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A Perfect Copy Guided Inquiry

Inquiry Warm-Up
A Perfect Copy
When a cell divides, each daughter cell receives a complete set of chromosomes. This fact
means that each new cell has a complete set of the DNA code. Before a cell can divide, the
DNA must be copied so that there are two sets ready to be distributed to the new cells.
1. On a sheet of paper, draw a curving or zigzagging line that divides the paper into two
halves. Vary the bends in the line as you draw it.
2. Without tracing, copy the line on a second sheet of paper.
Analyze and Conclude
1. Compare Hold the papers side by side, and compare the lines. Do they look the same?
2. Compare Now stack the papers, one on top of the other, and hold the papers up to the
light. Are the lines the same?
3. Apply Concepts How could you use the original paper to draw exact copies of the line
without tracing it?
4. Draw Conclusions Why is it important that the copies of DNA that are given to new
daughter cells be exact copies of the original?