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Evening Show

Euroweek TV SHOW
March 15, 2019 19:30
Last Evening Show
1. A ​TV Report​ of Current International,
National, Entertainment and Euroweek News.
2. A ​TV Commercial​ of a New Polish
3. A Polish Famous ​Drama Series.
4. A ​Weather Report​ of Poland: Dlugopole
5. Game Show​: Familiada.
6. A Comedy Show.
7. Live Sports News​: Soccer
8. A ​TV Commercial ​of Euroweek.
9. A ​Cartoon​ or Disney Show: Aladdin
Everyone should participate in any of the TV Shows given.
You Can join to more than 1 TV Show.
Be creative. Use your imaginations.
Use any materials available in the activity hall, your rooms and in the kitchen.
Coordinate with the leaders about information and changes