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Density Quiz

Density Quiz
1. a) Place the three states of matter in order from most dense to least dense.
b) Explain, by mentioning particles, how you know which state is ALWAYS least dense.
c) What is the only exception to the above density order?
2. The following beaker is filled with three layers of the following liquids: dish soap (1.05g/mL),
honey (1.36g/mL) and vegetable oil (0.91g/mL). Draw the layers in the order they would rest in.
3. Read the mass below:
The object weighs:________________
Use water displacement to calculate the volume of the same object.
The object has a volume of: ______________
Calculate the density of this object. Show your
formula, work and answer with units.
4. a) Using the Density Triangle, write the formula to solve for volume.
b) The density of a type of rock is known to be 6 g/cm3. A sample of this rock weighs 150 grams.
What amount of space does it occupy?