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Logic Performance Task

Logic Performance Task
Questions to answer and things to do:
1. Is there any difference between logic and reasoning?
 According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, “logic is the science of the formal principles of
reasoning”. While they define reasoning as, “the process of thinking about something in a logical
way in order to form a conclusion or judgment”. If so, reasoning uses logic to come up with a
conclusion and logic is used to validate reasoning. Therefore, the two are different things but
are complementary to each other.
2. Discuss how you have been at one time or another used logical reasoning to decide on the following
a. When choosing the subjects to enroll in a semester.
I choose what is required for the program that I had chosen for the semester, in which we have
no choice to pick our own subject since it was already prepared by the faculty, to meet the required
units and subject course for me to be able to proceed to the next level of the program.
b. When deciding on the best route to take in going to a destination.
I analyze every factor and aspect of my trip that could affect the time for me to get to my
destination. Factors like, how heavy the usual traffic in a particular route based on my experience and
the distance of my destination. If the destination is new for me, I ask my friends or search in the internet
for the best route for my destination.
c. When organizing your hectic activities.
I list everything that I am about to do and the reminders such as the things I need to bring to
school. After doing so, I do prioritizing of the things that I need to do. What I usually do is to finish the
outputs that the deadline is about to come and that is the time when I study for the quizzes for the next
d. When choosing the course you would take in college.
I took the course I am studying currently for the reason that it is the most favorable program for
me and the situation of our family. The program was suggested by mother but I resisted at first because
I want to take the program that I really like. But then, when I considered our situation and the wide
opportunities of the nursing program, I realized that it is right for me to take the course compared to the
course that I really like to take.
e. When choosing the school where you would enroll in college.
UCB is the most affordable for us and to consider its distance between our home and UCB, this
school is the most convenient for me. Also, UCB has good reputation.
3. Give 5 examples each of the univocal, equivocal and analogous terms.
 Anatomy
 Lift
 Urinalysis
 Orange
 Physics
 Crane
 Aerodynamics
 Fork
 Motorcycle
 Wheels
 Left
 Mean
 Kind
 Spring
 Book