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Anjanette D.
Angela T.
Angie W.
Materials: Ten pink cubes of wood, increasing in size from 1 cubic centimeter to
10 cubic centimeters. Rug
1. Invite the child
2. Show child where the material is located.
3. Name the activity
1. Walk with child to get rug
2. Locate pink tower.
3. Demonstrate how to carry each cube one at a time and with one hand
underneath the cube and the other on the side.
4. Lay each cube randomly on the rug
5. Choose the largest cube and place it in the center of the rug
6. With two hands choose the next largest and place it on top of the largest
cube, making sure to center the cube
7. Repeat number six 8 times.
8. From the top down take each cube off the tower and place it randomly on the
9. Take each cube one at a time and rebuild the tower on its stand.
10.Roll rug and put it away.
Control of error
1. Seeing a cube left out from the tower
2. Seeing and hearing the tower fall
Points of interest
1. Seeing the color
2. Feeling how heavy the cubes are
3. Seeing the tower built in the center of the rug
4. The smoothness of the cubes
5. Smallest cube in difference from the largest cube
6. Alignment of cubes
7. Different views of the tower
Direct Aim: visual and muscular perception of dimension from largest to smallest
Indirect Aims:
1. Preparation for math
2. Preparation of weight
3. Sequential order,
4. Concentration
5. Coordination
6. Independence
Pink Tower, cubes, largest, smallest
1. Build tower horizontally
2. Combine with brown stairs
3. Give three period lesson