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Italy is a great tourist country because of its climate, country
size and its land and there amazing people.
Italy has a very hot climate With its hot, dry summers and cool,
wet winters, Italy experiences a Mediterranean climate. Winters in Italy
are cool and humid in the north and the mountainous zone. Sometimes
cold air from northern Europe can spread south into Italy, bring snow to
most mountains, while the coasts are kept warm by the high sea
Italy has many great people but there food always plays an
important part in the development of the country and the economy as
well. From starting out simple, the recipes evolve and spread after being
handed down and spoken to others. Food is what defines many cultures,
and is able to bring many people together in many cases. For example,
food is what stands a major tradition in many families, recipes being a
secret between each other’s.
Italy has been a great tourism since the 16 century ad a great place
to go. Roman popes claim that Italy is one the most beautiful place in
the world to attract travelers. Mostly all traveler’s go to the northern
half of the country to cities like Rome ,Florence Venice and padova
traveling go to see the northern lakes. Beach resort such as Rimini
attracts a large youthful crowd in summer.