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YouTube title: Another Mind Control Victim To The Slaughter? The Mysterious Murder of Tiffany Jenks
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Narrator: The following program deals with a controversial subject. The theories expressed are
not the only possible interpretation. Viewers are invited to make a judgment based on all available
information. This is your captain speaking. We are beginning our descent into madness.
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“Open your mind.”
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Frank: And we are back for another edition of West of the Rockies. I’m Frank. Thank you guys for
sticking around, I know it’s late but we have a really, really interesting show lined up for tonight.
Genevieve, how are you doing over there?
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Genevieve: I’m doing great. I’m very much looking forward to the show. And getting this
message out there because we’ve spoken about this so much already and it’s time to speak to our
audience about this.
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Frank: You know, this is topic that we have covered in the past. And that is the subject of mind
control. And if you’re new to this topic, I think a quick Google search will bring you up to date. And if you
want more information I definitely encourage you to check out the many sources out there with
information on this. Of course, you can visit our website We have interviews dealing with
these topics. One in particular, we just had last week, hasn’t been posted yet. But be on the lookout for
that and that’s an interview with Elisa (Eewee). We do have a previous interview with her, and she was a
victim of MKULTRA mind control. And some of the things that we learned through her experiences were
very bizarre. And tonight’s show is right along the same lines and I got to send a quick shout out to my
good buddy Ron Patten, over there with Ground Zero and Paranoia magazine who brought this to my
attention. This case is quite a high-profile case up in Oregon. I don’t know if just because we’re down
here in Southern California we didn’t hear that much about it. But it involves a young woman, 35 years
old, successful by all accounts. Her name was Tiffany Jenks. The official story is, she met up with the
wrong people at the wrong place at the wrong time, and 19 minutes later, 19 minutes later after
meeting 3 individuals outside of the club, she was dead. Her boyfriend, who’s joining us tonight, John
Captain, saw this and obviously things didn’t add up with the official story. And he came across a
number of recordings, audio recordings that Tiffany had made during the days leading up to her death.
And what he began to piece together was something that he, himself I believe, and he’s going to tell us
in his own words. But it seems it was a bit over his head. There was stuff being discussed on these
recordings that were bizarre, to say the least. And he began to investigate this. And this quest took him
as far as New Zealand to meet up with Davidicke to ask him about MKULTRA and trauma based mind
control. And this is where really begins to take a dark turn. And I’m going to stop right there because I
want to bring in John into the conversation and have him tell us a little bit about, first of all, who was
Tiffany Jenks and how did he arrive to the shocking conclusion that she was involved in some type of
MKULTRA mind control program. As Genevieve mentioned, we have been going over some of this stuff
the last few days and again, on the surface the official story is very plain. Very black and white. But even
when you read some of the news reports that came after, the stories of the 3 suspects don’t even add
up. So there’s definitely something going on here. Something is being covered up. We’re not sure why.
And that’s why we’re really happy to have John Captain joining us tonight. John, can you hear us okay?
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John: Yes. How are you both?
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Frank: We’re doing great. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us tonight and talk
about this, you know, mystery of what happened to Tiffany Jenks. I know that it must be still quite
difficult to talk about this when there is a sense that justice hasn’t been served. Is that correct?
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John: Yeah. As you can imagine. I mean, it gets a little annoying when you have a platter of
information that both of the public doesn’t know about. And that you do know about and when you go
to your government, looking for help or answers, all you get is “We’re not going to help you.” So yeah,
it’s quite devastating. You just had to turn that into action, as best you can. And continue with the quest
for justice for Tiffany Jenks, of course.
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Frank: Yeah. And I must say that you have definitely taken action, trying to bring awareness to
this unfortunate event. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about Tiffany Jenks? Who was she and how did
you meet her?
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John: Okay. Well, Tiffany was 34, 33 years old when she met. And she died at 35. And she was at
a rental house of mine and one of my employees was talking to her. And was giving a tour, and
somehow she ended up in my office. And we started talking and then she was actually at that rental
house to meet the person that lived there. And she kind of just never left. And so, we began in… dating
and that lasted off and on for 14 months and Tiffany was highly educated. And extremely funny,
beautiful, smart. But there was some issues that I couldn’t understand and that it had to with something
in her life that was going on and you know, I had taken her to treatment twice, for her drinking and
trying to get her to care more about what was going on in her life. But unannounced to me, there was
something so much deeper than anybody could ever get for any… I mean, I suppose some people who
have had extreme trauma like… by the way, you mentioned Elisa E. I have spoken to her before after
Tiffany died and you know, all these people who are victims of mind control share that common bond of
previous abuse, yet what’s so sad about it is, it’s all dismissed as hogwash. And I think now, that’s kind of
been my quest is to bring light to the term and to the facts surrounding mind control because without
people like Cathy O’Brien, who’s also a mind control victim, Cisco Wheeler and the such, nobody would
ever even know this is possible. And I get the idea that the general public dismisses mind control as
some trivial joke. But when we have more and more shootings at airports, for instance. The one recently
in Florida, where the gentleman said, “He was under mind control.” That more people would be able to
understand that, “Okay. Well, let’s just pretend maybe it’s possible. In that way we can kind of
investigate the murders that are happening or the abuses that are happening to people that claim to be
under mind control.” So…
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Frank: Correct. In the early months of your courtship with Tiffany, what were some of the things
that maybe you noticed that, you know, maybe point out to there’s something being wrong with Tiffany
and what she was going through.
08:30 – 10:34
John: Okay. Well, I personally didn’t have any knowledge of any of this stuff. But I can tell you
know looking back. The person that’s a victim of mind control will have missing days in their lives where
they’re like basically, absent, so to speak. Where they kind of disappear for a day or two here and there.
But constantly here and there. And they will have a very specific traits of not really having friends of
family in their lives and not having any sense of purpose. Their sleep will be erratic. They will sleep in the
cold at night. And there’s really about a hundred things that I’ve kind of come to conclusion based on
talking to other mind control victims. And it certainly depends on the programming that the person’s
under. But with Tiffany, the phone would trigger her. And keep in mind, all of this is hindsight 2020. But
at the time when I was living it, I just thought she was drunk and being mean. But like at the time, she
would, for instance, get a phone call and you know, I don’t know it was from. And she would just literally
come and (glued) about some you know, preposterous concept. I don’t even know, I don’t… can’t think
of a particular instance. But thanksgiving dinner would end up out on the street and it would be like,
“Okay. What has just happened here?” But… me and Tiffany had gone to Thailand together, and once
she got her phone, because according to the authors of the books about mind control, they all have
returned to home programming in them. So, which means that under the mind control they have to
return back to where they live or where there controllers can handle them. So after Tiffany used the
phone, even though she woke up, you know, saying I love you so much and everything was great that
afternoon on our 3rd day of a 2 week vacation, she had to take the first flight back to America. All of
those things that I didn’t understand at the time when I was living with her.
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Frank: Why don’t you tell me a little bit about what she did for a living? Because if I understand
correctly, her profession had her deal with a very important job.
10:46 – 11:38
John: Yeah. That’s right. Before I met her, Tiffany had just finished quitting or being forced out
because of her drinking and it’s what, you know, kind of what happened. But she was in full control of
the dams on the Colombia River, as a scientist for the Bonneville Power Administration in Portland,
Oregon, where there main office is. So, basically, it was her job to raise and lower the water levels of the
dams. The Bonneville dam, Grand Coolie dam, and so on. You know, some of the largest dams in
America. Yeah, that was her job and that was she did. She ran the dams. And coincidentally, her father
ran the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. So a lot of people know about that.
11:39 – 11:51
Frank: That’s really interesting. And reading a little bit about her history, it seems that the
passing of her father… at least some people believe, may have had to do with her emotional state. Do
you believe that that played a role in to it?
11:52 – 13:04
John: Well I think you could program anybody. Not… now. But believe me, I never knew
anything about this stuff, so. But I can program… I can’t. They can program anybody to do anything. Did
her father play a huge role in her demise? Absolutely, 100 percent. But what was weird about the
situation with her father is, is that she talked about him, non-stop. Now, all of us have deaths and
Tiffany was my first, by the way. First time I ever knew anybody to die, other than my grandparents. But
when you grieve the loss of somebody, that’s no excuse for saying, well, “She was grieving her father’s
death, so therefore, it’s okay if she died for murder.” Because if you watched the media accounts of her
murder, everybody always talks about Tiffany and her murder. Nobody ever brings up the idea that she
was killed. They only talk about, “Well, you know, Tiffany had a reason to die because her dad died. Or
Tiffany had a reason to drink because her dad died.” Yeah, but more importantly, she was murdered.
And that’s not related to her father’s death. As an excuse for the killers to get away with murder. You
13:05 – 13:06
Frank: Yeah. Of course.
13:06 – 13:24
Genevieve: But could we, perhaps, develop a little, on the idea of the family here, and how they
may tie in to Tiffany and the weird things that were going on. How far were they involved because I can
only presume that they were fully in it.
13:25 – 15:17
John: Yeah. Well, I know that an example of, for instance, I had taken Tiffany to Thailand to try
to make her see the light, if you will, or… it’s kind of a bad word. But, I kind of make her see that she
should care about her life. We we’re going to go to Cambodia, go to the temple and whatnot. But when
she returned to America, her mom said, “You failed.” To me, okay? Well, that’s great. In addition to that,
when I first met Tiffany and I was worried about her safety, because she was drunk when I met her. I
said, I emailed her family and I said, “You know, your daughter/sister is here. I’m worried about her.”
Tiffany said when she woke up, she goes, “You emailed my family?” I’m like, “Well, yeah. I was worried
about you.” She was like, “Guess what they said.” I said, “What?” They asked, “Where did he learn how
to spell?” That’s all they said. They didn’t care, either way. So, I mean, their priority was not in line with
the normal thinking. In addition to that, after Tiffany passed, they emailed me a picture of Tiffany dead,
which was very upsetting, of course. They drove her dead body back five hours in their car to their
home, which was kind of weird, and I thought was illegal. They then give me her ashes and took me to
court. And I was threatened many, many times. In fact, one email in particular that rings a bell, her
mother said, “John, if you don’t stop investigating Tiffany’s murder, we’ll see you in court.” And they
did. They got a muzzle on me and that’s probably why most of the public doesn’t even know about
Tiffany’s murder because for a year and a half, I was unable to speak freely about the case. Which was
later over turned in the Oregon Court of Appeals, and I won. But, had I had not the money to win? Or
the drive? Or the tenaciousness, if you will, there’s no chance in heck I would’ve been able to tell you
guys this story today.
15:18 – 15:55
Frank: That is really, strange. I mean, coming from the family of….
Genevieve: Yeah, basically, what I want to do is, you know, back track a little and explain to the
audience that the implication is that the family was a mind controlled family. It’s a bloodline thing. It’s
something where… it’s not necessarily voluntary. I mean, usually it isn’t voluntary. And when you’re so
far in it that your entire social circle, your family circle is basically, that’s all you know. It’s sounds like
that’s situation she was in.
15:56 – 17:22
John: Well, and being that her sister lied so many times, I mean, just watch the TV. Here’s some
weird things her sister said after Tiffany died. “Tiffany was happy about life and the roles she would play
in her future.” So, I thought, that was really weird to say after Tiffany died. And then, immediately
following the murder, Tiffany’s sister said, “We had no idea where Tiffany was because she lived
downtown. All we know is that she had an abusive ex-boyfriend.” That was me. And so, all along, they
were setting me up on this murder to fail and what happened was, is that, and I’ll tell the story from the
murder in a second, but what happened was, the killers actually scanned their ID at the bar they went to
that night, and one of the girls that was at the bar the following day that knew Tiffany, knew me also
and called me on the phone to ask if I had seen Tiffany. And so, because the killers scanned their ID, they
knew who the killers were. And here’s a weird thing to, that I don’t want to forget to say, the police said,
after they arrested, or after they knew who the killers were, that there was no direct threat to the
public, but they didn’t know who the killers were. So, all along, every comment the police made, made
zero sense to me. I mean, there is no threat to the public? But the killers haven’t been caught. How is
that possible?
17:23 – 17:49
Frank: Right. That definitely doesn’t make sense. John, take us to the night of this unfortunate
event. The official story is that she just met these three individuals, two males and a female, randomly.
She didn’t know them previously. And this is all based on some surveillance footage that they have. And
a short time later, Tiffany is dead.
17:49 – 23:13
John: Yeah. Well, I mean, I’ll give you the police version that is that, you know, Tiffany was just
lost in her way. She was a drunk. She went bar hopping with these people and wound up meeting some
strangers and the way the police could tell that she met them for the first time, is because they all shook
hands. That’s how the police confirmed it on the video. Of which nobody has ever seen the video
because they won’t release it to me. But, the claim is made because Tiffany shook their hands, they all
met for the first time. The police said, they drove to a remote location after they went driving around
and that Tiffany became so angry, and the shooter became so angry at her, that he decided, he would
just shoot her with the gun that he bought from the other two in the car that day, on a promissory note.
After the shooter came from California, shot Tiffany, and then the next day, left. Now that’s the police
version. Oh, by the way, the police also claim that the two people that were in the car that was their gun
that they provided the shooter, they didn’t hear the gun go off. But they went ahead and got back to the
car, didn’t know why Tiffany wasn’t in the car, drove back, molested the 9-year-old that was the
daughter of the, Michelle or [mumbling]. After that, and by the way, only one of them got charged for
that, I don’t understand how that’s possible. But, so, they go back to the hotel then they dropped off the
shooter at the Greyhound bus, to take the first bus back to Oakland, where he was later, arrested with
7,000 dollars in cash in his pocket. So that’s the police version of the story and… but the truth is this,
Tiffany emailed me, “John, they want me to die. John. Tony. Tyson. They’re going to kill me.” And so,
and then she texts me, “I’m going to die.” And then she came over that night and then she told me,
“They want to kill me.” And then she said three times, “I’m not going to die tonight. I’m not going to die
tonight. I’m not going to die tonight.” She then later, left my house the night of her death, now mind
you… she came to my house under mind control. But she was fighting back the concept of mind control
because she knew she was under their control to go die. And that’s why the police don’t want the public
to know, that I have recording of Tiffany saying three times, she was going to die that night. And it’s on
my Facebook as well. And on the Tiffany Jenks Murder Facebook also. But, so, Tiffany told me that they
were going to kill her and I said, “Tiffany, why are you leaving? I don’t understand.” So, but, I thought
she meant from drinking, when she said, “I’m not going to die tonight.” Three times. Because often,
when she would drink alcohol she said, “I had to drink more, or I would die.” So, I thought, at the time,
that’s what she meant. Now, she left my house that night, October 8th of 2013, it was actually the 7th so
it was just before turning of the 8th. She left my house about 11. And went to a hotel, checked in, and
then walked across the street, by herself, under mind control to go die. She went to the bartender, she
told the bartender, “My life is over.” She had two double rum and coke, he turned around and she was
gone. So, already you have two people that know for sure that Tiffany’s going to die before anything
else is said, there is no chance that the police were telling the truth. Because we were not taken to court
for the trial. So, Tiffany goes outside, and she meets these stranger at 1:43AM, according to the police,
However, they’re not strangers, I’ll get into that in a minute. She’s outside smoking by herself at 1:43AM
outside the bar, and at 2:11AM, the four people, the three killers and Tiffany, get in the car, and drive
away to kill Tiffany. Now, she’s under mind control. At this point, at 2:11AM according to the police,
everybody was happy, happy, happy, right? They all get in the car. No resistance. Everything seems fine.
At 2:30AM, some 19 minutes later, she’s dead. So, what the police are trying to get the public to believe
is, these killers who had a gun, who scratched off the serial numbers off of the gun that day, met Tiffany
for the first time, got in the car 2:11, drove to Bootleg Park, which is a 16-minute drive, and within that
3-minute period, they became so angry at Tiffany, they had no other choice but to shoot her in the
head. That’s the story. But in reality, the police try to stretch the truth in every which direction so the
public becomes unaware of what’s real and what’s not. But what we do know is, the CCTV camera at the
bar said 2:11AM when they drove away, Tiffany was dead at 2:30. And so, it becomes really easy to see
that the police were flat out lying. Not to mention, Tiffany knew she was going to die. She told people
that she was going to die. So, when she did die, it was weird that I was the only one trying to tell the
truth in her murder. And that goes right back to the cult, you know. Her family being related to Archie
[incomprehensible] tobacco and that a cult connection, if you will. That they don’t care. They’ll never
care. And as long they can shut me up, and stop me from telling the truth, you know, Tiffany will never
get justice. So.
23:14 – 23:24
Genevieve: I was going to say if we could back track a little. If you could explain to us what you
know about the killer and his associates, and how they came to be in Oregon, and what they were doing
23:25 – 27:29
John: Okay. Well, there was three killers total. Two guys and a girl. Now, the girl and the guy, I
called Michelle Wardenbrowzi, and Joshua Robinette, I call them the couple. Just because they were the
ones that, I believe, to be under mind control or also protected by the court, if you will. So, there’s the
couple, Josh and Michelle, and the shooter, who is, by the way, the only person who told the truth at
the whole case. Not the D.A. Not the judge. Nobody. Only the shooter. And in his deposition in Oakland,
California, after his arrest, Daniel Brunelle said, “We kidnapped Tiffany.” That the couple, Josh and
Michelle, set him up. Got him totally wasted and told him, “If you don’t shoot her, we’ll shoot you.” That
was his words. But, now, he was later, sentenced in her murder but not under murder, I think he was
pleaded down to like a man slaughter or something ridiculous. But, and that was because the police
took his testimony without him having a lawyer, I guess. But the more important part of this story is, is
that, the public doesn’t realize Tiffany was set up to die. And that’s why it’s so key to this because
Michelle and Josh, both had connections to Tiffany. And when Tiffany knew she was going to die, she
recorded 6 recordings prior to her death. And technology had caught up with the illuminati/new world
order, whoever was in control of her murder. Because, although her iCloud was completely deleted out
2 days before her murder, what happened was Tiffany had my cellphone. And because she had my
iPhone, when I reinvented that iPhone with Apple, as part of my investigation some 6 months later, here
popped up 6 recordings that were absolute evidence in a murder. But they didn’t want that evidence to
her murder. Nobody did. The police of her family. So, I actually got taken to court, to shut me up and try
to take my recordings from me, and I was like, “No. Nobody’s taking any of it.” And I took them to the
Court of Appeals, and won, which people could look that up at Oregon Court of Appeals, under my last
name, Captain. But they ruled in my favor. And so, that’s was only like 60 days ago. So, clearly, this case
has not been in the public’s eye as much as it should have been because I was unfairly stopped from
telling the truth. Now, in terms of the killers, the three killers. You have Daniel Brunelle, who was the
shooter, and he is the only one who told the truth. Like I said, he said he kidnapped Tiffany, and another
worst one they left the bar, they told her they were going to take her to her hotel. And the D.A. never
charged anybody for kidnapping and if you’re going to kill somebody, there’s no reason to not throw in
kidnapping on top of those charges. I mean, duh. And, the killer said, when they killed Tiffany, and by
the way, he got the gun from the two, Michelle and Josh, and they took off the serial numbers that day,
and then gave the gun for Tiffany to die. So, I mean, why would you take off the serial numbers if you’re
just going to sell the gun to this other guy. So, as it goes, is that, after they killed Tiffany, the shooter
said, he couldn’t believe it but the two, Michelle and Josh, were in the hotel having sex with Michelle’s
9-year-old daughter of which Joshua Robinette was charged for child molestation. But what I don’t
understand is, how could the mother be in bed too, according to the shooter and his testimony to the
police in the police records, how is it possible that the mother didn’t get child molestation charges as
well. But both Josh and Michelle, were released out of jail after 13 months for murder, for their part of
the murder, rather. And they were not charged with murder and that includes a 200 dollar fine. So, that
was kind of pathetic.
27:30 – 27:56
Frank: And that’s really what baffles me. I was reading a little bit about the story that the three
individuals gave. And it really wasn’t making much sense to me. I’m no weapons expert, but I believe
that the story was that they were trying to sell a gun in order to be able to pay for a wedding. And it was
somewhat hard to believe, right? It was a story that’s hard to believe
27:56 – 27:58
Genevieve: Most people will drive to a different state to sell a gun.
27:59 – 28:01
Frank: Yeah. I mean, I don’t know how much a 3.57 cost…
28:01 – 28:01
John: 11 hours.
28:02 – 28:03
Genevieve: There’s plenty of people…
28:03 – 31:17
John: 11 hour drive. Each way and a bus ticket each way because he had to pay 90. Well, not
only that, but I forgot to tell you that the shooter was caught with 7,000 cash in his pocket when he was
arrested. And in terms of the connection to Tiffany, Michelle and Josh, here’s their connection. Tiffany
recorded Josh, and the recordings are on my Facebook at John S. Captain or Tiffany Jenks Murder.
Tiffany recorded Josh talking about buying a gun. Tiffany also recorded Josh knowing her father, who
had died in 2010. So, that was clearly why the family didn’t want any proof of that coming out. I mean,
after all, if he knew that family that pretty much solves this murder. And then, more importantly, I knew
somebody named Bill, from Bill’s Town Car Service, that drove town car service in Portland, Oregon. And
his driver, Michelle Wardenbrowzi. Now, Tiffany had driven with Bill many times because I talked to her
about her thousand dollar receipt for a month’s worth of car driving around because she didn’t drive at
one point. So, I knew for sure, that he had used Bill many times. And in fact, he drove her around
sometimes my house. But, my point is that, Michelle Wardenbrowzi, who worked for Rose City
Mortuary, which is kind of freaky. Whoever does that, I mean, no offense, but I couldn’t do it. But, so
Michelle had some kind of a, you know, death fetish of some sort. I don’t know. That’s the least what
the D.A’s trying to claim. But, anybody with a legal background, or anybody who takes the time to read
into Tiffany’s murder, the D.A. and the judge never told the truth. And in fact, if you look at the facts of
this case, there were five witnesses posted, or I mean, submitted for evidence in the murder. 5 people
that were supposed to testify. The three killers, Tiffany, who is dead, and me. And I was excluded from
the court room. And you know, if you have a murder, and the only per… the bartender wasn’t called and
he said she was going to die. She left my house telling me she was going to die. So, there’s 2 people right
there that you have to have in a murder case, right? And the three killers are not good witnesses to a
murder because they’re the killers, right? We don’t want to take their advice. But at minimum, the
bartender and me, should have been called as a witness to her murder. But, you know, when you’re
trying to hide the murder from the public, I mean, let me just say this. If they get charged with murder, it
has to be conspiracy to commit murder, if you have me in the court room. And it’s not a problem at all,
you know, we live in a society where it’s an eye for an eye, you know. But in the… the system that we all
respect and use, when there is a murder and you have facts to a murder, you call the police, you give
them the clues, and you expect them to do their job. In this case, it was the opposite. They were very,
very, very hard at stopping me and getting the killers out of jail, to kill again.
31:18 – 31:45
Frank: And, listen. I actually want to play this clip that you mentioned, in which we hear Tiffany
speaking with Josh about having to get a new gun. And this is a pretty powerful piece of evidence
because it establishes that she did know. At least this individual, prior to the night of her murder,
contradicting the official story from the police. I’m just going to hit play here.
31:45 – 32:04
Genevieve: And I think I want our listeners to listen out for anything weird they may think about
him because I get the vibe that he is equally under some sort of trance of mind control because the way
they’re talking about, this is like, they know what they’re talking about.
32:04 – 32:06
Frank: Alright. So here we go. Let’s give this a listen.
Recording plays:
32:07 – 32:10
Josh: I got to go buy a new gun. I threw mine off the bridge.
32:09 – 32:15
Tiffany: I’ll never, I’ll never… Good, you know. Good. I’m glad. Hey…
32:16 – 32:22
Josh: I’m in a much stabler area than I was now. So don’t worry about [incomprehensible]
32:23 – 32:36
Tiffany: Josh, do me a favor. Go to the road. Kill yourself. That’s why you like my dad. Remember
what he wrote? The first night I met you?
32:37 – 32:59
Frank: Okay, John. Tell us a little bit. Because obviously, for the people that maybe not have
read anything about this case. There’s a lot of things there that might fly over people’s heads and I think
there’s at least two things in there that are quite important to know. But, I’ll let you tell us a little bit.
What are we hearing in these 30 seconds of clips that you retrieved from a recording that Tiffany Jenks
did prior to her death?
33:00 – 34:24
John: Okay. Well, basically, Tiffany recorded, like I said, 6 recordings total. And that one, Joshua
Robinette, whom Tiffany’s hair dresser confirmed it was Josh Robinette. He said that he was going to go
out and purchase a new gun. So, we know for sure or we can establish from that audio that Tiffany knew
Josh, and by the way, she was fearful for her life. So, if there’s any question about why she recorded
him, duh! She thought he was going to kill her. And she went on to tell her therapist that. And we’re
going to play that recording next, I believe. But, the bottom line was, Tiffany knew they wanted to kill
her. She didn’t know who she could trust. And now, more than ever, I can see why, because now look at
how they attack me to stop me from telling Tiffany’s story. But, that recording was Josh and that now,
proves, 100 percent without question. So you could imagine when I got these recordings how excited I
was to tell her family. So, but, it was really odd when nobody cared. Then I was taken to court, to shut
me up. Which once you have for sure, concrete evidence that they’re lying, there’s really nothing more
to talk about with them. I mean, I was done at that point. But, I did send them all the recordings, and
later they called it harassment, so. That was kind of weird.
34:22 – 34:39
Frank: Wow. Wow. Also in that recording at the end, we hear her mention that Josh knows her
father, Tiffany’s father. Which is something, I guess, that also contradicts the official story because there
is further evidence that, you know…
34:39 – 34:44
Genevieve: It shows you that they knew each other and they have known each other, you know.
For a while.
34:44 – 34:47
Frank: Yeah. And I was surprised. That’s a bit shocking. You had…
34:47 – 34:38
Genevieve: And she calls him Josh as if he were a friend.
34:38 – 34:59
Frank: Yeah. I mean, there is no… you could tell by the tone of the conversation, yeah, that
they’re quite friendly with each other. But prior to this, you had never heard of this guy, Josh, right?
34:59 – 38:03
John: No, no. You know, I never met any of her… I met her sister before and I met, you know, 3
or 4 of her friends during that 14 months. But, for the most part, you know, I was busy of my own stuff
so I never really… and I go to bars, really. So, but, no, I never met Josh, or Michelle, or Daniel Brunel.
Ever. And… but I do know for sure, Tiffany knew Josh, based on her recordings. And I didn’t know this, of
course, until 6 months after she died. And you know, I want to say that how all this came about, by the
way, is I was in a restaurant, and I had these recordings but they didn’t mean anything to me. And in this
lead into the recording with the therapist, her, Tiffany’s therapist at downtown Portland. But I have
these recordings from her therapist and they didn’t mean anything to me because they’re all so weird. I
may have heard of therapy, but nothing like this. And so, one day I was in a restaurant, and this guy was
talking in the restaurant and I just, you know, I was like, “Hey, what’s your radio show?” and he told me,
“Clyde Lewis. Ground Zero.” And I’m like, “Hey, listen to this recording I have of Tiffany, my girlfriend
that died.” And he didn’t know who Tiffany was. I just said she was my girlfriend who passed away or
whatever. And this recording that I had, the therapist is going, tap, tap, tap with a pen. And he says,
“Follow the yellow brick road.” And Clyde Lewis, about to have a heart attack when he heard it, it meant
everything. He knew everything. He knew everything that they were talking about, you know, as far as
like, you know, mind control type programming. So, that was the first day. 6 months after her murder,
was the first day I began to understand that Tiffany was a victim of mind control. And then, everything
took a turn. Then was able to go back on all the words that she have spoken to me. Gatekeeper, time
stopper, heart of darkness, and demons and all these things that I never heard of, you know, that there’s
two worlds, you know, in terms the dams. A lot of people are going to die. All these weird stuff that I
had. But, it didn’t mean anything to somebody who’s not in the occult world or has not studied anything
in this cult, if you will, illuminati, new world order, whatever, life style. Yeah. So, I don’t expect anybody
to really get any of it until they get an understanding that: A: Mind control is real. B: That Tiffany was a
scientist running the dams. C: They murdered her. And they’re all lying. And D: They paid a lot of money
already to try to shut me up and it ain’t working so far but, that, it’s important the America gets this case
because for the first time in history, I believe, at least, I could be wrong, there’s actual proof of mind
control where the doctor goes, tap, tap, tap, follow the yellow brick road. So…
38:04 – 38:23
Frank: You know what, we’re going to play that right now. Because this is also a very telling clip.
In this clip, as John mentioned, you’re going to hear a series of taps, I believe that there are four
tappings. And then there’s a bit of an odd exchange there between the therapist and Tiffany.
38:24 – 38:29
Genevieve: It will be difficult to decipher the words. But just try your best to…
38:29 – 39:08
John: Let me say what it is to… the important parts of this, okay? So, he’s putting her into or
pulling her out of mind control and Tiffany’s voice, I know people aren’t used to her voice, but her voice
will change to a baby. And it will sound like, I did know dadada. And she talks about being a dark angel,
okay? So the therapist is going to go, tap, tap, tap, Tiffany, if you knew who you were from when you
were young, it would not be a good thing. And she goes, “I did dadadaada.” So that’s the… that’s what
you’re going to hear. That’s her recording it, on her iPad, in her purse.
39:09 – 39:09
Frank: And here we go.
Recording plays…
39:10 – 39:39
Therapist: Tiffany… *tap, tap, tap, tap* If you knew who you were from when you were young, it
would not be a good thing. [Inaudible]
39:40 – 39:43
Frank: That is so bizarre that last bit about “I don’t think I’m a dark angel.”
39:43 – 40:22
Genevieve: Yes. She asks, you know, are you a dark angel? He says I don’t think I’m a dark angel.
And she says, I don’t think I’m a dark angel too. And we have seen this theme, you know, reoccurring
again and again, in this topic of mind control, especially with whistle blowers like Elisa E., who talk about
this very, you know, mysterious realm for the majority of the public. And it does seem utterly bizarre but
there is something going on there because it is not a coincidence that these words, angels, demons,
etcetera, keep reoccurring.
40:23 – 40:46
Frank: I haven’t been to a therapist. I know a lot of people would say that I should go see a
therapist. *Genevieve and John laughs at background* you know, I don’t have a whole lot of experience
with therapists. I know people who have been to a therapist. And to be honest, I have never heard
anybody tell me, that this is the type of stuff that gets discussed in therapy. So it’s definitely something
that is not… that’s outside the normal. I would imagine. As far as…
40:46 – 42:37
John: Yeah. And I mean, especially when the therapist says, “Tiffany, don’t ever tell anybody
who you are. Because if you do, it’ll make you a target. And targets get shot at first.” She went on to say
that she was going to die and that, you know, either that, or she was going to kill herself. And the
therapist said, “Well, you need to turn direction, you know? Try to do better.” Or something like that.
And Tiffany says, “It’s too late. I can’t.” And he goes, “Well, then why are you even here?” Tiffany says,
“Watch it. You’re going to watch it with me. It’s not going to be all like, vampires.” And stuff like that in
the recordings and then he goes, “I will watch it with you.” So whatever this is, I don’t know, this was all
4 days before she was dead. And you see, I was never supposed to necessarily end up with these
recordings. It’s not like she said, “Hey, John, these are for you.” This was all found in the investigation.
And believe me, they deleted her iCloud out 2 days before she was dead. So, and what people don’t
know and I’m just here to tell you because I mean, I experienced it myself. Even after Apple did
everything they could to help me with the investigation. Even after her mother had given me the
passwords to her account, and then later lied to the judge and said I hacked into it illegally. But she gave
my Tiffany’s nickname which was Tiffernany, I wish I could’ve never guessed that, but she emailed it to
me. And she emailed me her favorite school teacher from sixth grade, which is Chuck Steves. So, those
types of words I could’ve never imagined in a lifetime, but, I had her credit card numbers and all those
sorts of things. But it wasn’t until I rebuilt the phone that Tiffany had of mine, that I put those
applications back on the iPhone and magically turned it on and off and there were 6 recordings, relevant
to her murder.
42:37 – 42:40
Genevieve: That’s incredible. I’m so glad you did get them. And…
42:41 – 43:03
John: I’m so glad too. It changed everything. Because in the recordings, what I learned was is
that, she went to him, in love. She was in love with me. And I was in love with her. So, it proved to me
that although, you know, certainly, she was not okay, and she got killed. At least she had love and I
equally loved her.
43:03 – 43:34
Genevieve: And I don’t know if we do have this recording on file but, and I quote. And this was
said by the therapist, “I don’t know who you are, and you should never tell anybody who you are.” And
at this point, I think we need to delve into the idea that he may have been a handler. And we also need
to explain to the audience that handlers tend to be, at least in my knowledge, mind control victims
43:44 – 44:23
John: And you know, a lot of the… a lot of the stuff that’s going on in America in terms of, you
know, violence and psychoticness of people driving over people and trucks and killing people at airports
and Gavin Long, who killed the police and Baton Rough. All of these people are having the same (furies)
being said, that they’re under mind control. And I think that Tiffany’s murder, if the public takes the time
and pretends it’s a Netflix movie and actually cares, they will find the most pathetic murder
investigation ever held by any government worker. And here’s the thing. Just get over the fact that they
spent 500,000 dollars investigating her murder, and the killers got a 200 dollar fine. That should outrage
44:24 – 44:45
Frank: John, we’re going to take a top of the hour break here in just a few minutes. But, I just
want to ask about, I believe, it’s the family of Tiffany Jenks. They, you know, they also have a Facebook
page where they pretty much stick with the official story. However, I believe, it was there like… yeah,
their last post. They admit…
44:44 – 44:49
Genevieve: And this is at Tiffany Truth on Facebook, I believe. Yeah.
44:49 – 44:50
John: The simple truth. Yeah.
44:51 – 44:56
Frank: Yeah. They admit that the case does have some [incomprehensible] Is there…
44:56 – 45:36
John: That’s not her family, by the way. That’s Richard Lovett, Tiffany’s handler. And he, of
course, they want to say every single possible thing, see, here’s the great thing about this story. It’s not
my story. I’m only telling you the facts of Tiffany’s case. None of this is about John. They can make it
about John if they want. I’m not talking about, “Oh, for pity, John.” I’m simply saying, Tiffany recorded
her killer. Tiffany recorded her therapist. I’m just the delivery of the information. So, they can say
whatever they want about me, but it has to revert back to, you know, Tiffany’s dead. That’s all that
45:37 – 45:59
Frank: Yeah. It’s true. John, I’m going to ask you just to hang on the line for a few minutes while
we play a couple of songs. And when we get back, I want to talk to you about the beginning of your
quest to find answers to this and where this journey has led you to, and some of the things that you
have learned and encounter along the way. So, if you be so kind to just hang on the line and we’ll get
right back in just a few minutes?
45:59 – 46:00
John: Sounds good.
46:00 – 46:19
Frank: Alright guys. Don’t go away. West of the Rockies is coming right up in just a few minutes.
We’re talking to John Captain tonight, about the death of Tiffany Jenks. And the mysteries surrounding
her death. We’re going to go out with one of my favorite tracks. It’s called “Under the Milky Way” by
The Church. West of the Rockies is coming right up in just a few minutes.
46:19 – 46:47
“West of the Rockies… with Frank!”
“Open your mind.”
46:48 – 47:33
Frank: And we’re back to the second hour of West of the Rockies. I’m Frank. Thank you guys for
sticking around. I know it’s late but we have a really fascinating show going on tonight. As always, I’m
Engineer Frank on Twitter. West of the Rockies on Facebook. You can find Genevieve. Genevieve, you
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up. Absolutely. Our guest tonight is… John Captain is our guest
47:31 – 47:41
Genevieve: We’ve got John Captain the Third. On the air and he’s here to bring justice to his
girlfriend’s murder, Tiffany Jenks.
47:41 – 48:08
Frank: And you know, people maybe our listening to this show thinking like, “This is ridiculous.
This can’t happen.” You know, during the break I was just thinking about two instances that came to
mind, where the shooters themselves have claimed to have been, or at least one of them, for sure, I
know, claimed to have been under mind control. One being, where’s my notes here… Siron Siron, who
shot Robert Kennedy.
48:08 – 48:09
Genevieve: Yup. Yup.
48:09 – 48:23
Frank: And Mark David Chatman, who shot John Lennon. Both are believed to have been under
some type of mind controlled programming. Which is what drove them to cause these murders.
48:23 – 48:38
Genevieve: That’s the thing… the people that, in control, can just, you know, wipe their hands
off everything because the people that get put in jail, I often feel, are not the people that are the ones
48:36 – 48:39
Frank: Yeah. They’re the patsies. They’re the fault guys.
48:39 – 48:41
Genevieve: Yeah. They’re the pawns in the game.
48:41 – 49:17
Frank: And this is something that we see with Tiffany Jenks’ case, correct? Where the shooter,
Daniel, is in jail, facing, I believe, it was like an 18 year sentence. And Joshua and Michelle, who were, at
the very least, accomplices, at the very least. I believe only got probation. Let me get John back on the
line. Maybe he can give us a little bit more inside into that. John, did I get that correct? We only got one
person in jail? And the other two, I believe, they only got probation for their role in the murder. Correct?
49:17 – 50:02
John: Yeah. I mean, they got 13 months and a 200 dollar fine. And the shooter himself, who by
the way, is the only one in this whole case, out of, you know, all the police, all the D.A, the courts, he is
the only person who told the truth. So, when you have a D.A., who’s a liar. Or a cop… or a judge or a
cop, doesn’t that bother, you know, everything we stand for in terms of justice? The D.A. stood up there
and lied. See, he never told anything at all about the murder. Not one word. And in fact, when you listen
to media, when you listen to any of the statements that’s ever made, not one of the three people ever
said a word. Not a word.
50:02 – 05:03
Frank: That is…
50:03 – 50:06
John: Not a word. And so, they never even said sorry.
50:07 – 50:08
Frank: Wow.
50:08 – 52:11
John: At least the shooter said, “I’m a piece of you know what. There’s nothing I could say to her
family. I’m worthless to everybody in the world.” I mean, he was like, straight up honest. He said, “They
said either shoot her, or we shoot you.” And so, it goes right in line with what Genevieve was saying
about how it gets passed off. Do you really think that Tiffany just wandered to the bar by herself to go
die? And she just had bad luck? And they took off the serial numbers that day. And they, you know,
came from California and then shot her and went home that day. That, you know, hours after they shot
her. He caught the bus at 11AM. You know, they shot her 2:30 AM. So it was like, what, 7 hours later? 10
hours later? So, you have to believe so many things to not get this case, that it becomes overwhelming,
to say the least. And in terms of the simple truth about Tiffany Jenks Murder, there’s nothing truthful
about that page. And, although, they now, three years later, claim, well there might some of the few
things that don’t make sense. They’ve known every single part of this murder since day one. I have only
been telling it to the public for the last year and a half. But, right up until the minute I got a restraining
order against me, I was telling the truth to the murder to them, directly. See? So, this idea that it just
comes to the light now, is just simply untrue. Tiffany’s murder case has been pathetic since the very
second she was murdered. And the lies started since day one. I was set up on her murder. That didn’t
work out. They were trying to protect the killers. When they finally caught the killers, because the police
accidentally released them. They weren’t supposed to. So, they knew who the killers were. They didn’t
make an arrest for 10 days even though they knew who the killers were. So the public should be
outraged at that. They got the killers. They know for sure that the two, Michelle and Joshua were
molesting her 9-year-old daughter because Josh got tried and convicted of child molestation for that,
after they shot Tiffany. So, what better way to celebrate a murder than to go molest a kid?
52:11 – 52:16
Frank: That is… It’s unbelievable. It really is.
52:16 – 52:57
John: And it made the shooter sick, by the way. It made the shooter… he said in his deposition to
the police in California, which I would love to get these audio recordings of that if anybody does could
(foil) a request. But, I mean, I would really love to hear his actual words because the written version that
the police released always says “inaudible”, but I don’t believe it. So, but he says, the shooter, Daniel
Brunel, in Oakland, California, where he was questioned by the Portland Police and the Oregon State
Police. He said that when he saw them in bed with the child having sex, he got sick. So when you can
make a shooter sick, you know that, you know… At least he told the truth.
52:57 – 53:37
Genevieve: I still fully get the vibe of that… all three of them were mind control victims. And that
the shooter was someone who was trying to come clean, you know? He was accepting it and trying to
essentially tell the truth and no one wants to hear the truth. But he was aware of what was happening
to him. He was aware of, you know, who was controlling him. And he just told everyone that and it
seems of, you know, not been significant to anyone.
53:37 – 54:04
John: Also, he… he is the least of my worries in terms of this murder. What I want to know, and
this, may be, the very first time in the history of the world. I want to know who paid to kill Tiffany.
Because it’s sure as heck, that shooter did not have 7,000 cash on him. Josh had an envelope full of
money on him, and the, you know, undisclosed amount. And of course, but who paid these people to kill
54:05 – 54:50
Frank: There is a lot of inconsistencies here. Let me ask you about, obviously, you know, you
come across these recordings and you fly, literally, to the other side of the world, to New Zealand, to
meet with Davidicke, who I’m sure a lot of listeners of the show are familiar with. And for those who are
not, you know, he’s a speaker and a researcher and you know, he proposes a lot of fascinating and
theories and ideas and he has some knowledge, well, he has more than some knowledge, I think, of
mind control and trauma based mind control programs and things of that nature. Why did you choose to
fly all this way to meet Davidicke? Did you find the answers you were looking for when you went out
54:51 – 57:25
John: Well, I think, initially, Fritz Springmeyer, who’s an author of mind control, is the one that
told me that Tiffany was, for sure, a monarch slave for the new world order. And at that point, when he
read his book that he gave me, I spent about a month and a half around Fritz. And that book told me
every single thing I ever could have asked for, in terms of Tiffany’s life. And when I read it I was like,
“This is exactly what she was doing, and said, and wrote about.” I mean, it was just spot on. Once I knew
about that, I was really seeking, trying to find answers about, you know, how to expose this criminal
element that was going on because I was not getting the media attention that I needed in America. I
think… oh, and I know, and also, I had a restraining order against me and that didn’t help. But, once that
was gone, then I went to some mind control conventions. First in Italy, Spain. And I learned a lot from
people who are under mind control. Spoke with Cathy O’Brien over the internet. Vanessa, who is the
mother of Max Burrows, and other people like Elisa, that you had on your show. And trying to get a
better understanding, because I’m coming at it from one person only. I’m just like thinking about it from
the point of Tiffany but I have to understand it more. When I met with Davidicke and his son, you know,
they told me a lot of things. And I gave them copies of all the evidence. They then, referred me to go on
the Richie Allen show so I flew to Manchester. And met with him for several days and did a show with
him. And certainly, both of them have a lot of knowledge, as I’m sure you two both do too, a lot more
than me in terms of all this stuff because I had no idea that this stuff was even real. I have the proof it
was real, I just didn’t know how to decode it. So, you know, tap, tap, tap, follow the yellow brick road to
the public. I mean, shouldn’t mean all that much unless I tell you. And I’m here to tell you, it means
Tiffany’s put under mind control. Period. And, more importantly, now you take that proof that you have
that it’s even remotely possible Tiffany was under mind control. You put that with her murder, and, or
her job at the dams, and everything changes because now you have to re-evaluate why are the police
lying, why were the courts lying, and why were her killers let out of jail? To kill again.
57:26 – 58:10
Frank: What I want people to realize is that this is not just somebody going to those stages of
grief. You are investing a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of money trying to get this message out. And I
think it’s really important to people to really get that across because I know that people will listen to this
show and, you know, saying courage people to do their own research and I know they’re going to come
across some websites and some Facebook pages that are going to be telling them otherwise. But, the
vibe that we get here at least, is that, you’re definitely, you know, you’re not doing this to promote a
book or to promote, you know, a documentary or anything like that. This is a…
58:09 – 58:48
Genevieve: Yeah. Because the first… the first questions that come to mind was, you know, is he
crazy? Is he just, you know, going out of his mind because of the grief. And you have very succinctly,
explained in your various, you know, YouTube uploads. That the grief, the crying, it’s been done. I mean,
this was 2013, right? And this was a while ago, and you have already gone through that. I mean, and I
don’t want people to get the wrong idea because you’re just, you know, telling the facts as they are.
58:48 – 59:32
Frank: John, let me ask you, because you said you spoke to Max Beers’ mother. And for the
people that are not familiar with Max Beers, he was a UFO researcher who died under very, very strange
circumstances. There’s a lot of questions still lingering as to what happened to Max Beers, you know.
Everything from a phone call that he made, prior to his death, to his mother, which echoes something
that Tiffany did with you, if I remember correctly. She also tried to get a hold of you. I believe, the night
before she died, or, you know, really close to her death. But why don’t you tell me why did you
approached Max Beer’s mother, and how did that case resonate with what you were dealing with?
59:33 – 01:04:12
John: Yeah well, Vanessa was on the Richie Allen Show, I think. Either right before or right after
me, about the death of her son. And you know, I felt compelled to reach out to her and let her know
that I’m here for her and I asked her, I said, “Do you want me to tell you what you’re going to go
through when you investigate this murder?” from a stand point of, you know, because if your loved one
dies, don’t you feel you have a moral obligation or maybe even the option to investigate a murder of
that person? But when you’re not the family, it’s different for me but with Vanessa, I wanted to tell her
the 100 things that I learned from getting attacked, like when you said, some crazy guy, or whatever
could be possibly be out there in the internet. You know…. You know, everything from, Tiffany’s on
drugs. Tiffany’s on crack. John’s a drug dealer. Whatever they can come up with is pathetic. But, I
wanted to let Vanessa to know some things to expect, and some of the ways to, you know, be able to
come to conclusions based on investigative techniques that I used with Apple, on devices or you know,
getting… for instance, one thing I did which was, turned out to be an excellent technique was, I paid the
people who had Tiffany’s old phone. Her old cellphone. So as soon as Tiffany’s phone was released to a
new person, I was able to then text to get the code, to get into her iCloud, of which unfortunately was
deleted out. But, if you don’t have access to their pin numbers, or excuse me, to their cell phone, you
then, can’t text for the code, to get into somebody’s account. And so, all of these types of things that
Vanessa needed to help solve her son’s murder, was key to her investigation. And I mean, she’s still
working on it and she’s, of course, highly devastated and should be and as you may know, or as I told
you today, today BBC documentary came out. And I reached out to her to find out her opinion about it,
because I’ve got mixed reviews from it. Some people are upset about it. But it’s called “Fractured”, by
the way. And it’s by BBC and it’s documentary. And he was a mind control, just like Tiffany was. So, they
share some resemblance. And another thing too is that, both of their murders are covered up. And so,
you know, I see how they bad mouth Max, and how they bad mouth Tiffany after she was dead. I mean,
when you listen to the news reels, you never hear anything about the killers. You only hear how Tiffany
lost her way, and she was a drunk, and she had a bad boyfriend, and she was just stupid. And nothing at
all about the murder. It’s anything they can do to divert your attention to anything but the murder. And
so, it becomes real obvious, and I told Vanessa most importantly, whatever you know today, don’t
forget it. Because they’ll try to make you think you’re crazy, or you’re stupid. Or you can’t write well. Or
whatever the case may be. But to focus only on the facts, and just keep putting it out there and there
are a lot of murderers that are related to mind control. He’s one of them. I would also like to check out
Gavin Long. The gentleman who was the murderer at the… Baton Rouge. He killed the police, the black
man. He was a mind control victim. And the way the messed up… CNN messed up is, in the article they
that wrote about him, they called… they said he was seeking counseling for covert harassment. Now, for
those of you that don’t know, that’s the European version. And so, when you go to a convention in
Europe, it’s all called covert harassment over there. But in America we call it mind control. So, here, this
guy was sent to kill the police under mind control, and before the shooting too, you know. The guy is
sitting with (CA) in mind control person also. So, we’re getting lots of people coming together with the
idea that they’re under mind control, but Tiffany, went one step further. She knew that she was under
mind control. She knew that she was running the dams under mind control. And she knew they wanted
her dead. And so, even though she had reached out to me, and clearly, I was mentally unavailable for
her to convey her message too. Because I had no idea that this stuff was real. And she didn’t, like, you
know, specifically say mind control. She did, to her therapist and all that’s online, and you can watch
that at John S. Captain on Facebook or Tiffany Jenks Murder on Facebook as well.
01:04:13 – 01:05:02
Frank: I want to go to another recording and this one it’s another, very, very telling piece of
evidence. And this is a recording where I believe, she was talking again with her therapist and they’re
having a discussion of a war that’s going on between light and dark. And again, a very, very, strange
topic to be discussed in a therapy session, I believe. So, I’m going to play this, and then John, I want you
to explain to us a little bit more about what was going on here. Because this story also, branches out a
bit into the paranormal. So, let me just play this 30 second recording, and then we’ll get you’re take on
Recording plays…
01:05:02 – 01:05:43
Let me explain it to you in a different way. There’s a war going between the light and the dark.
And the people that are of the light, are being attacked by people of the dark. And I will tell you, that’s
going to get a lot worse. I don’t know who you are, and you should never tell anybody who you are.
Okay? Nobody that doesn’t know, doesn’t need to know. You know why? Because it will make you a
target. And targets get shot at first.
01:05:44 – 01:06:19
Genevieve: To those who couldn’t clearly hear that, the transcript goes something like this. Let
me explain to you in a different way. And people that are of the light are being attacked by people of the
dark. I’m going to tell you that it’s going to get a lot worse. I don’t know who you are, and you should
never tell anybody who you are. Nobody that doesn’t know, doesn’t need to know. You know why?
Because it will make you a target. And targets get shot at first.
01:06:20 – 01:06:33
Frank: John, this is a very… I mean, I got chills listening to that clip. You know, she sounds very
distraught. She sounds very vulnerable. And the therapist is talking about something I don’t even know.
01:06:32 – 01:06:49
Genevieve: Yeah. And she interjects, “I know. I know. I know.” Continuously. So, she is
completely aware and she is… she knows what he is talking about. This is nothing new to her. And that’s
what we should be questioning.
01:06:50 – 01:06:52
Frank: Yeah. John, tell us, yeah… a little bit about this clip.
01:06:52 – 01:08:05
John: Well, most important part about this is that, this recording has been around since 6
months after her murder. There were 2 sessions. 1 90-minute. 1 48-minutes, of which he says many
things that are telling, that he is part of this new world order. And the issue is, not only that he said it,
but that people are covering it up. And so, how can I tell the public, or the police, or the D.A, or the
judge, that I have proof to a murder, when they tell me that they’re not going to help me. They just, flat
out say they’re not going to help. But, this was 4 days before she was dead. This is not… this recording
that you just played and him, saying, you’re going to get or… targets get shot at first. And then, out of all
ways to die in the whole world, right? She didn’t come off missing. She didn’t, you know, end up in the
lake drowned. She was shot. So, either this guy is really smart or he knew that she was going to be shot.
I mean, how many times have you told a friend of yours or anybody that, “Hey, don’t do this or you’ll get
shot.” And then 4 days after you say that, they’re dead from a gunshot.
01:08:05 – 01:08:06
Frank: Right. Right.
01:08:06 – 01:09:12
John: That’s just a huge coincidence. Now, the family initially tried to say that wasn’t Jonathan,
her therapist in downtown Portland. However, at the end of the recording, she says, “Jonathan, I love
you. What’s your address? Or where is your office?” And she says, and he, excuse me, he says, “Two
blocks that way. 1130 Southwest Morrison.” And so, there was never a question about whether that was
him. And in fact, it has been verified by the people that have been called him to talk that were
investigators for me, that called to talked to him that clearly recognized the voices being Jonathan,
Tiffany’s therapist. But most important of all, why hasn’t he come forward? And why hasn’t the state of
Oregon, followed up on the three requests I made to investigate these audio recordings of the
therapist? It’s not my job. I’m not a state of Oregon investor of therapist. But when you have a therapist
talking about somebody getting shot, and Tiffany telling him she’s going to die, and he doesn’t report
that even after she was already dead. That’s odd me.
01:09:13 – 01:09:58
Frank: It is beyond odd to say the least. I am no expert in law enforcement but I know, you
know, shortly after somebody goes missing, you know, passes away, the first people that they speak to
and, unfortunately, the first people to get on the list of suspects is that person’s immediate family and
friends because they’re the ones they had… chances are, they had contacts with, you know, the person
that passed away last. And I find really interesting that you were practically, just shut out of the whole
investigation. Even before the murder happen, it seems like the therapist, was already kind of putting
things inside Tiffany’s head that were negative towards you. Actually, I wanted to play a clip.
01:09:59 – 01:10:18
Genevieve: Yeah. You even think it’s suspicious that they didn’t cost you as a suspect. Because I
believe you have some training and, or at least, know a little about criminal law and it is the norm to
suspect that their lover may have been, you know, a suspect in the case.
01:10:18 – 01:11:17
John: Yeah. And I was okay with the idea that they would have investigated me. Because I was
so distraught and none of it would’ve mattered anyway. I was oblivious to what they would’ve been
saying. But I’ll tell you what. The second they didn’t cared to ask me what I did the minute Tiffany left
my home, I mean, I was in college for 3 years for criminal justice, but, I mean, by no means, you know,
an expert. But, when it happens to you, okay, so… what have happened. Tiffany told me she was going
to die. That should be all that matters. And so, when that’s not getting told, you’re going, “What is going
on here? What is really happening? Why are they not telling the truth?” And everybody around me, you
know, these people that became my friends, unfortunately, or even my own family at the time. “Oh,
John. Don’t worry. They always do that in a case like this. They always don’t tell the truth dadada.” You
know. Like, the public’s supposed to just, you know, hear a side story and then the truth will come out in
court. That’s what they kept getting told. But I wasn’t standing for that, but yeah, you can play that clip,
if you want to.
01:11:17 – 01:11:26
Frank: Yeah. Let me play this clip because this is also very interesting. It’s another clip of Tiffany
with her therapist. And… yeah, let’s listen to this one.
Recording plays…
01:11:26 –
You know… what you have with this guy is… its like… taken as, for the first time or taken
something that changes the way you view your reality.
Yeah. Every word that he say is different.
And so, the thing is, you’re attached to it. But let me tell you, this person, he’s not even worth
thinking about.
How do you know that? Because this person can save the….
01:12:07 – 01:13:10
Frank: Yeah. You know, in this clip, you hear the therapist say that, and I believe, he’s referring
to you, John. That you are like, taking as if, for the first time and you’re not worth of thinking about and
she says, you know, well how do you know that? And I think the recording kind of cuts off as she says
something along the lines that you, you know, John can save the world. Tell me a little bit about this
recording and what is happening there? Because again, and listen. I can’t even imagine if the person
appears dead, and then I come across recordings with this type of subject, I don’t know. I don’t know if I
would be mentally strong enough to handle and try to put this stuff together. But why don’t you tell me
a little bit of what’s happening here and yeah, I just really want to, just get your take on it. How did you
deal, losing this woman you love, and finding these recordings that point to, more or less, a conspiracy
going on?
01:13:11 – 01:16:17
John: Well, you know. And following up with Genevieve said about like, you know, the crying
and stuff, that hasn’t even started yet, to be honest with you. I’m numb. I can’t believe that America is
just pathetic. And that the therapist can still be a therapist right now, talking about this to the next girl. I
can’t believe that somebody can get shot in the head and the killers get away with murder. I can’t
believe that they get a 200 dollar fine and after most people pay taxes they whole life, thinking that they
are protected by the police and the government. But when I got the recordings, in some ways, saved my
life because I was so distraught after she died. And I did not understand anything as to why that the
police were lying. The government was lying. You know, the courts are lying. When I met Clyde Lewis,
and I played for him the recordings, and I found out that Tiffany’s a monarch slave for the new world
order. And that’s why she ran the dams and that’s why they killed her because she was falling in love
outside the [inaudible], if you will. Everything changed. Because then, I had answers that I was looking
for. And it wasn’t like I went out looking for answers. I wasn’t saying, “What does tap, tap, tap, follow
the yellow brick road mean?” I didn’t know. So, I mean, anybody who types it in Google, now that I
know, I know. But, you will find the answer right there. Tap, tap, tap, follow the yellow brick road. I
mean, or illuminati. But when I got the recordings, it told me every single reason why everything was
such. Why Tiffany was telling him she was going to die. Why she said, you know, in terms of her job at
the dams. And all of those sorts of things. And why her family didn’t care that I have these recordings of
Tiffany calling me, crying for help. I mean, I guess, you know, I look at the most recent… there is two girls
murdered in America recently and they’re showing this picture of a guy. It’s kind of blurry. I don’t know
what their names are but these two girls were murdered. And the family is just desperately seeking help
for this case of this murder. And here I have a platter of information. That’s just not… it’s not John’s
stuff, okay? This is for a murder. And nobody cares. And so, it’s really odd but I know for sure that
Tiffany’s a good person and I know for sure that I have an obligation to society to tell the truth in her
murder. And I know they have an obligation as cult members to try to stop me. So, here I am, in the
middle of this investigation, and I’m having to battle the people that should be standing up for Tiffany.
Not, stopping me from telling the truth. You don’t see them talking… they don’t have a Facebook page
about the killers. They don’t care that the 9-year-old daughter of Michelle was molested at the hotel and
left alone while they went out to kill Tiffany. Nobody talks about that. They have a whole page dedicated
that it’s a simple truth. But it’s not the truth at all. And so, you get this feeling like, there’s something
weird going on here because, normally, a family would care when somebody’s shot in the head.
01:16:17 – 01:16:34
Frank: Correct. Can you tell me why do you think that the therapist in that clip we just played,
why would he be referring to you in this way to Tiffany? Did they feel that you might interfere with
whatever plans they have for Tiffany at that point?
01:16:35 – 01:19:29
John: Well, 50 percent of the recordings which are, which were made talked about how Tiffany
was in love. She said, “He made me believe in true love.” She said that, you know, “He’s different.” And
why can’t she have love in her life, and like that, and he says to her, you know, in one of the things that
he… she goes, “What do I do?” he goes, “Lose any friends you have. No temptations. Delete everybody
out of your phone.” And, you know, he says, “You need to follow the path.” And he says, this is
Jonathan, her therapist speaking, “If you think you’re time is short, like you said two or three times, you
need to clean up your shit, and get it down.” You know, basically, you need to get everybody out of your
life, and get ready for the events, which, of course this was 4 days before she was dead. And so, all along
what she’s talking to him about is love. She said over and over, “He made me believe in true love.” Now,
that’s not to say that I’m perfect or great or… it’s not even about me. That’s only to get into Tiffany’s
head and to figure out why the therapist was trying to stop her. The illuminati, and the mind control
stuff, they don’t have room for outsides. And they don’t have room for love. She had an agenda. Her
agenda was to run the dams for the new world order. When she turns left instead of right, all of a
sudden, they had a problem. Because when I met her, this is really important for people to note, when I
met her, I found out that the 12 months prior to me knowing her, 12 months total of time, she had
192,000 dollars in medical related expenses for suicide attempts and pills. And I’m talking thousands of
pills. So when I met Tiffany, I, 100 percent, got her away from all of that. 100 percent. I took her to
treatment twice. And so, this idea that she was just great before she met me, and then bad after she
met me, is a 100 percent lie. The 12 months prior to me meeting her, she had 10 suicide attempts or 10
emergency room visits for suicide, and she had more gabapentin and Neurontin and all those heavy duty
pills. And by the way, when I took her to treatment, she was more messed up after I got back. After she
had been there for 8 hours, than when I brought her there. So clearly, it’s a deeper group of people that
are trying to keep her messed up and away from me. And the more pills they had her one… Now mind
you, for the 12 months prior she had the 192,000 dollars that tax paid, you know, health insurance. And
when I met her after that, she stopped all the pills. 100 percent of them. Because I refused to take her to
Thailand if she was on anything at all. And so, she was on antabuse, and that was it. And antabuse was
for her drinking, by the way. Go ahead.
01:19:30 – 01:19:57
Frank: Why don’t you tell me a little bit about these vampires that I was reading about? As I was
researching this story. I know that she mentioned these vampires. I think they were, I can’t remember
what the term was, psychic vampires or energy vampires. But there is that element to this mystery as
well. Why don’t you tell the folks at home a little bit about that and how this term comes to play in this
murder case?
01:19:58 – 01:20:24
John: Well, with Michelle Wardenbrowzi working at the morgue, you know, mortuary. I mean, it
just goes right in line with this talks of vampires. And then, you know, Tiffany talked about vampires and
she said, you know, “You’re going to watch it with me.” And he says, “Yes. I am going to watch it with
you.” And she says, “It’s not going to be like vampires and all that stuff on TV is it?” or something like
that. So…
01:20:24 – 01:20:30
Frank: And this, with her therapist… sorry. This is a conversation she’s carrying on with her
therapist, correct?
01:20:30 – 01:22:49
John: Yeah. Correct. Yeah, so, you know, but, you know, in terms of vampires and psychic
warfare and demons and all of those types of things, collectively it all spells this like… follow the yellow
brick road. It all spells the same thing. That Tiffany was involved that was certainly, way over my head. In
fact, in one term she says, and I don’t know the exact word how to say it but she said, “It’s not like I’m
going to differentiate myself from the crow.” Now, you know, I don’t know the spelling of the word
“differentiate”, but basically, I believe what she was saying was is she’s not going to remove herself from
the cult. But, maybe you guys know better than me but she said, “I’m not going to differentiate myself
from the crow.” And you know, a lot of the terminologies that they use in this mind control
programming is very specific to each individual’s person programming. I know that, after Tiffany died,
they had sent in up to 10 other monarch slaves to try to keep control of my actions, and also, to try to
ruin everything that I was working on for the murder case. And for the most part is, some I succeeded.
But, all of them I decoded and realized that shortly after I met them, that they were all mind control
victims. And you know, I’m still semi-friends with them but I keep them at a distance because I do know
it’s not their fault. I mean, a girl named Drew. I call her Drew, it’s not her real name. But, I mean, she
was even walking by my store the night Tiffany died. And I had met her for 6 months. And so, you can
see how they plan this stuff out. I mean, if Drew was walking by my store, and she was, because her
boyfriend told me that was him in the video and he didn’t even know why he was in front of my store
that night. But, I had met her for 6 months later. So, they had planned all of this in advance. And you
know, I mean, this is like Netflix times a hundred because it’s real. And it’s difficult for people to grasp all
of it in a 2-hour discussion and it doesn’t help that I have ADHD. But, I assume at some point, somebody
will do a 48-hours or something on.
01:22:49 – 01:23:33
Frank: Yeah. There’s a lot of inconsistencies in this case. Now, looking at this big picture, you
keep referencing a cult, in the illuminati. You said, yourself that prior to this, she had no knowledge
about any of this stuff. How hard was it, for you to come to terms with the very, very real possibility that
this is all actually happening? That all of these things that people have been saying as far as mind
control, and MKULTRA, and government experiments and things of that nature. I’m just wondering,
what’s really difficult for you to be caught in a real life conspiracy theory?
01:23:33 – 01:25:45
John: No, I was actually happy as heck when I found out why or when I found out the truth.
Because I had no idea why all the murder and the lies and the, I mean… they try to make it like you nuts,
when this happens, okay? So, for the general public that doesn’t know, you’re investigating a murder,
you know for sure, her doctor said she’s going to get shot, and nobody cares. There’s nothing that can
help alleviate the pain of nobody caring, except for realizing why nobody cares. And so, I learned that
this stuff was real and I was so happy that I found out so that I can make changes, you know. I
remember going, I made an appointment to go to a priest in Oregon. And not a Catholic priest but it was
like a Christian. And I said, “Yeah, I want to talk about the new world order.” And he spent about 30
seconds and he goes, “Yeah. But you don’t need to really worry about the murder because God’s
coming.” And I said, “Well, I want to worry about the murder first. And then we’ll worry about God,
second. Because that’s the system that we abide by as Americans.” And he was basically trying to tell me
to let the murder go and that God is on His way. And I told him, he needed to turn his cross upsidedown, and then it was about 1 minute after I met him, before our 2 hour meeting, that he told me to get
out. And so, then I was kicked out. But, the most important part of this is, there are a lot of people
involved in the new world order. And most people do not know at all. They’re completely oblivious. You
can call it, I think some people call it Yoga, you know. There’s a hundred names for this new world order
plan to, you know, remove the bad out of the country, or kill us all. But, you know, whatever you want
to call it, once you find out that this plan is real, and then you go, “Oh, wait a minute here. You’re telling
me Tiffany ran the dams? Well that’s weird. Oh! You’re telling me that the police lied in her murder?
Well that’s weird.” So, each step of the way you go, it seems to be that there’s something building here,
and it’s not my story. That’s the great thing about Tiffany’s case. It’s not my story. It’s hers.
01:25:45 – 01:26:22
Frank: I think that that’s what, I think, people need to look at if they are still on the fence about
this story. They need to see that there has been lies forth, by the authorities that, as you mentioned, are
meant to be solving this crime, not help cover it up. And that is very, very strange and very bizarre.
We’re on the home stretch here, John. Why don’t you tell people a little bit about what you’re doing
now, to bring more awareness in to this case, and what can people do to help spread the word?
01:26:22 – 01:27:38
John: Well, first of all, they can find out more information about Tiffany’s case by going to or her Facebook page Tiffany Jenks Murder and John S. Captain and become my
friend. And it is my plan to continue to seek justice. I do need help from people who that can write well,
and people who could deploy a request. And I do want other monarch slave mind control victims that do
not know for sure if they are, or maybe they’re thinking that they have a friend that is, to connect on my
page because a lot of them are seeking help that they’re not able to get anywhere, especially from their
family and therapist, sometimes, depending on their cult. So, there is a lot of help out there. And I think
that it’s important that other people who are monarch slaves, get the acknowledgement that we get it.
We get it. Mind control is real. And it’s time America realizes it. Too many people are dying. Too many
people are getting set up on murders and, or, are out there, killing people, like the Florida airport
shooter. So, I’m just trying to say that America gets it. Mind control is not complex. They make it
complex, but it really is not as complex as it seems. It’s bad people, controlling others. That’s all it is.
01:27:39 – 01:27:51
Frank: It’s a very scary, scary thing that’s happening and, John, we wish you the best of luck. And
we will definitely do our part to make sure that our listeners find out more about this.
01:27:52 – 01:28:21
Genevieve: To dispel any doubt that listeners may have, what are the chances that you may,
unbeknowingstly to yourself, be mind controlled involved in this. Because I do know from talking to
people like Elisa E., in our past interviews, that mind controlled victims associate with other mind
controlled victims. Obviously in their family, social circles, and with their lovers, etc.
01:28:22 – 01:29:31
John: Yeah. Totally. If I was a mind control victim, I think our family would love me, because then
they can control me. And another thing is, I wouldn’t be spending the 150,000 dollars trying to bring to
light, the evils of mind control. If I am a mind control victim, or ever was, then the murder would not be
my quest for getting this out there. And I don’t do well at, necessarily… I don’t know. I don’t want to say
that mind control are weak, because they’re not. They’re very, very smart people. Often times, they
don’t know they’re mind control victims. And some of the ways they can tell they’re mind control
victims is by, you know, having people in their lives that are convincing them of things that they know
not to be true, and, or, they are missing time. Often times, mind control victims will be missing time. So,
if they know those sorts of things like, days and a time. Drug abuse, and alcohol abuse is also big in mind
control victims but in terms of me, I’m fighting the [inaudible] straight up. And they do not like me. So, I
don’t think that that’s even an issue.
01:29:32 – 01:29:47
Frank: Thank you for your answers, John. We really appreciate it. And like I said, we’re going to
keep up with the story and we just ask you to be safe out there. And definitely, we will continue
supporting your fight in this and getting the word out.
01:29:47 – 01:29:48
Genevieve: Absolutely.
01:29:48 – 01:29:50
John: Yes. Thank you both. Thank you both, Frank and Genevieve.
01:29:50 – 01:30:23
Frank: And that was our guest, John Captain, who is trying to get attention on this case. The
murder of Tiffany Jenks. And I’m speechless. It’s definitely a shocking and a heart breaking story, to say
the least. And I can imagine trying to help solve a murder and the people who we trust to help us, to do
that, not paying attention.
01:30:23 – 01:31:03
Genevieve: Yeah. I mean, the thing is, it’s obvious there’s something dodgy going on of this case.
And, at very least, that should be acknowledged, but the fact that not even that much has been
acknowledged. Let’s, you know, there’s something not right about it. I mean, the fact that they brushed
it away so easily. I mean, a 200 dollar fine, what does that even mean? Is that a symbolic fine? That
doesn’t even… at that point, don’t bother fining. I’ve heard like, car fines that are bigger than that, you
know what I’m saying. That’s not a fine for an accomplice in murder.
01:31:03 – 01:31:16
Frank: Yeah, I mean, if it was my family member who had, you know, met that fate. And one of
the people involved waked away with such a light sentence, I would be pretty upset. Yeah.
01:31:16 – 01:31:47
Genevieve: But I think we do need to remember that those involved in the murder, and the
parent perpetrators may not be the ultimate perpetrators per say because the powers that be are often
a lot further up and a lot more far removed from the actual occurrence of any, you know, murder or
attack. And I think we need to not be too quick to judge the people that were directly involved
01:31:47 – 01:31:51
Frank: They could just be the puppets. And there’s somebody else pulling the strings
01:31:49 – 01:32:01
Genevieve: I’m pretty sure they are just the pawns. They are just the pawns in this game and
there are people, far higher up, that just haven’t… no strings attached, apparently.
01:32:01 – 01:32:28
Frank: Absolutely. So, if you want to learn more about this case, I know John has a couple of
websites and Facebook pages set up. I know one of them is You can also find
Facebook pages on the murder of Tiffany Jenks. And you can also, as he said, friend him on Facebook
there. Look up John Captain the Third. John S. Captain the Third, if I’m not mistaken. And…
01:32:28 – 01:32:46
Genevieve: And you can look him up on Twitter as well. You can either look up John Captain but
his “@” is “pdxonthego”. P-d-x-o-n-t-h-e-g-o. PDX on the go.
01:32:47 – 01:34:09
Frank: Absolutely. And like I said, I encourage people, you know, after they listen to this show,
go, and get on Google. Do some research. That’s what we did when we came across this story. And you
will see that, at the very least, you will agree that there are some very, very strange set of circumstances
surrounding this case. And if you’re a little bit open minded, you will be open to the possibility that
what’s going on here is literally just a conspiracy involving, you know, some definitely higher ups in,
yeah, with the authorities. That being said, take care. Be safe. God bless. Don’t do anything too crazy.
We want to see you back next week. As always, I’m engineerfrank on Twitter. West of the Rockies on
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And it’s a track by Justin Warfield called “Head lights.” Enjoy. Perfect night time driving if you ask me, so
if you’re driving out there, enjoy this one. If not, hope you’re in bed, and still enjoy this one. Take care.
We’ll see you next week, guys. Buh-bye.
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