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Finite Math 1

Finite Math 1/17/2018
Section 1.1- Functions Domain Range Etc.
Vertical line test- Tests to see if something is a function. Draw a vertical line if it touches 2 or
more places its not a function. Circle is not a fuction
Parabola- Y=X(2) Parabola is a function
X=Y(2) Not a function
Pages 55-57 show basic functions
Liner functions contain strait lines
Quadradic functions create a U shape
What you should know from 1.1 How to graph lines, find intercepts, make X/Y charts
Find domain of range
Put equations into the calculator
Scatter plot in calc
Be able to change window settings
Be able to evaluate functions given numbers or variables
Evaluate piece-wise functions
Determine if a graph is a function
Recognize basic function shapes
Section 1.2 Mathematical Models
Ex- T(H)= 10+20h Linear model- Y=MX+B
Ex. C(M)=3.05+1.80M
Total Cost= Fixed cost+ Variable cost
Revenue= Total Income received
Profit= Revenue- Cost
Break Even Point= When Revenue= cost or when profit = 0
Profit ModelP(X)= 2x-100
Exponential ModeL.
EX. A(T)=1000(1+.05/4)^
Compund in trust formula
N=number of compounds
T= Time in years
Ex. Suppose you invest 500$ with annual yield of 15% the in trust is compounded yearly
500(1+.15/1) 1T
Let F(X)=x^2+1 Domain (-In,in)
G(x)=x-1 Domain (-in,in)
Domain everything left to right
Section 1.3 Linear Functions
Slope Intercept Y=mx+b
Slope Formula M=y2-y1
Point Slope y-y1=m(x-x1)
Graph to see if its strait to see if it’s a linear function or it will have a constant change
Find a line through (2,3) with a slope of 4