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Dixie Jolliff
1327 9th Street Apt B Clarkston WA 99403
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Job Experience & Trained: Certified Nurse Assistant of Idaho and Washington states, Registered
Pharmacy Technician, Idaho, Trained Computerized Medical System Alpine College Medical
Assistant Program, and Trained Computerized Meditech computerized systems at Kootenai
Medical Center, Hospital continuing Education, and Training- Trained various computer systems,
Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, and Schedule appointments and various clerical duties.
Studied Medical Insurance, Billing, Phlebotomy and Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Ethics Law
and Pharmacology.
Studied Administrative Assistant- Trained Pharmacy –
Pharmacy technician, Scan medical charts, prepared disability cases and submit to the county’s',
daily data entry log billing, Trained Pathology Lab data entry assistant. Trained Health Unit Clerk,
Outpatient Admissions for Deaconess Medical Center Surgical Day Surgery Health Unit Clerk,
Trained for Medical Emergency, Education of Medical Terminology, Patient Charting, and Medical
Records. Certified Nurse Assistant, Trained CPR & Trained EEG Technician at Advance Care
Hospital in Post Falls Idaho also, Kootenai Medical Center Coue d’Alene, Idaho.
Patient Registrar/Trained Prepare New Admits and Discharge Registrar for Patients transition
surgery worked Skilled Nursing Facilities. Performed duties medical records of patients and
charting patient care status following filing of medical records. Trained clerical duties on cashier
and handle money for register, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Distribute Med-pack
orders for Patients and pharmacy duties. I have good Public Relations with staff and customers
public relations. I was trained for Health Insurance billing for process and verifications of patient
health status, also trained for verification patient health history and information for facsimile to
physical therapy and doctors’ office, and scanned-computerized medical records data
information for daily documents on spreadsheet for Excel, Power Point. Studied Clackamas
Community College, North Idaho Community College, Horizon Medical Institute, Alpine College,
Lewis & Clark State, and Walla Walla Community College. Job experience Trained Hospitals,
Nursing homes and In Home Care facilities. Disability Adults, youth, and Geriatric patient care.
Currently Certified .Nursing Assistant on General Medical, Oncology, Emergency Rooms floors,
also perform job task as Health Unit Clerk. I can communicate efficiently with Doctors, Nurses,
and staff for care of patients triage and for-advance care orders and for outpatient.
Job Experience Current employee for Senior Life Resource Northwest/Home Care since 7/2014
still current job and Independent Provider-home care services Caregiver, Veterans Home Idaho:
Certified Nurse Assistant since 10/1997 Trained to perform daily Vital Signs and documentations,
charting, Transfers of patients care, use sit to Stand and Hoyer Lifts mechanics. Waseem Drug
Pharmacy-Retail Clerk: 6/2013-9/2013 duties include retail cashier and sales. Employed at A & B
Family Foods duties include retail clerk, public relations 4/2008 thru 6/2013. Other experienced
cash register handle money Transactions Customer Service with good public relations I studied
Walla Walla Community college for Medical Assistant Associates degree. Employed
Emeritus/Juniper Meadows Assisted Living Facility Certified Nurse Assistant- 9/2013-2/2014Daily Client Care, Community Action Partnership: Energy IN taker-Assistant-12/07-3/08- assist
customers for-Federal funding programs to provide for low-income services along with data
entry of monthly income approvals for federal funding and financial assistants for public
Employed Walgreens Pharmacy Board of Pharmacy license on 4/2007, Sid’s Pharmacy assist
home medical equipment AR, Rite Aid Pharmacy- Board of Pharmacy license for Pharmacy
Technician assist patients’ care data entry patient history, dispense and count pills, assist
Pharmacist as needed,
Patients with prescription refills, facsimile doctor outpatient facilities for doctor’s approval
To prescription orders, cashier register for patient care pick up orders.