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Addendum to Inkster Lease 11-20-19

Supplemental Housing During Repairs/Renovation
This addendum is made this 20th day of November 2019 by and between Raj Patel
for Owner, hereinafter referred to as the LANDLORD, and Janice P. Gersham, hereinafter
referred to as the TENANT. The Rental Property is located at 21480 Inkster Road,
Southfield, MI 48033.
Due to the extraordinary circumstances in which the rental property is not
available for occupancy due to the lack of a certificate of occupancy, the TENANT has had
to reside at a hotel for several weeks. This is caused the children to be referred to as
“homeless” by the school district and the children do not have daily transportation to
and from school. Furthermore, the Tenant has incurred additional expense paying for
food on a daily basis for lunch and dinner which would not be the case is the TENANT
was occupying the Rental Property. The TENANT has also had to adjust her work
schedule to drop off and pick up the children at their schools.
This Addendum is prepared to set forth the terms and agreements between the
Parties during the additional time needed to repair/renovate the plumbing and any other
repairs/renovations needed so that the Rental Property will be issued a Certificate of
Article I: Terms and Hotel Stay During Renovation Period
The Parties acknowledge that the original lease was executed on October 18, 2019
without the presence of a Certificate of Occupancy. The OWNER acknowledges
that Tenant has not been able to take physical possession of the rental property as
of this date.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
The LANDLORD agrees to reimburse the TENANT for all costs associated with
living in a hotel, including, and not limited to purchasing food, transportation costs
for children to and from school and payment of the hotel bill beginning Friday,
November 22, 2019.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
November 20, 2019
The LANDLORD agrees to prepay the hotel charges for the TENANT and the
TENANT’s children to reside in a comfortable hotel. Acceptable hotels include the
Extended Stay Hotel (Southfield), Springhill Suites (Southfield), or similar
Owner Initials ____
The LANDLORD will pay in advance the hotel charges in full for TENANT and
TENANT’s children to reside in the hotel for the remaining period until the subject
rental property has a Certificate of Occupancy and is ready for the TENANT to take
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
The Parties acknowledge that rent for the month of December will begin on the day
that the TENANT takes possession of the rental property.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
The LANDLORD agrees to provide at least $100 additional funds towards food and
transportation costs beginning 11/22/19. This may be in the form of gift cards to
restaurants or grocery stores.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Tenant Initials _____
The Parties agree rent for the month of November has been covered by the money
prepaid on October 19, 2019 and the additional money that the TENANT has paid
for hotel costs, food and transportation for the month of November.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Article 2: Rental Insurance
Rental Insurance: The Parties further agree that TENANT will obtain rental
insurance for the premises while her property resides at the Rental Property and
through the termination of the lease.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
November 20, 2019
Article 3: Transfer of Utilities to Tenant’s Name
Utilities: The LANDLORD agrees to allow the TENANT 60 additional days upon
taking possession to transfer the DTE bill in her name. The Consumer Energy bill
will be transferred in the TENANT’s name upon taking possession. Cable will be
in the TENANT’s name upon taking possession.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Article 4: Use and Occupancy
Move-In/Move-Out Prior to Possession: The LANDLORD agrees to allow
the TENANT to move her personal belongings into the subject Rental Property and
the TENANT has access to change clothing during the time the Rental Property is
being renovated.
Owner Initials ____
Use of the Premises: The TENANT shall have use of premises only to store her
personal belongings and will not reside or sleep at the Rental Property until the
Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Entering the Premises: The LANDLORD or his representatives will enter the
premises freely while making inspections, repairs, improvements, remodels during
the period prior to the occupancy of the Rental Property.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Window Coverings: The LANDLORD agrees to provide the window coverings
which will remain at the property at the termination of the Lease.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Tenant Initials _____
Yard Maintenance and Snow Removal: The LANDLORD shall be solely
responsible for keeping the walks and steps free of snow and ice in accordance with
municipal regulations until the TENANT is in possession of the Rental Property.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
November 20, 2019
Unfinished Basement: The TENANT acknowledges that the Rental Property
has an unfinished basement. The LANDLORD is not responsible for any damages
to the TENANT property stored in the basement. This can be, but is not limited to
flooding, seepage, etc. It is strongly recommended that the TENANT does not store
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Entire Agreement: The LANDLORD and the TENANT agree that the Lease
executed on October 19, 2019 and this Addendum, which each understands and
signs, embody their total and complete agreement regarding the terms and
conditions of this lease, except as it may hereafter be modified and acknowledged
in writing by both parties or their authorized agents.
Owner Initials ____
Tenant Initials _____
Raj Patel, OWNER
Date: _________
Janice P. Gersham, TENANT
Date: _________
November 20, 2019