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Biotechnology Webquest

Biotechnology WebQuest
1. DNA Fingerprinting: http://bit.ly/PBSDNAfingerprintlab
Directions: Go to the website and read the introduction to answer Part I. Then click on Launch Interactive. This will take
you to an interactive crime scene. Be sure to read about the crime that has been committed (answers to Part II). Then you
will need to work your way through the evidence to solve the case (Part III.)
Part I: Create a DNA Fingerprint - Introduction (First page of website)
1. DNA is unique for everyone with one exception. What would be an example of that exception?____________
2. What are DNA Fingerprints used for?
A) ________________________________________________________________
B) ________________________________________________________________
Part II: “It Takes A Lickin’!” - Introduction to the “Crime”
3. What “crime” was committed? ____________________________________________
4. What bodily fluid was removed from the “crime scene” to get the DNA? _______________________________
5. How many suspects are there in this crime? ____________
Part III: “DNA Fingerprinting at the NOVA Lab!”
6. What does a Restriction Enzyme do? ______________________________________
7. What is Electrophoresis? ________________________________________________
8. Smaller fragments of DNA move _____________________ that longer strands.
9. Sketch the DNA Fingerprint from the saliva in the box.
10. Based on the DNA Fingerprint…WHO COMMITTED THE CRIME??? _____________
2. Visit http://bit.ly/GMOtable Click on each of the foods on
the table to see what research is being done to bioengineer the foods. List 3 foods and describe
how they are being modified.
11. ___________________________________________________________________
12. ___________________________________________________________________
13. ___________________________________________________________________
3. Facts About Cloning: http://bit.ly/cloningfacts2 Answer the questions below..
What is Cloning?
14. . What is cloning? _________________________________________________________________________
15. How does reproductive cloning work? __________________________________________________________
16. What is the significance of Dolly the sheep? ______________________________________________________
17. What are some of the applications of cloning currently being used? ____________________________________
18. What are stem cells? What potential is there in the cloning of stem cells? _______________________________
4. Stem Cell Research: The Ethical Issues - visit http://bit.ly/stemcelldilemma
19. What are the two moral principles stem cell research forces people to choose between?
1. ________________________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________________________
20. Why can’t we respect both principles? __________________________________________________________