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Time Stone
By Casyn Varnell
Boom Slappy got out of bed and his mom
wasn't home and his dad was at work and his
uncle was at the shop so he was left alone
with his dog and his Bobcats his mom was
going to come back an hour later his dad is not
going to come home till tomorrow so he was
sad and scared He had to go to the grocery
store but he was scared he saw machine in
his house and he turned it on he didn't know
what would happen but green started spitting
out So he ran and hid at his neighbor's house
his neighbor never asked what was going on
but he was too scared to talk Then he passed
out meanwhile later his dad came home and
started screaming 3 minutes later his mom
came home but there was nothing she could
do so she called the cops meanwhile they
came there's something very bad happened
some people turned into zombies so when they
when the police came they had to leave 3
minutes after the call because there was in
emergency his mom got in a crash last week
so he was all alone scared he said hello he
screamed help a lot he was petrified to move
so he ran and ran as he ran he stopped cold
there was a zombie he snuck around the bush
he saw a lot of zombies he saw one was his
dad so he was really scared he ran into a girl
she said i am a Jeenee I wish to be a Dragon
he said wish granted
So he started to spin he was awesome he
thought he flew away the girl chuckled good
luck she said ok he said we'll win he screamed
she chuckled no we'll win then vanished he
was a goner she said so what said Pondy get
the boy out of the way so he can't use the
Time Stone I will I promise and She vanished
so now what do I do asked Pondy you see it’s
easy he said get the Time Stone now he
shouted fine she said good Larry THE END