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Engaged Research in Family Medicine: Development of a Research Division

Engaged Research in Family Medicine: Development of a Research Division
that Builds Cohesiveness Among Faculty Strengths
Allen F. Shaughnessy, PharmD, MMedEd, Ashley P. Duggan, PhD
Department of Family Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine
Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at Cambridge Health Alliance
Communication and Family Medicine Research Institute, Boston College
To Create a Research Vision for the
Department of Family Medicine
Method: Listening Tour (One year)
Faculty members
• Doing research
• Interested in research
• Doing innovative teaching or practice
Experts across the US
• Thought leaders in family medicine, other disciplines
• Organizational development experts
Inter-disciplinary collaboration between Tufts and
Boston College
Possibility for 4 research agendas:
1. The clinical encounter
2. The future of family medicine as a unique
orientation to primary care
3. Transformational leadership
4. Self-adaptive learning collaborations.
Core Values
• To answer broad and Important societal questions
• To engage faculty with different research
• To promote an environment of curious inquiry
• To develop sustainable research program involving
faculty interested in research at any level
Outcomes of Year One
Listening and Learning from Faculty Members
•Inventory of research projects, research ideas, research interests, innovative practices
•Variable interest in research as a pursuit and as a path to promotion
•Disseminated research skills across faculty members
•Much innovation that is not being systematically studied
Listening and Learning from International Thought
•Many different approaches to research infrastructure (ad hoc, established)
•Collaboration models (NIH) and learning networks (Goldstein) available to try
•Interaction design critical to create the right conversations
•Many people in disparate fields excited to collaborate
•Family medicine research doesn’t occur only in medicine (T. Hoff – Northeastern
School of Business)
Vision for the Department
•To create a unique research agenda that gives back to the world by exploring the
unique ways family medicine physicians deliver high quality health care, while
also creating a workforce capable of providing this health care. We will build a
self-sustaining infrastructure and research-based innovation to demonstrate the
unique factors family medicine physicians bring to primary care through their
approaches to relationships, communication, and decision making.
• Long-term, big picture thinking needed to set a trajectory for
• Inter-disciplinary research is valuable
• Support individual researchers but tie in projects to a shared vision
• Start with small wins but think long term (20 years)