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QAR Study Guide

Abigail Huff
Critical Comprehension Study Guide
Book: Among the Odds & Evens: A Tale of Adventure
Author: Priscilla Turner
Grade Level: 2nd grade
SOL: 2.2
The student will
a) count forward by twos, fives, and tens to 120, starting at various multiples of 2, 5, or 10;
b) count backward by tens from 120; and
c) use objects to determine whether a number is even or odd.
Literal Questions:
1. Two adventurers leave the Land of Letters to explore other parts of the world. Name he
Kingdom the adventurers landed in.
2. Two adventurers, X and Y, start their journey on their Aerocycle. They use this machine
to travel around the world. Explain what you think an Aerocycle is.
3. After working many long hours on their Aerocycle, X and Y observe that Wontoo is
divided into two distinct groups. Both groups were observed acting differently. Describe
the two distinct groups they observed.
4. X and Y didn’t particularly enjoy their stay in the Kingdom because of the way the numbers
lived. But, throughout X and Y’s stay in the Kingdom of Wontoo they participated in
activities around the kingdom. Give examples of the activities they participated in during
their stay.
5. X and Y did not agree with the lifestyle or behaviors of the numbers. They made it very
clear to the numbers they did not approve. Predict how you think the numbers will feel
about the comments X and Y are making.
Interpretive Questions:
6. X and Y disapproved the way the numbers lived. They wanted the Woontoois to see things
their way. Distinguish what they disapproved of. Then, examine why they disapproved the
numbers way of life.
7. When X asked, “Why don’t you Odds ever have odd children like yourself”, the Odd
couple replied, “It’s just a fact of Number life”. Examine the statement made by the Odd
couple and infer what you think “It’s just a fact of Number life” means.
8. The Land of Letters have a different way of pairing up couples then the Kingdom of
Wontoo. Differentiate the way that the letters pair their couples to the different ways the
numbers pair their couples.
9. Even couples only have children that are even. Odd couples also only have children that
are even. A couple that is one odd and one even number have odd children. Explain why a
odd and even couple have odd children and odd couples do not.
Applied Questions:
10. Imagine you were a number listening to X and Y complain about your Kingdom and your
way of life. You attend the secret meeting to discuss the letters. Illustrate the emotions you
would feel during this discussion.
11. During the secret town meeting the numbers expressed their dislike for the letters. To keep
a positive attitude and make sure things all add up they try and fix the solution. Produce
solutions for the numbers to use to solve their problem with the letters.
12. Throughout the kingdom, numbers all over are upset with X and Y. In an effort to
understand why they are saying rude comments about the numbers way of life, defend X
and Y. Justify why they are saying these comments.
13. During the secret meeting, Lord High Mayor said, “Trust me, it will all add up in the end”.
Conclude how it all added up at the end of the story. Choose a math topic that incorporates
both numbers and letters.
14. Imagine you were a number in the Kingdom of Wontoo. Choose what number you would
be and describe whether your pair would be odd or even. Then, select if your children
would be even or odd based on what we learned.