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water supply

6.0 Electricity supply
Power supply for the site office and other amenities will be sourced from TNB grid
line. EMPIRE.CO has two power stations which are located near the processing
plant and other main buildings such main office, cafeteria and laboratory. The power
consumption for each amenities will affect the tariff electricity of the mine. The tariff
electricity for mining industry is categorized under low, medium and high voltage.
Table 6 below shows the tariff for industrial and mining in Malaysia.
Table 6: Tariff category and current rate for mining
6.1 Water supply
The primary main water supply is obtained from Syarikat Air Darul Aman (SADA) . It
is mainly used for main buildings such as office, toilet and other purposes. However
for mine operations, the source of water is obtained from the tailing pond when the
sediment is trapped at bottom layer and left the layer of water at the top. Water from
sedimentation may be used for drilling purpose and rehabilitation process. Water
supply is also used in controlling the dust at quarry area such as road spraying and
wet dust suppression system. The purpose of road spraying is to control dust
emissions. Dust produced during mining is a leading contributor to environmental
pollution and can effect employees’ health. The purpose of using water sprays and
mists to control fugitive dust on piles, roads and crushing plant. Therefore, in order to
control dust in quarrying operations, a large amount of water is required. Water
consumption in the mine is shown in Table 6.1 as follows:
Table 6.1: Water Consumption in EMPIRE.CO
The estimated water consumption in the quarry is estimated about RM 28,000 per
year. It is calculated based on water tariff from Syarikat Air Darul Aman as shown in
Table 6.2
Table 6.2: Water Tariff for industrial purpose in Kedah state
Huge amount of water is also required for processing plant. Therefore, the water
from nearby river will be pumped into the water tank to support the capacity of water
needed. Water that is discharged from the processing plant will be flow into the
tailing pond and for filtration. After that, the water will be reused back for processing
plant operation. The pond also will be provided to collect the storm water for reuse.
This will ensure that the rainwater is effectively used and minimizes the drawl of
ground water resources.