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English written test for 1LA

English written summary for 2012.
Exercise one A:
Scotland: St. Andrew. And the floral emblem is the Scottish bluebell
Northern-Ireland: St. Patrick the floral emblem is the shamrock
Exercise one B:
The union flag, known as the union jack, is a combine between the Scottish white diagonal cross, and
northern white Red Cross on the white nineteen twenty one. On January 1801. England is the cross
of St. George. 1194, A.D. Richard 1 of England.
Exercise one C:
The union flag. The flag of the United Kingdom. Known as the union jack. England, Scotland,
Northern-Ireland. Wales is not a kingdom but a principality, so they are not included.
Exercise two B:
The first black to win PGA golf as a black man. And be the number one in the history books. He have
taken all the records in golf. He started as a young boy to play golf and he has just been better for
every time he played. After a problematic time with cheating on other lady's he had a down time
where he did not play golf, now he is back but it seems that he is trying too hard to come back the
way he used to be. For the record he won Sunday night. He is a symbol for people and for the black.
If you love something in train hard you can do all that you want.
Exercise tree: from 1869- 1948. He was preeminent leader of India nationalism in British-ruled India.
For non-violent civil disobedience. First he was a justice law. And lived in south-Africa, before he
returned to India, for his right which he means was important for the people in India. Some of that I
stood for was that the Indian people was going to be free from Births, and have there one land, and
have free rights. He did so much more for them, and in the end it become true, he did it.