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AlcoholDrug Assigment

Let’s say it is my 21st birthday today and we are going out to drink since I am finally
legal. I drove us to the bar and it is around 1 am now and we are finally ready to leave but we all
have had lots of drinks. If I were put in this situation I would call an uber to safely get home and
not make the dumb decision to drive intoxicated. It is my responsibility as the driver to not put
any of my friends that are with me in danger or anyone on the road. I can always get my car in
the morning when I am in better shape. If I had a friend that only had one drink and nothing
more than they could drive my car home. Now let’s say that we are in this same situation but a
very cute guy ask us to take us home but I have watched him drink a lot of drinks. I would tell
him we are better off in a cab or in a uber instead of his car. I would never go into someone's
car while at a bar without knowing how much he has drank.
Next situation, my sister and her friend has asked me to take them to the movies but I
have been on pain pills that last couple of days. I know that I get very drowsy with these and the
doctor said it is better off if I don’t drive a car for the next couple of days. I would make the
choice to tell them I think it is better off if they find a different ride because I don’t want to put
them in danger in case I get too drowsy. I could be in the same situation but this time I haven’t
taken the pill in about 4 hours and it has worn off. I would drive them as I know that I am not
drowsy anymore as I was earlier. As long as they were leaving in the next hour because let's
say that I have to take the pill every 6 hours. I would make sure I was aware of the time and
then not pressured into the situation if they didn’t get a ride from someone or I took the pill right
before we had to leave. If I did I would my friend or see if my mom or dad was home to take
Tonight my friends invited me to a party and they said there will be drinking. I am not
very into drinking so I told them I would be the designated driver. It is about 2 hours into the
party and I have had a lot of people to try to pressure me into having a drink. I had to think
before I acted and tell them I was better off without having one and I would be driving home and
want to be alive. It is finally the end of the party and I kept my promise so we all got home safe
without an accident. Now say I took the drinks I was pressured into so now I have drank 3
beers. I would text my mom, friend or someone close and ask for a ride from them. At the end of
the party if we weren’t able to get one I would call an uber or a taxi that could get us home
instead of being dumb and thinking I was okay still to get in the car and drive us. As the driver
you have to be responsible to know what your limit is of drinks before you get too drunk to drive
and know a backup plan for you and your friends.
Tonight is the Fourth of July and we are going to a big party with lots of drinks. My friend
Sarah said she would be the designated driver to get us there and home without being drink.
We have been having fun and now everyone is starting to leave. Throughout the party I noticed
that Sarah was drinking pretty steadily when she said she would drive. I have had three drinks
but not drunk. I decide that I will call and uber for us because I do not want to take the risk even
though I don’t feel drunk who knows how I would be on the road. If the ubers were backup I
would have a friend or a relative come pick us up. If I wasn’t there I hope that my friends would
have been smart and knew to call someone or a cab to pick them up as all of them have been
drinking quite a lot. If you are ever the designated driver make sure you take responsibility to
keep your promise and get your friends home safe and not cause any accidents.