be asked: if Tiffany is afraid for her life, why didn’t
she stay at John’s house? The answer lays on the fact she is a victim of mind control and
had no free will.
Although she told the bartender "my life is over" At 01:35 she steps out of the bar to meet
her killers. Why didn’t she ran away or stopped it?
John suspects that although Tiffany’s words to the bartender could be interpreted with her
mental health that time, John believed she was terrified, because she knew she is a target
for murder. From the cult perspective, John believe that perhaps the cult members made
her believe that she was a sinner and needs to be punished. In this case her punishment was
executing her destiny by death. Tiffany had previously sent an email to John in which she
talked about shooting a bullet in the head of Amber but in the end of the day she herself
got shot in her head.
The assumption is that because Tiffany refused to raze the dams, she deserved to a
punishment. It was her life verses the life of the citizens along Colombia River.
Unfortunately was forced by the cult to die.
On the day of the murder, Josh and Dan had envelopes full with money made John to
assume that it might be a planned murder and ordered by the Illuminati. Perhaps one may
think that someone had hired hit men for executing the, it cannot be excluded the murderers
were also victims of the illuminati and were mind controlled.
The presence of a gun, with erased serial number, in possession of the killers indicates that
the murder was planned.
Up to date there are much hidden puzzle parts then known parts in Tiffany's murder case.