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What color tie with blue shirt

What Color Tie With Blue Shirt
what color tie with blue shirt are two important pieces of any menswear wardrobe, and pairing them
correctly is vital in creating a clean and stylish look. We guide you through pairing the versatile blue shirt
with any tie of your choice.
What color tie with blue shirt is a classic combination, and one that's been around since the tie was first
created back in the 17th century. You've probably forgotten how many times you've paired one with a shirt,
but we're betting that over 80% of the time it's been with a what color tie with blue shirt.
Now, there's nothing wrong with a good white shirt, but there are so many ways you can create a smart,
formal or smart casual look with something a little different. In comes the blue shirt, and, like the white one,
there are so many tie combinations that can be styled with it. Read on, and find out how to perfectly match
a tie with a crisp blue shirt.
How to Match Your Shirts and what color tie
with blue shirt
What color tie with blue shirt, there are many options of colours, patterns and fabrics to choose. The final
decision depends on several factors:
Different occasions and times of the day
Your taste
The rules of combination of colours and patterns
As for the colours, the colour wheel can help you decide which are the correct matchings.
How to Match a Tie with a Blue Shirt
The blue shirt is quite a versatile piece, with different shades of blue to suit any style and complexion. There
are also various kinds of shirts: plain, patterned and with different collars and fabrics. what color tie with
blue shirt goes with a blue shirt, you must consider different elements, including the shades and tones. A
sky blue shirt would match well with a darker tie, where as a dark blue shirt could easily be complimented
with a lighter toned tie.
what color tie with blue shirt can create contrast with your blue shirt. It is a good combination but it
is best suited for a less formal affair.
A solid mustard tie also contrasts the blue shirt and works well with it.
what color tie with blue shirt. In fact, green and blue are similar colours.
Pale blue shirts are really stylish with a navy polka dot tie.
You can also decide to experiment with the texture (for example, match a pale blue shirt with a
textured tie in the blue tones).
A plain blue shirt can also be combined with a patterned tie, such as polka dot, checks, stripes or
The striped tie, for example, is an excellent combination for a blue shirt. The trick is to choose a
striped pattern, where one of the stripes has a similar (or the same colour) of the shirt.
Blue Checkered Shirt
The blue checkered shirt - a classic design that's been styled in numerous ways over the years and has
become a slightly controversial shirt because of it. Depending on the scale of the checks and of course how
you dress it up, you can create different looks that can suit a variety of events. Smaller, more concise
checks are best for formal affairs, whereas larger, more open checks are good for more casual looks. what
color tie with blue shirt, so it's all about how you combine the two.
what color tie with blue shirt. This creates an even, balanced look that allows the shirt to do the talking and
doesn't create too much contrast. Saying that however, a small checkered shirt can still be used for more
interesting combinations.
If you prefer to try something different, you can match a small checked blue shirt with a thick striped tie.
The two patterns are different enough not to clash too much, and will compliment one another instead.
Remember to pay attention to the dimension of the two patterns, and if you can mix a small pattern with a
large one to keep things even.