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FFA Code of Ethics Notes

FFA Code of Ethics
o What is the purpose of having rules?
 ________________________________________________________________________
o What would the school be like if there were no rules?
Rules/ Ethics/ Conduct
o Rules
 Rules ____________________ conduct, actions, _________________________, etc.
 Rules are the _____________________________ to what you do
 Examples of Rules:
 ______________________________________________________
 ______________________________________________________
o Ethics
 Ethics are a __________________________ of ___________________ principles
 Rules of conduct recognized and _________________________to a particular group
o Conduct
 Conduct is defined as ______________________________, a way of acting
What is a Code of Ethics?
o The purpose of the Code of Ethics is
o FFA has _____________ ethics members are to follow
 As an FFA member, I pledge to…
o Develop __________________________ for premier __________________, personal
_______________, and career _________________________
o Make a positive _________________________ in the lives of others
o Dress neatly and _________________________ for the occasion
o Respect the rights of others and ___________________________________________
o Be ____________________________, honest and fair with others
o _______________________________ in an appropriate, purposeful and positive manner
o Demonstrate good _____________________________ by being modest in winning and
generous in defeat
o Make myself aware of FFA ____________________________________________ and be an
active participant
o Conduct and value a _____________________________________________________ program
o Strive to establish and enhance my skills through ___________________________________ in
order to enter a successful career
o Appreciate and promote ___________________________________ in our organization