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Lesson plan for the CALLA

Lesson plan for the CALLA (60-70 mins)
Theme/topic: sports in four seasons
Grade/language level: grade 2, beginning level
Materials: text (I Can Swim), color pencils, small and big papers, glues, pictures of
Objectives: after this class, students will be able to
(1) learn popular sports in the U.S.,
(2) understand simple wh-questions in context;
(3) talk about sports they watch and play using simple present
wh-questions (what, when, who, where).
Give students a split pictures of different sports and ask them to stand up and look for
the other half of the picture. As soon as students find their partners, they sit down.
Then ask students questions about the pictures to set the scene:
-What do you think we are going to talk about?
-What sports do you have in your picture? (what other sports do you
-What do you think swimming is popular? (is that popular in your home country as
-How do you think we can classify those sport? (no right or wrong answer)
 students work in pairs and discuss for 1 min
 students share out
In total:10 minutes
Show the objectives of the lesson on the ppt slides
Explain students that sports can be classified according to the seasons (show slides
and paste the big poster paper on the white board): Summer (swimming, boating, etc),
Winter (ice-skating, ice-hockey, etc), Spring (jumping rope, running, etc), and Fall
(football, climbing, etc).
Students discuss with their pair partners to decide in which season they think those
sports are played in the U.S. Then ask students to go to the board and stick the
pictures under the correct season (might add one more category “perennial” if
students think some sports can be played in all seasons).
Hand out students the one-page text to compare their answers with the ones provided
(ppt slide shows it as well) on the page, then the teacher reads aloud the conversation.
Explain that we use “PLAY” with games and “GO” with sports that are not games.
Ask students to find examples in the text.
Choral read with students and divide students to two groups (“X” team and “O” team)
to take turn reading
Ask students the same question shown in the text (“What sports do you like?” “When
do you DO/PLAY ___?” “Where do you DO/PLAY _____?” “Who do you
DO/PLAY with?”) , if they can answer it, that means they learned.
In total:10-15 minutes
Students complete conversation 1 with the correct wh-question words. Compare and
practice with their partner.
Pairs share out.
Students complete conversation 2 with questions. (with “where”adding)
Compare and practice with their partner.
Volunteer pairs go to the stage and share out.
In total: 20 minutes
Self-evaluation (exit ticket): Crossword puzzle
-give each student a crossword puzzle to complete according to the information
learned in the snapshot.
-students check their answers with the one provided on the slide.
*Co-evaluation: Tic Tac Toe
-students stay in their own groups (“X” and “O”)
-teacher explains rules and models it with 2-3 volunteers
-students play two rounds
In total:10-15 minutes
Students write their own paragraph about their favorite sports with prompts provided
by teacher.
Students go home and interview one family member using wh-questions in their
family and write a paragraph (prompts provided) talking about their favorite sport(s).
They will need to bring back the interview script for next class session and share out.
In total: 10 minutes