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Activity 1.2.2 Energy Distribution 1

Activity 1.2.2 Energy Distribution
Have you ever considered where the electricity or natural gas that
arrives at your home and other buildings comes from? Electricity
and natural gas in the distribution grid is like several pipes
contributing water to a pond. You might get water out of the pond,
but once it is all mixed together, there is no way to know which pipe
the water came from. You could measure the flow at each pipe and
determine the percentage of water a specific pipe provides, but it is
all still water in the pond. Energy that is inserted in the power
distribution grid comes from several sources.
Turn each arrow in the diagram into a sentence. The diagram is attached to the
Edmodo post as well.
Example: 71% of petroleum provides 95% of transportation.
16 arrows means 16 sentences.
Watch the following videos with the 7 conclusion questions in mind. Each video will take
a class period. The due date for the activity will take this into account.
How Does The Power Grid Work?
Greatest Inventions with Bill Nye –
Energy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC8iGNIBaAo
1. What is the name of the utility company(s) that provides the energy to Detroit?
2. What sources provide energy to the utility?
3. What are the systems used to step down energy so that it can safely be delivered to a
home or other building for use?
4. What systems are used to ensure that energy forms can travel long distances?
5. What kinds of energy are produced closest to where you live?
6. What are some inexhaustible resources available in your area that can be used to
procure energy?
7. Do you think customers should be able to choose how their energy is produced, even if
it means that they may need to pay more for the energy they choose? Defend your