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1. In Chapter15, What can we infer from the phrase "night without moon"?Is it a kind of
foreshadowing? If so, what is this phrase foreshowing for?
2. What does the reaction of people (mouths half-open) after listening to Scout talking about
entailments represent?
3. What is Atticus' strategy in general?
4. Why Atticus repeatedly asked questions about Mayella?
5. What does Jem's behavior in chapter 15 and chapter 17 reveal of his personality?
6. What could we knew about the characteristic of Atticus when we saw Atticus asked Ewell and
Bert in a stern tone?
7. Mr. Ewell said "I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin’ on my Mayella!" during the trail. Why
this simple sentence made the crowd started to murmur?
8. Why Thomas Robinson enraged the people in the court after he said "I feel sorry for her"?
9. Why did Atticus touch Jem's hair instead of being mad at him?
10. In Chapter16, What is the "invisible signals"? What is the intention of the author to use the
phrase "holiday mood"?