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27 Somersby Avenue

27 Somersby Avenue
South Yorkshire
5 June 2019
Dear Mr. Mike Thompson
We currently live at the above address, under a lease we signed 8 months ago.
We would like your permission to invite my brother with he’s partner to the apartment for period
from 15 June 2019 to end of August 2019. Robert Resiak, and Wiktoria Kowalczyk. Where they a
graduate students at the High School in Poland, and can provide their excellent references. I’ve
attached a recent copy of Robert and Wiktoria Passports and They are happy to provide any other
information you would like.
I understand that I will remain responsible for all the terms of our lease during the period, and that
Robert and Wiktoria will have no independent rights to the apartment. I hope to hear from you soon
regarding this request and any additional information you would like.
Robert’s Passport Number:ER 1960111
Wiktoria’s Passport Number:ERE 1960498
Both photocopies on separated sheet.
Peter Milewski & Sylwia Zawisza
[email protected]