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VCS-279 Dumps
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UPDATION DATE : 2019-11-06
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
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VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
Question: 1
An administrator tries to suspend an active job from the NetBackup Activity Monitor, but discovers that
the option is grayed out.
What is preventing the administrator from suspending the job?
A. Child jobs are still active.
B. The parent job is still active.
C. Multiplexing is enabled.
D. Checkpoint restart is disabled.
Answer: A
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
Question: 2
An administrator has a scheduled policy that backs up 20 clients, each with multiple mount points and
multiple streams enabled. One of the jobs has failed and is in an Incomplete state.
How should the administrator verify the incomplete job runs prior to the next scheduled backup?
A. run a manual job for the client
B. resume the job
C. run a manual job for the mount point
D. resume the parent job
Answer: B
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
Question: 3
An administrator is preparing to perform disaster recovery for many clients whose backups are stored
on multiplexed tapes.
Which host property should the administrator modify, prior to the restores, to ensure the best recovery
A. set "Enable unrestricted media sharing for all media servers"
B. increase "Restore retries"
C. increase the "MPX_RESTORE_DELAY" setting on the master server
D. add the client IP addresses to "Resilient Networks"
Answer: D
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
Question: 4
An AdvancedDisk storage unit consistently reaches capacity, causing older, staged backups
to expire.
How can the administrator control the prioritization of images that get removed?
A. change the priority for secondary storage lifecycle operations
B. use Data Classification
C. change the priority of relocation jobs in the staging schedule
D. modify Retention Levels
Answer: C
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
Question: 5
Which feature is compatible with the NBU-Catalog policy type?
A. Disable client-side deduplication
B. Bare Metal Restore
C. Checkpoint restart
D. Enable granular recovery
Answer: B
VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
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VCS-279 Dumps
VCS-279 Dumps PDF
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