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IEEE code of Ethics

IEEE Code Of Ethics
Introduction :
IEEE is one of the biggest organizations that works on improving
technology for sake of benefiting human kind. Their Mission projecting
all sort high level technology to humans service in a positive way only.
Their Vision is to be one of the most vital elements for the technological
communities and all technical professionals around the world by doing
significant improvements and playing important roles to evolve and
improve the whole worlds conditions.
After IEEE recognized that technology became a must while having
huge effect of technology on human’s life including their own data that
must be secured , they realized it is very important to put a set of ethical
rules that should be applied on their members and communities to
secure humans rights and safety while enjoying positive side of
technology while working on improving technology .
IEEE started their technologies at 1884 with the telegraphy until 2016
By 1912 they supplied it with a solid and updated code of ethics that
gave their clients best quality and high security that lead to their huge
success .
Analyzing IEEE’s Code of ethics :
All members of the organization Agree :
to reject all kinds of bribes of any shape or form as It may destroy
success and balance of any organization.
To set claims that aren’t to hard to reach and be honest about them , to
be realistic in their estimation on the offered data . honesty is one of the
most important factors of a successful organization that provides
security and safety to the community it serves and to its members
themselves , unrealistic estimation and claims that are impossible to aim
would lead to failing of organization as it uses technology in a negative
way which is unethical and the total opposite of the organizations
Treating people in a fair way equally without discriminating color or
religion or sexual , as all people have same rights and should receive the
same treatment .
Not to attack others properties or reputation or do any harmful actions
toward anyone
To work with colleagues and help them achieve targets and goals
which is very helpful to evolve the organization and help achieve high
levels of technology.
To accept professional and technical criticism , define errors and try and
fix them as flexibility is from the most important components of a
successful team.
Take tasks only if capable of doing , and updating to reach higher levels
to do more technological tasks.
To have equal treatment to members and take all decisions without any
affection of personal interest . which gives members the positions they
deserve and makes rules applies on all members with no excuses.
Organization members should try their best to offer their served
community most comfortable and secure environment with highest
technology with a proper ethical treatment and ethically design services
to provide people with the positive side of technology.
Advantages of IEEE’s Code of Ethics :
IEEE’s Code of ethics helps guiding Organization’s members chose
proper choices that are ethical and beneficial.
IEEE’s Code of ethics covers general issues such as discrimination and
IEEE’s Code of ethics maintains ethical rules and high performance at the
same time.
IEEE’s Code of ethics applies important ethical rules and takes served
community’s security into consideration .
IEEE’s encouraging team work and ethical rules between colleagues not
only organization member to served client.
Disadvantage of IEEE’s Code of Ethics :
IEEE’s Code of ethics doesn’t cover important complex and controversial
rules which may lead to Members unethical actions.
Some of the Codes are ineffective such as Rules that inform members to
spent more effort pleasing their served community.
IEEE’s lake of rewarding rules that boost members to show perfect
IEEE’s Code of ethics written in a hard unclear language which makes it
harder for members to interpret some rules correctly.
IEEE’s Code of ethics is one of most ethical codes despite the occurrence
of some disadvantages . however , IEEE became one of the most
successful organizations due to how proper and flexible Their ethics
code is to give highest security that matches highest technologies to
serve people only the positive side of highest technologies while keeping
their data secure and safe .