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A Thing Called Love

A Thing Called Love.
By Nicole b.
Good day my fellow men. Today we shall talk about this thing called “love” but what on
earth is “love”?
Love is already a topic used everyday in every way by everyone. It is one of the pathetic
feeling, ignored by some. People treat this as a game, on which their main goal is either
make you fall in love, or ruin love. It makes the serious ones cry out loud and curse that
“trash”. But no matter how cliché, pathetic, ignored, and how it caused people to
experience pain, it will be the only feeling that will make you feel special, stronger,
happier, appreciate life more, and the only reason why you are alive and breathing.
Without our parents “Love”, they will never waste any efforts on taking care of us, or
even take good care of you in their wombs. Why would they even bother tiring
themselves for someone whom they do not value?
Love is the main reason why god sacrificed his life for us. Without its existence, no one
could live today.
If it wasn’t for love, students might not exist; patients could never survive; houses will
never be build; companies, factories and offices will be ignored; nature would be
Peace is something we all value. Without love, wars and chaos will rule this world.
Maybe no one will live today because of cruelness, selfishness, and hard-heartedness.
Love isn’t just about kissing, hugging, cuddling, worshiping, or trusting. It is also about
caring, appreciating, respecting, trying, fighting, and giving without expecting any return.
Love is something precious, something real, something that brings true and everlasting
happiness. It is something that is worth the pain and tears, the only reason for our
peace and the only feeling that keeps us alive.
So, have you been loved or fell in love?