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I have embarrasing experience which happened in Yogyakarta city
precisely. Firstly, I am choosen to handled event or could call be a chief of that
event. Secondly,we found a good place for held that event. The place is very
large with the parking place for a bus and the big green garden inside.
Afterwards, we talked to the owner for booked their place and explained
about our event.The owner is friendly and kind person. We are glad to met him
because he allowed us to use his place without any payment. Next,I made sure
to see all of preparation is ready. At the day of event, my vice called me that
she talked that she could to attend and could not to give her speech because
some reason. Eventually she asked to me for replace her. I did not have
preparation to give a speech and I am not a good speaker. At same time that I
could not to think well I am feeling so nervous and shiver. When my name was
called to give a speech I was speechless at the stage,I only gave greeting and
smiling to the audience. After my speech I cried because it is the first for me
and very embarrasing moment. My experience teach me to improve my
bravery in speaking.